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Straw log: Round 2Snippynutz FucbagHippie322 1 12-06-03  01:55 pm

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Posted on Monday, June 30, 2003 - 10:40 pm:Edit Post Quote Text Delete Post Print Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

posted at by
psilly gurl


consider yourself O\/\/ned!

strain: texas

substrate: straw

spawned: june 12


this is a basic straw log a la RogerRabbit from mycotopia
with lots of good additional input from Hippie3. The straw
was shredded using a weed wacker, soaked in water containing
a bit of bleach and a dash of lime for over an hour. the straw
was then removed from this bath, the same water heated to 160
and the straw resubmerged for a 45 minute pasteurization period.
it was then cooled, layed out on a semi-sterile surface, mixed
with WBS spawn and stuffed into poly tubing. the tubing was
perforated every couple of inches with a simple kitchen knife
and left to colonize on a shelf in the closet. colonization
times are phenomenal using this tek. the fresh air combined with
the properly saturated straw and the added help of the uber pH
(lime) and bleach really make this nearly idiot proof...

here are the ratios being used for the presoak and pasteurization water.

(conserve, use the same water for both steps)

1/2 cup of lime to 14 gallons of water.

1 cup bleach to 10 gallons of water.


final note:

chick used to think the presoaking was not necessary,
surely the straw becomes properly saturated during


yields are superior on presoaked logs to their
nonsoaked counterparts.

RogerRabbit's original tek calls for allowing the
logs to begin pinning invitro before cutting off
the outer poly shell.

again, do what the man says.

pinsets and yields on those logs left a little
longer and allowed to develop more pins invitro,
ultimately lead to better overall pinsets and

lastly, chick's own twist, before cutting off
the shell (birthing), dunk it for an hour or
two. while RR indicates that moving the logs is
undesirable and can be damaging, chick has not
seen any problems moving them from one place to
another or even handling to check development during

plain water in a large bin or simple garbage bag
should be fine, don't worry, the water will seep
in properly through the holes in the outer shell.
TODIK uses an 8" diameter.

I've heard of 10" being used.

I don't think I'd go much more than that.

(they have 12", 14" and beyond available...)

chick does not want to have to case, nor does
she want to have to deal with dunking and
managing bulk substrates past the first flush.

trich and other contams are high in her area,
plus, she's lazy as hell and doesn't want to
have to mess with being clean-as-can-be all
the time.

with this tek (and the natural characteristics
of straw as a bulk substrate) I can micro manage
the process enough that I can nearly guarantee that
I'll get a strong enough first flush off the straw
to sufficiently drain it of enough nutritional value
to make any hopes of a second flush fleeting.

it flushes once, and then it gets tilled into the
compost bin in the back with little or no guilt.

it's low maintenance in preparation, production and

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Posted on Thursday, July 31, 2003 - 02:14 pm:Edit Post Quote Text Delete Post Print Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

psilly gurl

Reged: 05/05/03
Posts: 17

straw wheel


he took 1.5 quarts of spawn and
his pasteurized straw and layed it out on another piece of the plastic
sheeting. this one was square and considerably smaller than
the burrito sheet. the straw and spawn were mixed thoroughly
and then the four corners of the plastic sheet were drawn up
and the ball of substrate hanging down was then spun and spun
and spun, compressing it and creating a small ball at the bottom
of the sheeting. (think of it like filling a pillow case with shit,
twisting it down and then knotting it to keep it together during

the excess plastic was cut after the knot, the ball was flattened
out into a wheel of sorts (like a cheese wheel) and set up on
the top shelf of a dark closet. 4 days later:



so far, these seem cheaper, yet equally effective means of
rogerrabbit's log principles. excessive amounts of spawn
were used to help ensure fast colonization, but so far, it's
surpassed the expected speed by leaps and bounds, likely
due to the available air. I mean, seriously, look at that wheel,
the surface is nearly 100% after 4 effing days...


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