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Posted Today, 11:13 AM

I think I saw it today. A line of thought begins... then there's a process of acting or feeling like the one speaking or generating it. But, today for whatever reason I knew that I wasn't the one speaking it or generating it. Then the line of thought died off immediately. Very calm tonight.


One can check to see at any time that impersonal witnessing is here and now.   If one feels some charge in passing thoughts, one can look at what it is that feels this charge.   One might see that this affected witness carries a relative charge which creates and allows the feeling.  The mental state, as Hedderman calls it, is lightning fast, quick to claim any and all as "my" thought.    All witnessing starts out as impersonal, but the "heist" is super quick.   It's just an old habit, but once we start to see and know the "trick," we will have turned the corner to being more real, more as what we truly are.'s likely it will seem different tomorrow.


Only the impersonal witnessing is constant (outside of time).   What passes in the witnessing can only change.  If you think you are getting it, that 'you' is not getting it.  That you will be wondering about it tomorrow.  That you is the mental state, the will-o'-the-wisp.  The real you is always here to see it, to be witness, but it cannot claim what It is because it is what It is, and it is forever without a nameable identity.  


We are the primal awareness, unformed, viewing form.   We can say, "I am," and speak the truth.   When we say, "I am this," we must replace truth with transient facts.    It makes for lawyers' and preachers' employment security.    Their game has never been truth.



Engaging with people is a real puzzle. I have a lot to learn with regard to having a positive presence.


When the personal identification subsides into beingness, the personal charge, which can be blinding, subsides.   Actions out of impersonal being lose the charge and are not subject to the strategies of the mental state.   There come no reasons to question the actions when the source of action is the life itself.  Stay as the witness, not the doer.   It will all get done just the same when the we (as the believed in personal entity) have gotten out of the way.   


Granted, engaging with people, will always be the strong test for personal involvement.   Just watch and be generous to yourself as your seeing point of perspective changes into being.   See that everyone makes this journey, no matter how many lifetimes it can require.    Now is always the time.   Watch even the states of being without attachment or judgment.   Just let it all be as clouds passing and love it all.

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