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meditation with psychedelics

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#1 TheMorningstar



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Posted 18 May 2017 - 07:49 PM

Do you use anything while meditating? If so, what is it like? What kind of dose do you use for whatever substance you choose to use?


Furthermore, what kind of meditation do you do? Do you do breathing and focusing on clearing thoughts, or something else? I mostly focus on breathing and focusing on openness, compassion etc


What about your spiritual practice? Are you an atheist, buddhist, wiccan, christian, muslim, whatever-the-hell? I'm sort of inventing my own spiritual path through the use of these interesting substances. I feel like most of what I'm discovering falls in line with buddhism, gnosticism and taoism. I find it freaking interesting as hell that I'm coming to some of the same conclusions, especially considering I knew so little about most of these originally.

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#2 Alder Logs

Alder Logs

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Posted 18 May 2017 - 08:33 PM

This will probably be moving to Spirituality & Mysticism.


Growing up ADHD, I'm not much of a meditator, as that kind of brain just doesn't want to settle down.  But even at that, I was driven in a meditation practice of a Hindu flavor for a year or so in my late twenties, and I found in my case, hallucinogens as mild as pot seemed to supercharge the the attainment of expanded states of being, but seemed to make that attainment much more difficult over time.   I think the tripping and pot led me to stop the practice, and occasional mushroom tripping became the only practice, in the meditative sense for me.     I did, however, take up an informal practice of karma yoga for the rest of my life.  


I tried many paths with names in my life, finally inventing what I called, "spiritual anarchism."   You can do it too, but you'll have to invent your own version.  What lines up are the universal truths, like any way you can speak or write is not the true way.   The sooner we adhere to avidya, or unknowing, the sooner we will find a freedom of being.   The karma yoga works when there is no doer seeking any accomplishment.   Tripping can definitely show us that we don't know, but the desirer-to-know, the personal self, creeps back in somewhere in the come-down.   It wants to be spiritual as itself, having its cake and eating it.  


So, while psychedelic states can show us so much, a reliance on them will create a circular path, and at some point, a seeing past even tripping balls must become the way.   A psychedelicized body and mind is not what we ultimately are.  The body and mind both will go, and only the spirit will remain.  So, all practices will go in time.  If we are identified with these, what?  Where is the eternal, if not embraced now, whatever the state of the body/mind?   It can be found in questioning who am I and what is eternally true?    This takes no initiators, as it is the foundation of this life, never not here and now.

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Posted 18 May 2017 - 08:44 PM

What lines up are the universal truths, like any way you can speak or write is not the true way. 

Yup. This is what ive come to as well. my ego death experience was focused on this. As I was getting more and more under the influence I thought that all knowledge that is in language, or sense experience is a shadow of truth at best. Sure, it has some element of truth but it wont be "the" truth. the visual that came to mind was, we all see the sun(the truth), and looking directly into it can be a bit much, so we all look away, and depending on how far away we are looking it will determine how we see things. Everything is sort of true, but not exactly completely true. The visual of the sun as a metaphor for truth was prominent.


So, I thought about this for a few minutes and then realized thought itself is yet another form of language and only contains a shadow of truth. then boom. i was just... words cannot describe haha

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Posted 18 May 2017 - 10:27 PM

What Alder describes, is what I call the "General Path of the Shaman". I follow basically a mix of Irish Celtic, and Cherokee Indian Shamanism. If course he may have his own name for it...but what are names? Sonic symbols for ideas, but I digress.

But the basic part of finding your path through a variety of techniques, as pretty much a solitary practice, fits most modes of shamans wherever their specific heritage may come from.

So perhaps you are a Shaman MorningStar?

At any rate I hike to the too of what I personally consider a Holy mountain here where I live in the south east. It provided a particular stone that was easily worked into points, arrowheads, spear tips, knives, etc.

So it was a Holy mountain to them, for nearly ten thousand years they litterly mined of the entire top of the mountain, exposing the milky Quartz below.

The power that eminates from it is palpable even to people who are not sensitive.

Here I meditate on various outcroppings of quartz on the sacraments. One can talk to the trees and hear them speak. They can speak at multiple speeds simultaneously. Those who are unsensitive may think the whispers are just the breeze through the leaves...never remembering that our speech is the breeze through fleshy tubes...

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Posted 19 May 2017 - 08:01 AM

I walk around singing rune chants all the time, I stop and become a tree with roots pushing out of my legs far into the ground and branches extending from my upper body into the heavens...........


I feel powerful living energies from both/all directions simultaneously......I can zoom back and watch a bunch of threads of thoughts and feelings in a broad spectrum course through this body..........


From time to time I am successful in completely detaching from those things and I also find great value in allowing those attachments to happen under will.......


I feel that I am in this body as a biologically based data acquisition unit for spirit on a grand scale......a conscious transducer for a larger consciousness........


I have learned that for me personally certain plants and fungi are tools, spiritual cell phones on specific channels for specific purposes......mushrooms are a land line to the dwarves for example.......


But all things have these vibrational qualities and specific frequencies and spirit.......the underlying nature of everything............


By far, and only in my personal opinion of things as I understand them today, BREATH and simple control of it is finest of initiators of many (probably infinite) possible states of consciousness.....


