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Scotsman (Barrowland)
Posted on Thursday, November 14, 2002 - 05:18 pm:Edit Post Quote Text Delete Post Print Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

contams we all hate so a glovebox is an essential part of growing and being independent
doing your own prints and swapping them is the only direction to head
these pics are self explanatory

then a slightly better one

there is all sorts of filters to add , these are the basic


You want to be independent
do all you own prints and syringes
then swap them for the cost of a stamp for more strains

You dont need to be buying prints and syringes you need to get yourself a glove box

Cost.......practically nothing......sweet F.A.

You probably got the stuff in the garage

Cardboard Box
2 plastic bags
Tea Towel

Now the box has got to be big enough for both hands to fit in and to move glasses ect around .

Tape the box so its completely sealed

Cut out 2 square holes for your hands and a bigger hole on the top so you can fit your hands into both holes and see them from above , also cut a hole at the back , this is where the tea towel is taped and where things are quickly passed in and out .

Put your hands into each of the 2 plastic bags and push them into the 2 holes you cut , put them in so far so you can move them around comfortably in the box.

Take note on how far inside the the box your hands went so to cut the bags at the correct length , cut the bags a little bigger than you need so you can tape the bags to the side of the box .
Tape the bags to the sides and make sure theres no spaces for contams to sneak in .

Check you box to see if it need anymore tape added , i used meter after meter on mine so tape it well up , it also helps it last .

The tea towel is now taped to the back so that its a flap , just taped to the top .

Thats it the pics say the rest , but for the cheap way to expand you got to start getting your owns prints and swapping .

I enjoy getting a print flown 3000 mile and it ending up in my glovebox , its all part of the joys of tripping .
Non sterile fibres could be a problem but you could get non sterile fibers from the actual cardboard , saying that a plastic sheet does sound better .

I really soak the towel with a bleach \ water solution more than the inside of the box and lastly spray with lysol .

Never go short with the spraying it , 1 of the most important parts to stay clear of contams

You see thats what its all about people suggesting things to make our tips better , more effective and less contam free .

My routine ........

1. Look for a good cap to print , i like to get a big 1 but as long as you can get it to drop spores it will do , keep an eye on it and be ready for the go sign when the spores start to drop .

2. Have your glass for printing and your foil ready . To prepare the glass and foil wrap both in foil and put in the oven for 1 hour at 200 .

3. When cool put both into the box via the back flap , spray everything inside the box and soak the towel close the flap .

4.I also have a small spray that fits in the box . Pick you mushroom when you see the spores dropping cut the head off using a cleaned sterile instrument and let in fall in to a ziplock bag then with quick hand movement slip under the flap and into the box .

5.This is when i spray again with the spray inside the box but you can also cut the cap into the bag or a sterile jar put into the box and spray the whole thing again then close your flap .

6. Sterile jar......oven for 1 hour dont over tighten the lid or you cant get it off.

7..Let it dry for a while , then unwrap and start printing.

Cheap and easy and if the basic rules are followed you cant go wrong

(Message edited by admin on December 12, 2003)
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Hippie3 (Admin)
Posted on Friday, November 15, 2002 - 02:46 am:Edit Post Quote Text Delete Post Print Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

nice pix, thx scots.
we'll add it to the archive material under gloveboxes, we need all we can get. esp. a bad-ass cardboard box one like the top two pix.