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Kratom update :(

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Posted 04 October 2018 - 03:06 PM

Between Roundup and Oxy, it's a wonder there's any of the 99% left to work for the 1%  . . .


Rich people have gardeners and (clearly) better drugs - how else can you explain the Rolling Stones' continued existence on the planet

(besides a zombie gene).





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Posted 05 October 2018 - 10:20 AM

Another success story from a close friend
My darling is completely off years of opioid pain management with the help from daily use of Kratom!
Also, was able to stop using Kratom on the regular.

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#43 Amanita Versicula

Amanita Versicula

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Posted 13 October 2018 - 12:35 PM

"The same FDA that approved Roundup" if ya knew me thru another site~Gave all my neighbors' mailboxes copies of

reports of ROUND-UP~as someday~we may HAVE to drink the Swamp water~now i see my guilty next door neighbor~

whom i know to have a water treatment system-not as extensive as mine~which was a waste of $6K

~buying jugs of "bottled water". There IS no getting thru to him.  My garden-organic?

That's a fcking laugh-not funny at all

So if U knew me thru the other site~would know HOW I FEEL about those murderers called the FDA.

Also included are the CDC (which started as a good thing)  the AMA~EPA etc. etc.

And had been~extremely "vocal" about them. To the point of being followed by them OR one of them..

All of them?

Can tell you an experience i had by posting about CHEMTRAILS & what "they" did to me~

Don't EXPECT anyone to believe me. BUT it happened. And~ I didn't go outside @ that time of day {no one around at all}

for 3 months! ~Was buzzed by 2 shiny; unmarked copters at the top of my driveway.

They came down-almost to my HEAD. Even my eyelashes were blowing~

Ppl asked IF they were drones~i dunno AS i was SO scared-shocked-freaked out i just ran in the house.

Took me a long time to get rid of that I.D+ AND TO COME OUT OF THE HOUSE!

TOOK me a few days to put "2 & 2" together.


i really know nothing about Kratom except HOW it made ME feel.

AND I "NEVER" BELIEVE or ever~ AGREE w/the effing F.D.A~ever+ EVER+++

So if i could DELETE my comment I WOULD.

AS i am one of the folks that does need the "approved" pain meds.~~~


Trust me~i have TRIED everything. Smoked pot for 40+ years.      It ONLY helps w/my PTSD.

THOUGH here in the great state of NY~sarcasm "applies"~I am "eligible" for MED MJ.

And never have tried it. Cheaper {?} to buy in the "BLACK MARKET" though not by much~> AND @ my age-all my "connections" are dead~not dealing w/these kids that are 33% younger than i~

THAT "think" what does that "old lady KNOW">>> KNEW TRIPLE BEAMS & weighed many a "substance" on it.

So i am not dating myself-as i openly state my age~

For MED MJ here & the "thieving doctors" here want $300 *CASH* a visit~

then i have to go really far to the dispensary-which i have no way of getting there. That's another $300 *CASH*~

i live on credit cards & would be "homeless" IF i didn't have that option.

i am far from OPPOSED to any "drug" that works for folks+

So please disregard my comment.

As NO ONE "hates" those Gov't acronyms & what they represent MORE than i~


This IS gonna sound egotistical and narcissistic>>>

But to Foogle ~i am more than an ALGORITHM>> to them.

PLEASE 'take my word' {experiences} for it~ Would make my life easier IF i were.

Of course IT doesn't matter WHAT I.D i use.

THEY know my IPA~it isn't just my online "persona" IT APPLIES to everything electronic i own.

Even my cell fone~which is just a cell & not a smart phone....i fck around w/settings all the time.

as i want to know WHO is WHERE. No one seemed to believe me when i told them (on Foogle-Google+)

that under my MSID setting of this cell fone-there is another number besides mine(?)

i called that number a couple of times~and reached a guy named "Ernie"...He said~they were in there because i was

"targeted" as a terrorist. HOPE that is not a "buzz-word" here.

AND why i don't spend more time here. As i dont' want to drag all these "voyeurs"-if THAT were ALL they were~

As you can't possibly KNOW what they have done to my computers..Not one-not two. Not even three but everything i have owned in the last 10+ years.

If you don't think i have suspected my cable box of spying~well i had 28 years ago.

NOT paranoid by nature-and had been involved w/a case & the DEA. Long ago.

I have no drug records of arrests. They left me out.

But i have always (in the old days) had the intuition of NARCS. Knew the ppl my ole man was fcking around

with were just 1974...No one wanted to "listen" to a little 19 year old "girl"~all the successful~smarter than me~

were arrested~i wasn't. Don't know why but have a valid "theory". Though that's enuf about me.

Sorry~i just have WITNESSED so much & don't think people believe me~which i understand.

My past was BIZARRE; but adventurous & highly "unbelievable" albeit TRUE.

Can't make that shit UP~

SO i (and rarely use this word-cuz i don't feel IT as far as anything else)

"HATE" the FDA-AMA - a~"POLITICAL GROUP" many don't realize~and again~the CDC started at Emory University in GA~

as i was there at the time. But ruined when taken over by the Gov't.

So my distrust of them all~as well as being VOCAL about it~long before many posted about it~turned out to

be a "malady" in my existence online & off.

Enjoy your KRATOM ~anyone who benefits from it.

Am a "badly burned" SURVIVOR whom should not be here~OR~anywhere~ to talk about IT.

AS it is said-it's a miracle i "pulled through". And my "defense on pain meds"?

i always ask/wish OTHERS could experience what i live w/daily --be in my body--before judging my use

of these "killing meds".

~Another "miracle" is that i haven't O.Ded. Cuz i don't take as "prescribed"~

i am my own "doctor". Believe more should be~go by what their bodies TELL them.


Luv regena~

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#44 Soliver



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Posted 14 October 2018 - 10:52 AM

I feel some response is warranted ... but have no idea where to go with all that.


Keep on Keepin' on AM !





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