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Scotsman's Cake Tips
Posted by: scotsman Jun 20 03, 11:15 AM GMT
Well people always seem to be commenting on the size of my cake
flushes and for the life of me I donít know what I do thatís different
from anyone else, or do I?
Well here in a few simple tips and I will give all my little secrets, well they aint
exactly secrets, more must do items, items that if you follow you will also end
up with bigger flushes, maybe.
I always stick to what I know best and what gives me the best results, and thatís
straight Brown Rice Flour cakes done the old-fashioned way, PF style cakes.
These tips may help, they may not but if one person shows an improvement in
Flush sizes we have a winner, so hereís my simple tips.

First Flush

Posted by: scotsman Jun 20 03, 11:17 AM GMT

The cups you measure the verm ect with, well when you fill them make sure
you donít go over the line; you donít want the cup full to the brim that way
the rest of the mix will be off resulting in to dry a mix, I admit I fell for this
one when I started.

Brown Rice..Well I go for organic brown rice for the simple reason the shop nearest
me sells it and if I changed maybe I would get lower yields, maybe I would get higher?
Iíve never seen brown rice flour in Scotland so I settled for the rice ground in a
coffee grinder and make sure its ground to a fine flour.

Second Flush

Posted by: scotsman Jun 20 03, 11:18 AM GMT
Double End Casing

To me, one if not thee most important part of the cake because those shrooms need
to draw water and plenty of it.
Sit the cake in at least a cm of verm, I fill the lid with verm pour water over it till
it comes out the bottom then push the cake snugly into it.
Now its time to get that verm on top and when you start its hard but practice makes perfect.
I half fill a cup with verm then add water till its swimming, get a teaspoon take some
verm and push it off the spoon onto the cake, with a clean hand of course.
Then once you got the cake in your grow tank keep the verm wet by setting your sprayer to stream and aiming the water onto the top and bottom of the cake.
I keep mine soaking but I try not to let the water get onto the cake, just the verm.

Posted by: scotsman Jun 20 03, 11:22 AM GMT

Another important part of second and third flushes.
I like to clean the cake under running water then lightly scrape the sides with a fork.
Place in a container and keep in the fridge under water for 18 to hours.
Take it out clean again under running water, dry and begin the casing procedure again.
I always use bottled water for dunking and making the dblend casing and boiled water for spraying and wetting the dblend casing.

Third Flush

Posted by: scotsman Jun 23 03, 10:21 AM GMT
I should have added my cake recipe so here it’s.

Quarter cup of brf
As I said already Organic Brown Rice ground to
A fine flour in the coffee grinder.

Vermiculite I use half a cup.
Arthur Bowers Silverperl
Horticultural Grade.
It’s not the fine verm because we only get the one type here.
I don’t think the fine verm would be as good because when this
gets to the bottom of the bag its all smaller pieces which to me
don’t give as good a cake mix

Quarter cup of water, this is one of the few
times I just use tap water. I don’t know how your
tap water is but ours is not to bad.

When mixing the cakes I like to do my cakes 1 or 2 at a time it
gets the mix better more even, so your waters right through
the whole mix.

Two from my growtank today.

Posted by: Jay Jun 23 03, 07:49 PM GMT
thanks for the tips Scots. I have never been able to fruit off of PF Cakes other than invitro. Nan was telling me in chat much of the same little tips here which only confirm what I've been doing wrong. Water water water. moist is not the word when it comes to PF cakes.

Posted by: scotsman Jun 25 03, 05:18 AM GMT
70g off the cake on the right
75g the cake on the left

Now i clean them and scrape with a fork
and both are under water in the fridge for
18 hours.

Posted by: Nanook Jun 25 03, 05:46 AM GMT
Danged Scots

Posted by: myCOmyCO Jun 25 03, 06:23 AM GMT
wow! those are some really impressive flushes, scotsman! have you ever tried a ground wbs cake? FM's tip. coco

Posted by: WindowPane Jun 25 03, 11:44 PM GMT
Question, on your recipe it says:

Quarter cup of brf
Quarter cup of water
Half a cup of verm.

A FOAF tried the pf mix in the beginning but the stuff dried up completly in the jars so they switched WBS and tried casings.

My FOAF's attempts at casings haven't been too good yet so they want to back up and try cakes again.

They used store bought BRF last time. Now they have some long grain BR and a coffee grinder and would like to try again to do some cakes. -TY

Posted by: free spirit Jun 30 03, 03:14 PM GMT
hey scotsman... mind if i askya a question?

im curious what type of terrarium you are using... is it just a cheapo rubbermaid with perlite on the bottom?

if not im wondering if that might be why my mushies never achieve anything near that on double ended casings.. (altho ima noob)

so if ya could lemme konw what is going on in there.... the light your using... how often you fan....(and what do you use to fan? like the terrariums lid?) how often you mist.... etc....
what kinda terrarium.... how much perlite...

just would like to get even one cap the size you got there... so far on this my first run... ive gotten less than 5 grams offa five cakes... but they are still fruiting... and its been over two weeks.... i think i havent been misting the casing enough... but im wondering if im doing anything different in my terrarium than you are or something.... i must be doing something wrong... cuz i see what can happen...

thanks for the help..

