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the days ae getting longer, i will be so relieved when this winter is over.
Feb 07 2020 11:27 PM
  • Seeker2be's Photo
    Its been a long winter and I agree with you.

    Feb 13 2020 08:55 AM
  • Alder Logs's Photo
    Alder Logs
    February is another rain event here. The ground is totally saturated. I kind of expect that the weather modifiers will have us bone dry this summer. I am concerned for the coastal forests that rarely burn. Shit's being fucked with to keep the eastern side of the Rockies cooler while the rest of the planet cooks.
    Feb 13 2020 01:33 PM
  • Fungi2b's Photo
    I had lil mushies pop up in the wood chips here in town....and i live in p.a! It was last week.
    Feb 13 2020 01:48 PM

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