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Back at it: Lots has changed. Aerial myc help!

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#1 cypres



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Posted 12 March 2017 - 01:33 PM

Intro time: My name is Greddy. Im a black male with honey eyes and I enjoy cat naps, cat nips, and playing with the mouse on the computer. 

Ive been out of the myco world for a few years and I am just getting settled into my new home and thought I would start back up with this hobby. 
I ordered 1 b+ spore syringe and 2 amazonian spore syringes from a trusted source and noc'd up 6 wbs jars from each strains syringe after making some karo lcs. I took the second amazonian spore syringe and noc'd up 12 wbs qts. 
I had ZERO success with the B+ the jars showed no growth at all. The LC showed no clouding despite being able to see visible spores floating in the water. 
I had 3 jars of the 12 amazonian colonize normally and while the other 9 slowly battled with bacteria and were thrown out. The remaining 3 clean amazonian will further be referred to as "a237"
After the failed attempts with the first two syringes I buckled down a bit. I completely started from scratch as if it was my first day in the hobby.
Lc was redone in a new liquid culture specific jar with a new liquid culture specific lid with SFD and ship. Care was taken to ensure the lid was etched and the silicon would NOT come off without serious work. 
I redid my wbs following a new tek and being incredibly cautious to water content and burst grain. My wbs was finally up to par. Dry to the touch, moist on the inside, plump, and burst kernels under 5%. 
I shot 4cc of the remaining amazonian syringe into a fresh Karo Lc and 8 days later had a great looking cloud of myc. I took the LC and ran 4 test jars. "C1-C4" I ended up with 4 fully colonized beautiful jars 6 days later. Being limited in my quest to retain good CLEAN spores/lc, I began to research slurries and proceeded to slurry the qt of "C4" wbs. I used this to noc up 20 jars with approx. 1 tbsp of slurry. I used the remaining slurry to directly spawn a monotub of coir following the bucket tek. All the jars colonized very very quickly with only one showing a what appeared to by trich. Contam jar was removed before sporulation took place. Monotub spawned directly with slurry colonized very quickly but did develop trich before fruiting and was thrown out. At this point I decided to use up the rest of the colonized wbs jars I had laying around and save my remaining 6cc of spore syringe until I can get things figured out. 
The wbs jars from the possibly tanted slurried "c4" jar will be referred to as "c4s2" I used these "c4s2" jars to do a few monotubs....
TUB 1:

This tub was a C4S2 qt that was direct slurried to a monotub of coir/verm/and a 1 qt of black kow oven tek pasteurized for 6 hours. It was mixed and had a 1/8th inch casing layer put on top. This grew through extremely quick with extreme aerial mycelium. I thought this was due to lack of fae so I moved it into a large storage tote being fed by a coolmist, all of this inside my fruiting room which stays at 72-75F and approximately 50% RH. After moving to large coolmist fed tote aerial mycelium stopped and a non dense fuzzy mycelium developed. It did not appear to be cobweb to me, but I have been out of this for a while so maybe Im wrong. Its been sitting essentially unchanged for 3 days now. 


TUB 2:


The second tub was a coir bucket tek followed to the T with 5 qts of c4s2 spawn. Again this tub grew through the 1/8 casing quickly with a ton of aerial myc and at approximately 30% colonized casing it was placed into fruiting conditions. Only this time instead of slowing down it in three days grew over the whole casing. Surface is whispy and light not like bacteria though... this is close up, what do you guys think?

TUB 3:

This third tub was done exactly as the second tub however this tub did not get nearly as much aerial mycelium and when place into fruiting conditions at 30% it sort of just halted. Looks sort of like a bacterial contam in the next close up picture. What do you guys think

I have some mini monotubs that I will be posting up when I return home that are exhibiting the exact same qualities despite different spawn from a different syringe entirely (a237) So now Im really starting to question what I have going on here as it does not appear to be genetic. When I was growing before I never had any of these aerial mycelium issues. Please advise great myco ones. 

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Posted 12 March 2017 - 01:56 PM

Cats are so great.


Looks great from here! Nothing wrong with a lil aerial growth. :biggrin:


Maybe someone with better eyes can spot something, but those look pretty good to mine eyes!

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#3 PsyBearknot



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Posted 12 March 2017 - 03:55 PM

Howdy and welcome.
Bad eyes here today just wanted to say welcome back.

