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Politics: is there a system or philosophy you generally like and why?

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Posted Yesterday, 10:54 PM

What are the odds that LSD was involved with the pickle?......


I certainly understand the motorsickle part..............


Hahahahahaha a sideways flying writing freak....................... :biggrin:



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#102 shoomer



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Posted Today, 02:42 AM

But the pickle man! Explain the pickle.

A huge monster pickle the size of 4 pregnant watermelons picked up by a 4' cop w/ a 5' gun who can balance a pickle on his toe while writing a ticket he then stuffs into the pickle and shoves down your throat?

​If it was my throat, I'd think it was significant. It'd be like driving a Greyhound through a pipette.

<On a completely unrelated ​note check out the docu "The Creeping Garden" and discover the weird world of myxozoa. Fascinating and loosely related to mycology.>

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Posted Today, 07:39 AM

On a completely different topic from the aforementioned "Pickles"...


Here is an interesting site about how technology has been stifled since the thirties, but this site collects all sorts of "old technologies" that (for whatever reason - choose your favorite conspiracy) seem to have been purposely "Forgotten".  My favorite is the "Rogers Underground Radio Antenna Systems".  The prediction was that "within months all of the aerials will be taken down".  Not what you want to hear if you happen to be a large radio manufacturer at the time building radios and antennas (RCA anybody?).


Anyway here is a quote from the site I really like:


Let every human reclaim their most basic human birthright: to be allowed to think for themselves, something many of them don’t even know they have lost.


And the site:

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Posted Today, 11:57 AM

If emptiness feels like it needs filling, ask, what this emptiness is, and from where it arises?  


There is an emptiness that feels no lack.  An emptiness that only appreciates.   How could it have an identity?   For lack of a better word, I call it Tao.

Yes! If I can welcome and enjoy the emptiness I feel free and content.

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