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Posted 17 August 2019 - 07:42 PM


I must say here that my psychedelic journeying has shown me something very much along this line as well.   Geometry lacks the wherewithal to incorporate time, unless we figure out a way to multiply apples times oranges.   I just don't see how we can call time a dimension, whatever juggling skills the mathematicians come up with.   So, with dimensions, I can't go beyond the three of space and feel I would still honor language's relationship to a reality in which it, language, must exist.


On shrooms I also get a sense that I can witness other "dimensions" for lack of a better word.  I think the mathematical meaning of "dimension" isn't quite accurate.  I think the way the word is used in paranormal circles isn't quite right either.


To me... these "dimensions" are actually somehow "folded" into reality in such a way that we don't observe them.


Like when you watch this video:


[Direct Link]


...and you see entire worlds mixed in and hidden inside the shapes and colors you see.  As they are unfolded, untwisted, and revealed, you can see that the new "dimension" was in there all along, yet our perceptual mechanism is only designed to interpret one specific viewpoint of that reality.


And it just occurred to me I need to explain a little further.  Watch the video above.  It remains "static" somewhat for 10-20 seconds, then morphs into a new pattern.  In that morphing you can see that there was another pattern embedded within it all along, but we don't see it.  So while these images are created, the computer warps the whole reality of the image into a new presentation of the same data, just stretching some parts, compressing others, and turning other things inside-out.  I think that reality around us has just as many complex ways you can view it, and it's all there all the time, but our limited eyes and brain only see it one way.


That one way we see it is agreed upon by sober individuals, and they call it "truth" or "reality," but when one of us takes a mind-altering substance, our perception mechanism then does the work of what the computer does here, revealing the hidden worlds.  Since someone who hasn't taken the drug doesn't see it, they presume it isn't there and that you only see it because it's a drug-induced hallucination that is not real.


It is the same kind of "hiding" that UFOs and spiritual beings can do, we just haven't worked out the ideas and math yet.


I hope I'm making sense...


I've been thinking about the soul dimension and how I can relate it to math. Here is just a crude idea I have about alternate dimensions folded into our own.


In the days of solving polynomials IE. (x^2 +4x +3=0) some polynomials had solutions (also known as roots) that were unsolvable. That is the polynomial had roots in a number system which did not exist. This number system where the unsolve-able roots were was called the complex number system was first discovered while solving polynomials. At first the number square root(-1) would appear while in the process of solving polynomials and it would be canceled out, soon after it was noticed that some polynomials had roots in this complex number system.


for example the polynomial equation x^2 + 1 = 0 when x = square root (-1).


What this means is that the number system we had been familiar with was (real numbers) actually embeded in a larger number system called complex numbers. Kind of like how we go into new layers of awareness when we trip.


This same thing happened to the early Greeks, the Pythagoreans though that all numbers could be constructed as either a whole number, a fraction of a whole number or as a sum of fractions and whole numbers. When it was proven that square root(2) was an in-constructable number they were mind blown and threw the man who discovered the true nature of square root (2) into the black sea.

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