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An AA PC’s steam vent is different than a presto’s right ? Where a prestos will constantly jiggle an AA sounds off a few times a minute?
Jan 11 2021 08:02 PM
  • ElPirana's Photo
    My presto sways constantly. It has a pressure gauge too, if I reduce the rocking of the weight I can see it drop below 15 psi.
    Jan 12 2021 02:29 PM
  • Arathu's Photo
    I adjust whatever PC I'm using to have a minimal amount of regulation by the weight that maintains 15 psi. I can get the Presto and the AA to barely rock a few times a minute. Maintain the 15 psi over trying to slow down the rocking but you want to make sure that you NEVER run them out of water.
    Jan 12 2021 06:01 PM
  • Mycol's Photo
    I just started using the old AA Ive had for awhile in lieu of the presto . The AA pressure gauge i don’t think is accurate because when it reads 15 the weight is constantly hissing like it wants to come off .
    Jan 13 2021 08:48 AM

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