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Admin (Admin)
Posted on Friday, January 03, 2003 - 01:41 pm:Edit Post Quote Text Delete Post Print Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

re-printed from theNook

Posted: Jan 03 03, 12:30 AM

My 2nd attempt at basic pf tek and I wanted to say that you've made this tek sound so easy that I'm going to try it. I copy/pasted it (Chronic Tek) a few months ago off Mycotopia and tonight I'm off to the hardware store to get my pvc & a nail. (I actually don't have an 1/8" nail in the house!!)
The last go around I just birthed the cakes in a terrarium but got trich. So I scraped (mutilated is a better word) and dunked and re-birthed them into qt jars (to isolate each cake), using the lid from the 1/2 pint as a base, sitting on the lid of the qt jars. Scraped them b4 dunking. Didn't have and airflow except for taking the jar off the lid 3 times a day when I misted. I kept them on top of the stove (I don't cook every night) under the stove light. Not big flushes but I accomplished growing shrooms. I used a bleach solution (1:200? from Hippie's Bleach Tek) to spray inside the jars after dunking them for 24 hours, in the same bleach solution. Killed the trich and they finally grew.
Just wanted to say thanks for a great tek, clearly written - easy to understand which inspired me to go with it.
Will hope for better flushes this time with proper air flow.
Next time...birdseed!

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