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Announcement: Stop the Ban on Kratom!

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Please take a moment and read this and follow the link and let your voice make a difference.

The FDA is, once again, attempting to push a complete ban on Kratom.
Just as in 2016, it is important that we leave public comments.
I did this last time, and it was the overwhelming amount of comments they received illustrating how Kratom has helped people or made their life better that helped stop them then.


It is just as important as in 2016 to make sure we leave public comments again this time.


Also,this time around, the FDA is preparing a “response” to the W.H.O (World Health Organization) in regards to having the U.N. (United Nations) enforce an INTERNATIONAL ban on Kratom.


I wanted to share this in hope that any of us that have benefited from the availability of Kratom, know about this, so we have the opportunity to leave some type of public comment directly on the “” website (link below).




When you click the link, you will see a “comment” button where you can then leave your comment.


These comments are public, so please be mindful of what you are posting.


Any type of personal information (address, phone number, names, etc) will be available for anyone to see.


You may also post anonymously through the comment portal if you would like to.


Please note: the comment section is not a place to throw insults, or bash on the FDA, DEA, WHO, UN, etc..


These comments are very important in regards to showing that Kratom is not this deadly “drug” that they make it out to be.


Nonetheless, please keep the comments respectful, while giving your real-life experience(s) regarding Kratom.


Explain how Kratom has affected/changed your life, or even how it has affected those around you.


Maybe it has affected you in a way that has indirectly affected your family lifestyle, or maybe you have a friend/family member/co-worker/etc., where Kratom has personally changed their own lives.


I am grateful to the reputable Kratom vendors who share this kind of information with their customers.



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