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2nd run & more questions

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Posted 12 March 2017 - 01:11 AM

<Mods, please move this if deemed more appropriate elsewhere.>


Well, here I am again.


This is the 2nd run this year (the one I did a few years ago taught me the timing of things to keep the "ball rolling") and this is where I'm @ today.




Even though you see I'm far from the fastidious house keeper during PC, what you got here is a LC and BRF run.

The LC's are Karo, a few rye kernels, and a skoash of gypsum boiled for ~20 min., filtered through a coffee filter (for clarity). Ignore the honey as it's for the green tea you see.

BRF's are 2:1:1 as usual.


All this because the boomer run is proving so fruitful and I'd like this run to be an edible run as

I like feeding my head as much as the next person, but I've got to have a full belly to keep the head wanting to be fed and this leads me to a quandary that I'd like your input on.


With the balance left on "once and done" plastic I can either buy 2 LC syringes from a vendor I've learned to trust for clean product


I can invest in a VIP membership and purchase/barter LC from the fine membership here (as I respect any [wo]mans labor, gifts are not acceptable at this time until they might be returned 10 fold).


Now, the only reason I can think any fine member of long standing might be willing to transact with me when I am a member that has just recently become "seen", is that I'll ONLY be asking to transact edible/medicinal cultures or spores and not anything that Johnni Lau might have interest in.


As much as I will be most obliged for offers to fulfill my wants once I have attained the acquired status, I will be most interested in the experiences of members that are of a more recent stature and how they fared and find the VIP marketplace community.


So I ask (bearing in mind that the community I ask might be the tiniest bit biased) which way might be the most prudent expenditure considering that the new VIP is time limited (and I fully realize why and do not find it over-valued in the least!) as plastic says it will only serve me so far, although it is far from my only fiduciary source.


Either way, I start this post the way I did because I fully expect providence to supply me a boon (this time!) and either way am determined to see home grown oysters in the frying pan (as well as to build a respectable anti-cancer cocktail as both of my parents have succumbed.

Opinions/experiences of such about methods/recipes are more than welcome too! Turkey tail, reishi <sp?>, and shitake are already in the running as I have a "private reserve" full of dead hardwood waiting to be born again).


I will accept what karma will allow, but I think I should have at least enough banked for a good edible run?


But the PC has done its 1.5hr/15psi and I should stop abusing your sensibilities.


Thank you for your time and much appreciation for replies. :wink:

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Posted 12 March 2017 - 02:47 AM

I would go VIP, as it helps the site and you should be able to find what you want.

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