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The best aquarium topNuecrewBrettiejams2 1 10-16-01  06:02 am

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Admin (Admin)
Posted on Thursday, August 23, 2001 - 12:05 pm:Edit Post Quote Text Delete Post Print Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

By Vitticeps

If you are using an aquarium for your grow chamber and are having a tough time finding a suitable lid, check this out. You can easily make a lid for nearly any size aquarium out of window screen frame and a trashbag (or plastic painter's drop cloth for heavier plastic).

Required Materials:

Aluminum Window Screen Frame: Usually sold in 6-8 foot lengths for about 2-3 dollars each

Plastic Corner Joints: Usually sold individually for abut 1.50 each

Rubber Spline (rubber "string" used to hold the screen/plastic bag in place): Usually sold in 10-50 foot lengths for 1.50-3 dollars

Spline Roller Tool: Usually 2-3

Heavy Trash Bag or Plastic Painter's Drop Cloth

Cut the frame material into 4 lengths with a hacksaw measured to make a rectangle that will fit into the recessed top of the aquarium where the glass top would sit. When measuring to cut the frame material, take into account the size of the corner joints. After cutting the frame into lengths of the proper size for your aquarium, attack the four corner joints and assemble the frame (if you've never done this before it will be self explanatory when you see the frame material and the joints, everything just snaps together). Now, with the assembled frame laying with the grooved side up, lay the trash bag over the frame. Now start with one end of the spline and press it into the groove from the top of the trash bag: using the spline tool, work the spline into the groove all the way around the frame, stretching the bag as you go to keep it tight, and cut off the excess when done. Now trim excess trash bag from the frame and you are done.

You should now have a lid for your aquarium that provides a tight fit and a decent seal. If you prefer a tighter seal you can run a thin bead of silicone around the edges of the frame and let it completely cure before placing the lid on the aquarium.
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Some Body (Texasshroomer)
Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2001 - 07:58 pm:Edit Post Quote Text Delete Post Print Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

Hello all,

I am currently a first time user with a perlite humidified aquarium. I'm using the lid that PF uses but I am using perlite and i don't have a spray shield.

Is this type of lid tight enough for a perlite humidified aquarium?

Here is a pic from Fanaticus' site of the lid.

Mine is almost identical. I hope it will work for a perlite chamber.

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Nan (Nanook)
Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001 - 04:10 am:Edit Post Quote Text Delete Post Print Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

It will work just fine, I would just lay it on top of the tank and go. I Mist and fan. That'll be all you need.
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Lichen (Lichen)
Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2001 - 01:16 pm:Edit Post Quote Text Delete Post Print Post Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)

I don't have a spray shield because it was glass and I broke it. So instead of spraying the walls, I just use perlite. And I find that if the saran wrap doesn't seal tightly, the humidity stays lower. If you use spray along with perlite, it will be no problem keeping it moist