#4 cypres



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Posted 14 March 2017 - 06:11 PM

pins. pins everywhere

#5 shoomer



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Posted 17 March 2017 - 11:01 AM

As I've seen in someone's sig here, this hobby is a lesson in patience at the very least.


I'm newly come back to the hobby too and so can empathize w/ your plight.


But if you are seeing "pins. pine everywhere", it sounds like you're chugging along just famously!


Good fruiting vibes to you!


Nice cat pic. I have a blackie too ('cept w/ green eyes. Only one I've seen w/ that combo).


BTW...keep folks updated on your progress, they seem to like that here (even my scraggly grow pics get response and praise).

Lots of nice knowledgeable folks here w/ kind hearts!

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#6 phlegmbae



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Posted 18 March 2017 - 12:46 PM

Welcome cypress! Looks like you're off to a good start. Good luck with all your endeavors.

#7 cypres



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Posted 19 March 2017 - 12:30 PM

Greddy back here bringing you guys an update. Tubs were looking dry on 3/13 despite my efforts to fan and mist as often as possible. I had a cat conference out of town and had to automate things in some way to take care of my tubs while away. I devised a bucket fogger setup to feed humidity and fae to my tubs. This is an always on system and makes my tubs absolutely perfect. Moist vapor at the tops of the tubs and slightly moist walls/ surface. I also setup 65k led bulbs above each tote on a 12/12 digi timer. 


The tubs love this setup and is incredibly easy for me. I just have to fill the 5 gal bucket every 3 days or so. 


Tub 1 ended up getting some that I soaked with alcohol, lit on fire, then covered with salt paste. This tub was removed from my fruiting area but is pushing out some nice fruits in its new isolated home despite not having any addition fanning or misting. Poly was simply pulled from all holes. 


Tub 2 and Tub 3 are adapted to the new fogger system and have recovered from their dryness and are STACKED with knots and small pins.

c4s214qt 319  2
Fogger setup from inside of tubs looking up. 
c4s214qt 319


My mini monotubs really took off in the last week.


"C4s21coirlid" had a few small pins but after adding the fogger setup on 3/16. She exploded and looked like this on 3/18:

c4s21coirlid 318 2
c4s21coirlid 318


c4s21coirlid 319 2
c4s21coirlid 319


"A237" was very very dry and should have been dunked imo.

a237coir 318

I misted as much as I could with my little kitty paws before setting up under the fogger system. Pulled all the poly and on 3/18:

a237 coir


3/19: Recovered and pinning. 

a237 coir 319
a237 coir 319 3
a237 coir 319 2






Ill keep the updates coming when possible... comments and suggestions welcome. 

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#8 Furthur1



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Posted 20 March 2017 - 05:06 AM

Looks like some excellent pins from a cats eye view. Cant wait to see them grow up.

#9 cypres



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Posted Yesterday, 10:35 PM

Busy two days. Slurries will test your ability to keep up with spawn run rates. Ive been exhausted. 

Greddy Stone
Woke up today ready to put in a long days work. 
Greddy Art


Tub 1 that was pulled from the fruiting room due to visible trich contam continues to put out some nice looking fruits despite me having to go at the monotub with alcohol/fire/salt 3 more times after the initial trich outbreak. 
Tub 2 and 3: No close ups but both tubs have condensed nicely and are starting put out fruits. 
c4s21coir4qt 321 1217pm
c4s21coir4qt 320 130pm
c4s21coir5qt 321 7am
c4s21coir5qt 321 1217pm
"c4s21coirlid": Continues to move along nicely. Shorter fruits but I believe this is solely due to the 2" substrate depth. Solid fruit bodies. 
c4s21lid 320 130pm profile
c4s21lid 320 130pm
c4s21lid 321 7am


c4s21lid 321 7am profile
c4s21lid 320 625pm
c4s21lid 321 837pm
c4s21lid side 321 12pm
c4s21lid side 321 1216pm
"a237": Moving along slowly but steadily picking up more little friends.
a237 coir side 320 130pm
a237 coir top 321 7am
a237 coir side 321 7am
a237 coir side 320 130pm
a237 coir 321 12pm
a237 coir side 321 12pm
Harvest SOON!!! Will update wet and dry and future developments. 






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