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Enrichment Tek and WL-Tek [v2.2]

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#1 Ferather



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Posted 26 February 2017 - 10:01 AM

[ Enrichment Tek ]
Dilute [X] amount with [Y] amount of water.
7.50ml > Miracle-Gro Nutrients.
1.25ml > Yeast Nutrients.
400g > Hot Water.
Keep bottled in a fridge, below 5°C, fully sealed.
IMG_20160718_170317.jpg IMG_20160718_170454.jpg
IMG_20160718_170209.jpg IMG_20160718_170210.jpg
[ WL-Tek ]
Adjust this recipe to suit your needs and brands used.
Optional: 1-2 Bag(s) > Waste Black Or Green Tea.
3.75ml > Miracle-Gro Nutrients.
0.62ml > Yeast Nutrients.
100g > Dry Pellets.
Basic cooking guide:
You will need 80-120g of extra water for the cooking and steaming process.
Add the nutrients to your measured boiling hot water, and mix.
Mash the water and pellets, microwave for 4-8 minutes.
Leave to cool fully covered for 4 hours.
IMG_20170203_153515.jpg IMG_20170203_154225.jpg
IMG_20170203_155428.jpg IMG_20170204_161001.jpg
Microwave tip:
Use a container that has a microwaveable lid, leave a small gap.
When complete push down the lid, you can wrap if you like.
You can also add bran, and pressure cook.
Alternative brands:

#2 Ferather



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Posted 26 February 2017 - 10:03 AM

Change the recipes to suit your substrate, brands used, amount of water and so on. This is an "optional" enrichment setup.

#3 coorsmikey



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Posted 26 February 2017 - 09:10 PM

What is being grown here? Can you tell me the difference in results from maybe a side by side using the same pellets, same culture in the same growing environment? I have use similar supplements in the past and could not say I got any better results than not using them. Just because you can grow mushrooms using Miracle Gro does not mean you can grow more and healthier mushrooms doin so. If you can, it would be nice to see some definitive data to support the claim. I am curious why I would want to use such a tek as posted. I have seen mycelium grow on 10w40 motor oil and could post a tek on that if I thought it would help people grow mushrooms. But like I said just because it can be done, doesn't mean it is better. I would just like to see after so many years of hearing claims of growing on inorganic fertilizer, that there is actually someone that can document better results than what is traditionally used. True side by side trials with controls instead of I did X plus Y. There is pics of MG but where are the pics of mushrooms on MG and pics of mushrooms on just plain pellets?

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