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What to expect from Magic Mushroom @ Mods plz read b4 erasing etc ty

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 09:25 PM

@ Mods ty for reading b4 erasing etc, 


I know going to search and finding what to expect would prolly get ok results. 

but you see a lot of times when i ask others about a psyche medicine, i get so much BS like all crap on Love, happiness , feel connected etc. 

IMO If i wana be connected ima go on FB or these types of forums, I Love my self if i want external love ill go start a Family or get a GF, My seratonin lvls are awesome so Happiness is not a concern . 

The One thing i really can not do on FB  forums etc, is make Contact consistently with Other Worldly Beings/gods etc. 

I use DMT quite a bit, and i sometimes read peoples trip reports n just go huh, whats with all the Zen BS trying to describe it,  even my own trips describing em , sometimes ive felt as though i went through a decontamination n interview rooms on DMT, b4 making contact, like Humanity virus being contained b4 going in, sorta like if traveling to dif countries u may need additional vaccines etc.  

I feel and am beyond convinced im constantly making contact ith Serpent like beings, ofc have seen the famous Jesters n elves.  Ive also Drank Aya , if DMT was like Goku using instant transmission, aya was more like a Freight Train , but their was a presnce but making contact felt more like watching from birds eye view or sorta like having a "Hyperspace Web Cam chat" with these otherworldly Gods/Goddesses . ( on aya once saw a being who looked like Anubis species, from my Ape exp looked like it was doing some sort of training or breaking into a vault ( was jumping over laser wires, disarming them, then got to a walless roomless room , and started doing one legged back flips. ) 

In regards to Magic Mushrooms, In some way shape or form, is their a presence there that one can "Talk" to via Telepathy etc .  

Idc too much on OEV CEV,  DMT oev cev to me feel like going to a friends house and looking at their wall or ceiling, just usual thing . ( lil off topic but picture this, i come over your house and stare at your hardwood floors, and rather then hang out with you i just wanna stare at your floor with amazment, and compliment you on the choice of cleaners and finishes . maybe at first its cool but eventual its like i came there to chill not stare at your floors. ) 

For information Processing thats done in this brain of mine a lot of it mixes things like , Gnostisism, Theravada Buddhism, Matrix.

If anyne out in these forums could possibly describe their Mushroom exp or what to expect who can somewhat relate to the vague description of my minds way of processing info. 

ty  and @ Mods if this  required an erase or move sorry in advance. 

l8r all


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Posted 14 February 2017 - 09:37 PM

gonna move this out of the welcome forum, you will get more views in 'general' or 'storming'.. you are a free member now, you can post in most of the other forums...

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 10:21 PM

I in particular like the new perspectives on connectedness and on the idea that another person exists. I have family and friends, but there is a layer that prevents me from seeing them in the way I do on psychs. On a psych I can feel the existence of a person in a way I can't in ordinary life. It is very direct and intuitive, impossible to describe. The point of this is that the connectedness one feels from FB is miles apart from the connectedness you feel on psychs. The strangeness, uniqueness, and apparent meaning of it all is what catches me.


If I never saw a beautiful thing or met even a single otherworldly being, I'd be satisfied with just those altered perspectives. 


But, I guess if you're satisfied enough with the sort of connectedness you find with family and friends outside of them, maybe it doesn't matter. I am not. 

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Posted 15 February 2017 - 05:42 AM




ty for the move and tip. 




i have not tried mushrooms yet,  i prolly shoulda worded my topic a bit better.  Would starting off using Mushrooms as a microdose be decent way to Gauge them , b4 a normal trip dose.  like the microdose at first is used as an allergy test n get feel for it. 


btw i dont mind rough trips would prefer them not to be but they sometimes come with the "territory"  my usual response with a rough trip is do it again if it was too high dose lower it and try that dose l8r on,  sometimes a Rough Trip might be the equal to weight lifter "shocking the muscles" to break plateaus . 






I know, its just that i would prefer to use psyches for a dif primary purpose, but yeah  i do slightly get what you mean, " being able to feel the Friendship" of a m8 your smoking DMT with w/e psyche with .

#5 dead_diver


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Posted 15 February 2017 - 06:23 AM

It never hurts to start small. You can always take more.
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