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You know I've seen a lot of people walking 'round With tombstones in their eyes. But the pusher don't care If you live -- or if you die.
Jan 13 2020 09:44 AM
  • Coopdog's Photo
    Made the comment to a good friend last time we went home that everyone was walking around with tombstones in their eyes. That got through his fog, and he quit doing the opiates. Glad it got through to one of them because most of the rest are dead from Fentanyl laced heroin and fake pills. ... :(

    Jan 15 2020 02:40 AM
  • Baphom3t's Photo
    I wish some of my friends would have got the message.
    Jan 15 2020 06:39 AM
  • Coopdog's Photo
    He said ithat after I said that, everyone he looked at had tombstones in their eyes, and he sure as hell did not wanna die that way. That shit blew through my hometown and took damn near everyone I grew up with...

    Jan 15 2020 01:31 PM

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