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I listen to people looking at animals caged in a zoo & hear them lament "the poor creature, he should be living free & instead he's locked in a box". And I think "how are you any different?"
Apr 18 2017 07:04 AM
  • Alder Logs's Photo
    Alder Logs
    How is it that I have never been to a zoo? I got taken to one of those Sea World kinds of places when I was little. I liked seeing the fish, but I have never been drawn to go back, and never had any inclination to go to a zoo, not even when I was stationed in San Diego for years. I didn't feel locked in, even inside a submarine. Jobs, on the other hand...
    Apr 18 2017 07:29 AM
  • Arathu's Photo
    Critter prison......what did they do? The "advanced" pale folk even had "Savage HUMANS" on display at one time.........Zoo's and yards, and corporate mindsets......... Bunch of bullshit!
    Apr 18 2017 11:42 AM
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