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Posted on Saturday, February 21, 2004 - 08:55 pm:Edit Post Quote Text Delete Post Print Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

PSYLOCYBE FANATICUS (Mirror Site Version 1.0)

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------



From: hippie3
[email protected]
Subject: Shrooms the Easy Way: Hippie's Mycro-Tek
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001

Provided by Mycotopia.net

Hello, friends, long time, no see. I just wanted to share the results of my latest experiments. I have discovered that it is feasible to grow decent crops of high potency shrooms with no terrarium, no perlite, no misting, no ventilation, nadda. Now, this method is designed first and foremost for the hobby grower who is primarily interested in the product, rather than the growing process. It isn't pretty, but it does work great.

What is 'mycro-tek', you ask ? It is essentially the PF TEK cut in half. Cakes are made and inoculated as per standard PF TEK. Instead of incubating/colonizing in darkness, the jars are exposed to light thru the entire colonization process. This triggers invitro pinning, usually by the time the jar is fully colonized.

Here is where my 'mycro-tek' deviates from standard PF TEK. There is no 'birthday'. Instead of being birthed, and fruited in humidified terrariums, the cakes are left in the jars, exposed to light, and kept warm. The pins will continue to grow, conforming to the jar's shape. The fruit are allowed to grow until either the caps begin to open, or any signs of damage to the pins. The jar lid is removed, cake shaken out, pins/shrooms harvested, then the cakes are returned to the jars for additional flushes.

In my test run, i did 24 jars, 12 gulf coast and 12 b+ - lost 1 to contamination early on, which left 23. Colonization was complete and pinning occuring at 28 days. Harvested, first flush yielded 2.4 ounces, dry. I'm now on the 4th flush, down to 16 surviving cakes, and my current yield before 4th flush is 4.0 dry grams per cake. From the looks of it, 4th flush will put the average well past 4.5 grams dry, per cake. The fruit, being essentially overgrown primordia, are quite potent. They also are fairly dry-ish and fibrous compared to shrooms grown under more normal circumstances, due to being somewhat compressed by growing invitro. Note: the cakes shrunk after 1st flush, leaving much more room for fruit to grow. 2nd and 3rd flushes came fast but fruiting seemed stalled afterwards so the cakes were re-hydrated by filling their jars, with the cakes in them, with water for 24 hours, then draining. A strong 4th flush began immediately thereafter.

This one works well, people. For all those worried about stealth, secrecy and concealment, this is a dream come true. Almost 2 dry ounces from a cardboard box holding 12 jars.


From: hippie3
[email protected]
Subject: 4th flush mycro pf tek results
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001

harvested 4th flush, now drying. will post weight asap. it's a big one though, i can tell from looking. i'm very very pleased with the results of both invitro fruiting and dunking rehydration. lost a few more, down to just 14 jars. cakes seemed plenty moist, so no dunk this time. waiting for a 5th flush now.

weighed 4th flush, now dry. 22.5 grams, that's as much as the 2nd and 3rd flushes, put together. brings the grand total to 115 dry grams from [originally] 24 jars, including all lost to contamination along the way. that's over a quarter pound dry from jars sitting on a shelf in a box!! that brings the overall average up to a little over 4.7 grams per cake. if one discounted the contam'd ones, the individual jars surviving have yielded nearly 6 grams each in a jar. pretty impressive come-back after dunking. and the 14 remaining cakes may yet flush again.

PF's comments
Finally, the truth about the PF TEK has been rediscovered. "Rediscovered" is defined as, that which has been in the essential PF TEK from the beginning (since 1991). The first thing to notice about Hippies rediscovery, is that he says, "It isn't pretty, but it does work great". The "isn't pretty" is an understatement. This concept is ironic in that PF has warned about the "problems" of invitro primordiation left to go unchecked or not attended to (timely cake birth). But Hippie, sees the "problem" as not a problem but rather an attractive feature of the PF TEK with many advantages, and he is correct.

THE HEARTBREAK of mega cultivation
When one is experienced in the different styles of shroom cultivation, a similarity of results is seen. A pile of dried and shriveled shrooms from a mega beautiful elaborately set up shroom cultivation, looks no different than a pile of dried and shriveled shrooms from a less than mega beautiful shroom cultivation. In other words, the beautiful full sized perfect looking specimens from a mega cultivation (trays - compost - ect), dry down and actually look no different than the little "ugly" convoluted shrooms from such a TEK as the Hippie neglect tek. The real difference is the emotional impact of "destroying" a shroom fruiting that one has worked on for a couple of months. When the shrooms begin to attain full size, there are two choices, either to pick them before they reach maturity (full size) for max quality, or to let them grow to maturity for spore printing. Whatever the case, the shrooms are doomed to be picked and then they aren't so pretty anymore, but become a pile of shriveled shrooms.

The real difference in this interpretation of the PF TEK and a mega cultivation (traditional teks) is that there is no "heartbreak" when harvesting the shrooms from a micro tek where the shrooms don't attain the magnificent stature of mega cultivation (traditional ways). When the shrooms appear inside the jar (Hippie neglect tek), it is easy to just take them and dry them. There is no "destroying" months of work or "ruining" a magnificent stand of shrooms before you get to even know them. There is only the harvesting of powerful psychedelic fungus, APPEARANCES BE DAMNED. That is really what the PF TEK is all about. It is less of a "growing" tek but more of a psychedelic "drug" acquisition tek in which the grower does not care what the "drugs" look like but rather that the "drugs" do their job, and that job is to deliver the magic trip. But then, if good looking specimens are desired, the PF TEK with a good casing procedure (PF double ended cake casing tek recommended) delivers the goods there also.

I am absolutely tickled pink by this. It is so ironic. It really shuts down all of the nay sayers, the cake mashers and the moron that keeps spamming - "50/50 rules"!

Here are some more really great things about the "new" HIPPIE MYCRO PF TEK.

1. Cultivation of magic shroom sclerotia is a fav tek for producing psilly fungi bio-mass by such artists as Jochen Gartz.

The HIPPIE MYCRO PF TEK has all the attributes of that -- plus. Sclerotia growing can be obsoleted by this.

2. "Those are worms growing in their larvae stage, OFFICER"!!

"Oh yeah"? "HEY joe, Fageddabout those nasty white worm growing jars - 'taint no evidence we can use".

3. I recently had the Equadors primordiate invitro and gave me two very nice specimens growing along the side of the jar with the caps just opened - very nice quality - just as HIPPIE predicted. . THen I proceeded to get several more flushes PF style. So add EQUADORS to the list of cool HIPPIE MYCRO TEK shroom races.

4. This reveals two types of people around here.

b. no brainer psychedelic fungi acquisitionairs

HIPPIES MYCRO TEK is now a full fledged part of the over all PF TEK. Congratulations, HIPPIE. You are the first to become part of the real PF TEK. Your tek is a keeper at the FANATICUS web site, and it will be in the new book coming out late this year - 2001 - with HIPPIES name on it!

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