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Enrichment Tek and WL-Tek [v2.0]

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Posted 15 February 2017 - 05:27 PM

Enrichment recipe
Adjust this recipe to suit your needs and brands used.
5g > Miracle-Gro Plant Food.
2.5g > Yeast Nutrients.
500g > Hot Water.
2 x Tea bags.
Steep the tea bags for 10 minutes in boiling hot water using a fork.
Remove the tea bags and add the additives, now mix well.
Dilute [X] amount with [Y] amount of clean water.
Adjust this recipe to suit your needs and brands used.
2.5g > Miracle-Gro Plant Food.
1.25g > Yeast Nutrients.
100g > Dry Pellets.
4g > Black Tea.
Basic cooking guide:
You will need 80-120g of extra water for the cooking and steaming process.
Add the nutrients to your measured boiling hot water, and mix.
Mash the water and pellets, microwave for 4-8 minutes.
Leave to cool fully covered for 4 hours.



IMG_20170203_153515.jpg IMG_20170203_154225.jpg

IMG_20170203_155428.jpg IMG_20170204_161001.jpg



Cooking tips:
Use a container that has a microwaveable lid, leave a small gap.
When complete push down the lid, you can wrap if you like.
You can also add bran, and pressure cook.
List of nutrients:
IMG_20160718_170209.jpg IMG_20160718_170210.jpg
IMG_20160718_170317.jpg IMG_20160718_170454.jpg
Alternative brands:
Tea leaves:
Tea Leaves.png

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