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Fungus gnat

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#1 grio



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Posted 17 March 2017 - 03:38 PM

In my misting system in the filter I have put misquote bits. This is before it is filtered through a 200 micron filter. This provides bacteria in the fruiting area harmless to humans but once fungus gnat larva consume it they stop eating and starve themselves.

I will also be ordering meal worms and predatory‚Äč nematodes. The plan is to breed predatory nematodes to kill off fungus gnat larva. To maintain population of the nematodes the meal worms will be placed on an old Petri dish on a peace of tyvek that has been damped. Nematodes will be introduced to the water and will infect the meal worms. Within 24 hours the mealworm will die. Nemotodes will feed off the codaver start to reproduce and eventually leave the codaver return to the water looking for new hosts to infect. They can be stored on a fridge to prolong their life cycle. Can survive up to 1000 PSI but die in temperature too hot or too cold

#2 Ferather



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Posted 17 March 2017 - 04:35 PM

Interesting, all I can add at the moment is they are very attracted to humidity (smell). My basic setup has a container with outer water.

They tend to drown in 100% water, as they are attracted to it. No doubt a more potent smell would be better suited.


Keep this updated, how much will the setup cost and is there any special conditions?

#3 grio



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Posted 17 March 2017 - 05:35 PM

The cost to start this up for breeding nematodes is minimal.

Wex worms will yield more nematodes.
Mealworm population is easy to maintain. Do not bother with super worms. They are much higher maintaince.

For meal worms they eat about any grain products. For water use a potato ( carrots are popular on YouTube but is a bad choice for mealworms)

Application is easy dilute them in water any apply. Can use a hair spray bottle or applying them in a garden hose nutrition distributor.

If you are applying them in a pressurized system make sure your species of nematodes can withstand the pressure of your system. Too fine of a filter holds the possibility of filtering them out.

So the cost is 10-300 depending how many toads you order

4-20 on how many mealworms you start.

Oat meal

Non sterlie but clean Petri dishes

Containers to house meal worms

Breathable jars for the nematode's for storage

Sterlie work not required but keep things clean

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