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I'm back in the saddle again....... (w/ questions)

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Posted 29 March 2017 - 01:48 PM

Maybe it's all the nudity during inoculation. :tongue:


It's not necessary to inoculate naked, but much like sex, it's more enjoyable (though perhaps not as visually appealing as the shroom porn).  :cool:


My "clean room" is right off the bathroom so I can go from the shower directly there and not pick up "riders" on the way (or less of them anyway).

I do laundry when necessary and not a moment before so clothing is not always antiseptically clean as it could have been sitting for days if not weeks so I figure it's just easier not to get dressed until afterwards and cut out a 'tam vector. :rolleyes:

Then there's the whole double entendre thing which kinda pigeon holes me w/ a x and y axis.


Anyway....I took yest. off from posting so todays a 2fer w/ 2 other pics that show a behavior new to me




The biggy that got harvested had a clinging ort of verm that caused that 1/2 cap weirdness.





I've got some monsters coming from those slowly growing ones that pop up sporadically.


Now these next 2 pics are showing some really aggressive behavior as I don't usually see myc doing this after fruiting. It's seems to be questing for more nutes and I'm not sure if it's because the cake has extra reserves or is starving for nutes.






Any ideas why these cakes are creeping?

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Posted 29 March 2017 - 02:38 PM

Of course it's going to doesn't want to die..........IMHO


I'd transfer some of that crazy rhizome to agar or even wet paper egg carton and watch it run............. :thumbs_up:


Cool grow man.........I love it..


And nudity is cool Cat........... :biggrin:



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Posted 31 March 2017 - 07:14 PM

Today is a good/bad day.

​I'm wasting 7 BB LC's and 2 qt. jar LC's that only 2 had the barest growth and then stalled (too much karo?) and identified my 1st true trich 'tam in a qt. rye jar and so will be seeing which one wins.



After browsing LC recipes again I find I hosed it up by making the LC WAY too sugar heavy as I made a large amount last time and went w/ the 4% sugar to 96% H2O by volume instead of weight (water is 1g/ml but karo is 1.3-1.4g/ml) AND I added 4-5 whole rye kernels so I think it was just too sweet.

​I won't make this mistake again and will do ME this time to make sure I stick w/ weight.

​I'll be cleaning them all (+2) to make new LC BUT will also be doing agar for plates and 1/2 pts. since I've wasted too much sporage already and it's time to step up.

Just need to find target volume per petri and today is the day for cooking.

​Yes, I know. (Enough already and bring on the shroom porn!)

​As of this morning:


​Things have slowed down as this is the beginning of 2nd flush (no dunk yet, but will after this flush since I think I might be able to get 3).

​Seems they are getting more beefy as they should.


On the soon-to-be-cased front, the rye jars are progressing, but unevenly.

​I think the dinky 1/4" hole in the lids are not allowing adequate FAE for the produced CO2 and so am tripling the breather ports (as well as updating SHIPs to clear silicone) next time.



Soon it will be time for a bike tire treatment. :wink:


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Posted 04 April 2017 - 03:47 PM

Things have slowed down even more (and life has sped up) and so no more daily updates. :mellow:

​But as it's a way to keep tabs on this grow I will show up to do a data dump occasionally.

​A few days ago we were here:


​....and here we are today:



The missing cakes have 6 more hours to go in the dunk as cake bluing was starting to become noticeable.

​Now, for those who kept saying "AGAR!" (no offense intended of course) you will be happy to know that the failed LC run above has pushed me forth into plates.


​Across the top from L to R is 2 plates (E,F) w/ pink oyster dried mycelium (eBay, it's an experiment), PESH, and finally a try at rescuing the creepers (due the input of Arathu).

​The next row is PESA, GT, and Amazonian.

​It's early and no activity is popping up yet (I mostly show it now because my agar was lumpy and I don't want you to see how one drop will roll around on hard and lumpy agar and spoil the image you have of me as a serious mycologist). :wink:


​Oh chit.

​I ate a blackie (well just starting to turn that way) just before the pic about the size of the middle L side one in the pic and I can feel it coming on.