Posted by: StevieRay Jun 30 03, 03:29 PM GMT
Very nice Scots! Just one quick ?. What strain do you use most? What strain are those in the pics? O.K. 2 ?'s. LOL My friend just did CR for the first time and they were the biggest flush by far to date for him. Not quite what you got there but, he got 12 wet Oz. off of 6 pf cakes!! In my experience the strain can make a big difference.

Posted by: scotsman Jul 02 03, 12:35 AM GMT
Sorry for not answering sooner, I been trying to sort
out my HiFi problems on other message boards so for
the last few nights I been talking to other hifi freaks
like myself.
1st the strain in the pics is Eq, Ecuadorian why? because they give
great flushes and are no problem to print from and are
easy to maintain.
My grow tank is the standard Rubbermaid type, bought cheaply
from the local diy store.1.5 inch perlite pre soaked and spread
evenly over the bottom.
Fanning differs because it just depends if I am in or my wife
is in. If I am in they get fanned up to 6 times a day, but if both
of us are out they can go 8 hours without being fanned.
Normally they can get by with 3 or 4 air exchanges a day but I
like to give them more.
If i am growing in winter i use a fishtank heater but its ok here
at the moment so i am not using one right at this moment.
They get misted every time the sides of the tank seem to be drying.
Light, the tank has I clear lid and is at a window so they get
natural sunlight.
Even though I only spray when it looks dry I still water and spray
the dblend casing every day

Posted by: scotsman Jul 02 03, 12:39 AM GMT
One of my other tanks which is great
because you can get a clear lid with it.

Posted by: free spirit Jul 02 03, 11:00 PM GMT
hmmm i got clear sides... with a blue top.... but i got the lights mounted on the side....

should i get some plastic or something and use as a lid... i just figured as long as light could reach it it wouold be all good....


thanks for answering those questions man.... lets me konw im not doing things too wrong...

Posted by: scotsman Jul 03 03, 12:23 AM GMT
Clear sides make the shrooms grow towards
the sides.
I'd cover the sides with a magazine, tape it to it.
Then cut a square out of the lid and fit a piece
of clear plastic.

Posted by: scotsman Jul 08 03, 02:50 AM GMT
Forth Flushes?

Sometimes i think i could get a forth flush
if your first, second and third flushes have been
good dont be scared to try for a forth.

Its just my tank is always full when i'm in the
growing season, there's always a cake 100%
colonised waiting to take the place of a cake thats
almost spent.

Maybe i will try it when i get growing again but for
now i'm getting ready for a break from growing.

good luck

Posted by: ShroomZilla Jul 08 03, 04:05 AM GMT
* Applause *

Posted by: Nanook Jul 10 03, 04:00 AM GMT

Posted by: scotsman Jul 11 03, 10:43 AM GMT
You want to get that top layer of verm high.

It holds more water keeping the cake
well watered.

Posted by: Zidane Jul 15 03, 09:17 PM GMT
Kickass scotsman Some day I will be as good as you. I just got my first flush. I'm so happy!

What are the potency like with those cuties? I'm curious because at the risk of questioning your methods (which I don't mean to do, mind you) I figured that theoretically if one were to saturate their cakes and give the mushrooms all the water they need and sometimes more, that the percentage of water to dry matter and alkaloids would be skewed and the mushrooms would contain more water than usual. Anyway that was just a curious newbs thoughts. Your a legend and I'll strive to master cakes as well as you.

Posted by: scotsman Jul 16 03, 12:49 PM GMT
There just as strong as any
other cubensis i tried and i
know watering them does
nothing to the strength.

When i was learning i never
watered as much,i got less yield
but the same potency.

4g and i'm gone

Posted by: HeBeBlazin Aug 28 03, 10:33 AM GMT
If I could get excellent flushes like that from just a few cakes, i'd be a happy man and I would never bitch again.

PS - pics will be up soon of my EQ's. They're 2/3 of the way done (colonisation).


Posted by: scotsman Dec 04 02, 02:30 PM GMT
Saving a Partially Colonized Cake.

Some of my cakes start ok then slows down to almost stopping.
When this happens you donít have to throw the cake out, a small operation can save the cake and even though the flush will be reduced you still get a gram or two.

The Procedure.
This pic shows a cake I cut, notice how full the cut is, you should use as sharp a knife as you can.
Prepare an area for working by washing with bleach and spraying Lysol on the surface and wear gloves.
The idea is to cut the uncolonised part of the cake off, leaving you with a cake with 1 small part removed.

Posted by: scotsman Dec 04 02, 02:32 PM GMT
Remove the cake from the jar and wash under running water. Get a sharp knife and plan where to cut the uncolonised part of the cake off, cut the part off with 1 cut no sawing or gouging, 1 cut.
Next dunk for 18 hours.
Dbl end case your cake and make sure you pile plenty over the cut part of the cake this helps prevent contams.


Posted by: scotsman Dec 04 02, 02:34 PM GMT

A small flush but better than nothing and if you have a few cakes that go in this direction then a few grams is better than total failure.

Posted by: HeBeBlazin Aug 28 03, 01:19 AM GMT
Well it isn't that bad. Atleast you get a few prints to make a nice syringe with. :-D


archive material.
good work there, scots.

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