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Sin cracked corn..

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Posted 08 January 2018 - 10:58 AM

And I don’t care, cause it works amazing. So I used cracked corn a lot years ago, and just searched the fourm a bit for a tek or write up about it. I didn’t come across much except people saying not to use it and mostly negative press.

Sin cracks corn for an hour and it’s amazing after. If you can’t take the hour or two to prep then yes it may ferment, you will prob not have the right field capacity, and most likely run into problems.

However if you like 80lbs of awesome spawn for roughly 10$ or less, and don’t mind a little work I’ll show you mine.

My local tractor supply sells this kind, Producer’s Pride.
710F1EF2-E2CC-41C7-8E65-638AA59989DE.jpeg D286B145-5695-49F7-AB95-3FA8D90A9530.jpeg

Start by measuring how much spawn you are going to need and loading the desired amount into a pillowcase(use a low thread count), a paint bucket strainer, or your preferred straining device.
I will be filling a 5 gallon bucket full and break it into half’s for this run. I need a lot.

5EA08E6C-0ED6-48D1-966E-BC72DC82CFBE.jpeg A2268FEA-2EAF-4236-A600-C9B781D2D0A9.jpeg

We start by washing off all the dust and dirt, I prefer the tub over sink so I can scoop it out of one container with the strainer, rinse it for 30sec or so till mostly clear water and no debris is is falling out. It will look like this, then we add it to another bucket to soak for 24 hrs.

B12E0863-4B96-469D-9D95-0ED123B4D474.jpeg 94EC099A-FB3A-4703-9898-E0D8E96E2F94.jpeg 11F97FB5-1D69-44E8-8480-9EE9B3991F67.jpeg 807D519D-147E-4CB5-BA7B-D74877F15833.jpeg

Once done straining the cracked corn, and we’ve added it to a container to soak we add one to two table spoons of hydrated lime, or one to two tablespoons of liquid dish soap to the corn then add water so all the corn is under the water and has room to expand and stay under water. We want inches of water above the top of corn. Plenty of room for floating and the starches to separate.
The point of the lime or soap is to help the fermenting process stop while soaking for 24 hrs.
The corn should also be stirred well a few times to release gasses and air pockets.

Once the 24 hrs is up, we need to rinse, boil, the simmer for 30 - 60 min. I scoop corn out of the buckets with a strainer, rinse in the sink and then add to my pot. Once you fill the pot with water if it is murky and debris filled we dump the water and rinse for another minute. We want clear water before we cook or there will be a pudding skin on top of cooking and congealed starches. Which is not what we want.

0B1152DB-AEDC-47CE-9395-DF25608A7EF5.jpeg 1378539A-59C7-4DAF-B4D8-4132931E9078.jpeg

If you see the pudding layer don’t panic you’ll just need to scoop it off. It’s important to make sure your container which will boil the cracked corn has a few inches of water above the level of corn as well.

After it has simmered we rinse under hot water one last time then dump into a pillow case that’s In our five gallon bucket that has holes for straining.


Hang or squeeze till there is no dripping happening. In the meantime clear off a table or counter and put a towel down. Once the pillow case isn’t dripping anymore we load our corn onto the towel. And spread it out. Some people let it air dry for a while, I’m way too impatient. And the old lady wants the kitchen table back. I prefer to use a hair dryer or small fan for 10 min or so, or even add a towel to the top and press.


Now here is the most important part of cracked corn. Adding vermiculite!


This will insure our corn isn’t over saturated, and will stop fermentation in jars. I use fine/medium grade for this step. I add my corn to the pot shown, then small 1/2 cup amounts of verm till my hand feels the moisture but doesn’t actually get water on it. If for some reason too much verm is added I’ll just add a little more LC when inoculating. Load into jars and pc for 90min at 15 psi and boom.

CD028AE0-3549-4B51-89F7-5F6EF7D412BC.jpeg F94C92DD-F292-4820-9004-F4D4CF80AC04.jpeg 6C012BE8-38D0-4B63-A70A-07816C683C91.jpeg

These are half gallon jars inoculated on the 4th and pictures were taken yesterday. That’s two days incubation at about 80-84 degrees.

Here are quarts shot up on the 6th
Here are quarts inoculated the 4th next to popcorn pint not even full inoculated on the 3rd.
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#2 wharfrat


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Posted 08 January 2018 - 07:20 PM

nice write up.. thanks for the contribution, Archive material

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Posted 08 January 2018 - 08:13 PM

Hell yes Sin! Thank you! It’s nice to see an actual Cracked Corn Tek! I dig it!

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Posted 09 January 2018 - 08:32 AM

great info and details also it's been a few years I remember @cue doing crack corn too, found it on a quick search
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Posted 09 January 2018 - 11:15 PM

Fond memories, I think that was when I discovered the verm. I shoulda shared then.

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Posted 10 January 2018 - 01:05 AM

Nice write up! Good pics, easy to follow instructions, not to wordy, and to the point.

My vote doesn't really count, but it looks archive worthy to me.

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