For regular meditative practice breathing is the key, SET and SETTING are not just for tripping balls but for everything and learning to navigate them allows us to draw/assign useful value to the experiences.........


By far I recommend sobriety, clean water, good food, hard physical work, and quiet contemplation for most of the time......(yet anyone that knows me knows I ramble on all the time, until I'm alone then I spirit ramble on)


Ingestion of even small quantities of any substance after that (maintaining a state low tolerances) allows for exploration to be done without massive inebriation effects...........a reset or journey trip, a large bowl of cannabis, or other things from time to time is also good and the effects are very deeply felt plus one has the discipline and long standing mental/physical "muscle" memory to make good use of it. I am giddy on one beer now, I am warmed and mellowed by one glass of my homemade wine, I have no need at all to take ten grams of dried mushrooms, and if I want to induce an altered state, I adopt and maintain a specific breath pattern and usually a rune song, play my drum or my flute, guitars, or go find a waterfall, listen to the winds, whistle with the birds and forget I speak human, immerse myself in the wild songs of the tree frogs and night insects, and on and on and on..........


Many traditions speak of and specify purification for their adherents.............IMHO this is the reason why. There is something to be said for appreciation of subtle changes of conscious states and energies......mowing them over with massive chemical doses is like trying to listen for whispers at an Iron Maiden concert.............and I like Iron Maiden concerts.............


I adhere to no specific traditions, have no specific teachers, read and study many different philosophies, and I'm going to continue just being an Earth Childe and follower of a Goddess that allows me to grow gardens for her........for now....

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#6 Alder Logs

Alder Logs

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Posted 19 May 2017 - 08:40 AM

...for now...    :smile:

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#7 Arathu



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Posted 19 May 2017 - 10:16 AM

I want to try and show one example of what I'm babbling about........


This is a rune-song, it's called a galdor, or magical incantation in Old Norse Runes


It is designed to draw forth, build, and enhance natural creative force, under will.......


Literally to draw from the creative force of the universe and focus it in this being (me) as an instance of the larger (IT) 





I sing it after entering a specific focused and directed state with intensely willed intent....some might call that practicing magic


Something like:

Casting of a circle or sanctifying a spot

....calmed rhythmical breathing

....become the tree invocation (roots into the Earth (Mother) branches into the Heavens (Father))

....singing of the galdor with absolute focus both (mentally, left brain) and (emotionally, right brain) on the meanings and emotions of each rune and the combination

.......continuance of such moving energy in and out until sensing the accomplishment of the intended willed goal

......reversal of that state with release of the energy into the universe/environment

....forgetting completely what was done and returning to "the mundane world"


That just isn't happening under the influence of anything other than serious practice and meditations......and still it is difficult.....

After years of such work I still can't find many instances where tripping balls or being stoned would help me......

Shamanic traveling and faring forth is another thing entirely and then certain plants and fungi are of great use......

It's really going to matter what the individual is looking to do, their current state of development, intents, troubles, and etc. etc.....

Taking any substance and expecting to have resultant gains just because of, IMHO, delusional folly at best......

Then again, the conscious waking state may be nothing more than delusional folly itself.......


FOR NOW.........Wobble ON!






EDIT: I'm outside of the spirituality section hell! :blush:



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#8 SteampunkScientist


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Posted 19 May 2017 - 01:39 PM


....forgetting completely what was done and returning to "the mundane world"

A little A.O, Spare "sigil" magick technique here.... :biggrin:


I do similar things with Ogham script, the script of the trees.

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#9 Guy1298



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Posted 19 May 2017 - 02:15 PM

I remember an Ayahuasca ceremony where I took a lesser amount than the previous two times in the week. At first I was disappointed because it didn't appear to be as intense as I desired. Then I began meditating... it ended up being the most profound experience I had. Which I guess isn't saying much, I haven't really seen the depths of Ayahuasca, just touched the surface. 


Usually I find meditating difficult on psychedelics. I'm usually too ecstatic, or maybe on the other side afraid. I've been so panicked that I resorted to meditation out of necessity. It  felt like someone was holding a gun against my head with regard to the panic and this perpetrator was saying, without words of course, concentrate so completely that you can no longer conceive of yourself, otherwise you're going to find torture and hell! Haha. I'm a fear-based personality I think. 


It was my initial use of psychedelics that caused me to begin meditating seriously. With those early entrances into meditation I found extremely rapturous experiences, probably due to the uneven nature of my mind at the time (having used successive high doses like a maniac). They rarely arise with so much force as they did back then... back then it was nearly constant and easy. 


My meditation is Buddhist. Just simple for the most part. Focus on the breath at the tip of the nose. Watch concentration develop and whatever comes with concentration, pleasure, happiness, letting go of yourself in ways, stuff like that, maybe a bit of supposed insight... it feels good and keeps me interested in life, but at the same time wholly rejective of subjective experience and the Dukkha it supposedly entails!


I should probably also say something about my use of marijuana. I've never used regularly, but I find it to be incredible for meditation. My mind is a bit fucked up from all the psych use... but when I meditate with marijuana my body sensations blend into an indistinct blur, pain disperses, weird senses of God or religious elements to my surroundings manifest. If I ever used marijuana regularly, I'd definitely use it with meditation! 

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