​I think I need to scale back my interpretation of microdosing. :wacko:

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#65 Arathu



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Posted 04 April 2017 - 04:33 PM

Good deal.......and don't ever be embarrassed or intimidated by your steps forward in learning this.


IMHO it is a lifelong endeavor and still it is estimated that we only know between 10% and 20% of the fungal kingdom. 


So there is MUCH to fact way more than we know.


Anyone giving you shit about learning is gonna answer to the Fungi Gods!  :bat: 


There is really only one way and that is to do it...and you are!




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Posted 08 April 2017 - 12:56 AM

SO....remember those grain jars up above?

They've come up to the time where I have to crumble them up by hand.
Since I no longer buy bread (bread machines are awesome appliances!) I only had 2 hot dog bun bags to make logs from and so am trying "giant sundae pancakes" in large tortilla bags.

A couple of days ago I did up 4 bags, 3 3X5" Glad containers, and a rotisserie chicken package w/ 75% pasteurized straw 25% store bought composted manure (not pasteurized) in layers of straw, manure, spawn and I cannot believe how fast the myc is ripping into the manure!
I know, unpasteurized anything and I could be growing monster senile fungus from Hoboken, but observing the cake growth makes me more confident I've gotten lucky this time as it has undeniable rhizo growth.

I only include the trays since they clearly show the growth that's happened in the last 1.5 days.
THAT (at least IME) is FAST!

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Posted 13 April 2017 - 07:27 PM


​New FC porn shortly (1st flush dunk recovery and monsters I hope) but i wanted to show how the shroom gods still love me even with the slipshod practices I employ.

​Those trays I showed ~4 days ago have colonized thusly......


​Day-um! I've never know anything w/ such an affinity for shee-at.

​I've got 3 rhizo and one tometose(?)  growth going in those trays.

Me likey the spikey!

I be a happy camper since the 2 Oz limit a member in another post thought excessive ( lost this due to bad storage 2 yrs. ago) has been surpassed by multiple grams in this foray and I'll break into the newly implemented vac tek this wknd to see if potency is surviving.

​But now for time to be imbibing home made frijoles con chorizo y queso burrito!

#68 Arathu



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Posted 13 April 2017 - 11:02 PM

Wow..aggressive is an understatement. That is a strain you should hang on to IMHO, what beautiful growth!


Happy camper indeed! Good work man............



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Posted 16 April 2017 - 09:27 AM

2nd dunk cakes are FINALLY coming on line.


There is the normal spindly growth going on, but now the monsters are coming out as well (I 'specially like the one w/ a cap larger than a cake which testifies how I have not spent enough attention lately):



~75% of those pictured got whacked (you'll see some that have gone to the dark side) and are being wafted upon by the server fan and getting crinkly.


Debating on whether to dose up 3.5g dry of the early harvest before I go on the yearly sacred hunt for the evasive morel and perhaps grab some pics (or gods grant, a nice specimen) of the myco-flora.


Decisions, decisions...........although the sage advice of the FFFB may win out <gibber gibber TWEE!!>

#70 shoomer



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Posted 16 April 2017 - 07:44 PM

My agar foray seems to be CREEPING along. Here we have the state of the state:


They are (L TO R starting @ the top) 2 of the dried pink oyster myc, PESH MS, and creeping myc "rescue" that _1_ might be salvagable.
2md row is GT MS, PESA MS, Amazonian MS, and the new addition is an experiment (which seems to be doing better than anything else).

All the MS have maybe one spot that MIGHT be true myc, but time will tell.

During the last agar 'noc I'd PC'd a SHIP'd container of "sterile water"  w/ the last cake run and was using it to "flush" the needle between different MS 'nocs. Seems I got sloppy as this:



showed up in the sterile water so I decided to agar it to see just what variety I got sloppy with.
Wish me luck although I've been sooooooo lucky already it seems about time I got goosed in the tookus by 'tams.

#71 shoomer



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Posted 21 April 2017 - 11:39 PM

Well it's 8 days later for the trays and even though they are not quite what I see as fully colonized :


​you'll see that the trays are deciding different and scorning the casing layer.

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