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The spirit guides?

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#1 bennylava



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Posted 25 March 2018 - 05:50 AM

What do you think of these "spirit guides"? Have you met one? Have you had any contact with what you think may be yours, or just a spirit guide in general? I have noticed that "they" seemingly make no mention of their presence, when they appear. They just start communicating with you. And if you're not paying attention, you may not even realize you're talking to... it. Every once in awhile during a trip, it hits me. I suddenly realize that I'm talking to it, and have been for maybe a few minutes. Makes me wonder how many times I've done it, and just didn't have a clue that I was communicating with it. They are more subtle than that all powerful voice. Or maybe they are that all powerful voice, and they just come through a lot stronger, on higher doses.


But I think they really are there. I just can't determine whether its an outside entity, or some strange conjuration that I'm generating. They would seem to be real spirits, separate from me. Cause they mention things I wouldn't have thought of, and they throw my flaws and failings in my face for me to see fully and examine. And thus, learn to overcome. Doesn't seem like something I would do. Who would? Often we don't consciously realize our flaws and failings. But someone else can, and these beings can indeed throw them in your face. That is what these "helper spirits" almost always do to me. They throw at me something I said in anger, or hold up an unnecessarily negative emotion for me to see. Helps me to realize my error, and indeed to overcome it next time it comes up in my life. They've actually helped me a lot. To grow beyond vindictiveness, and petty things.


They'll take on just about any form in your mind that suits them. Once it was star trek characters. During a trip, I was thinking of star trek for some reason. Then I noticed that the characters were having a conversation that I was paying very close attention to. I was represented by one character, and the guide by another. It was quite an interesting conversation, and at some point I realized that I must be communicating with it again, in this odd way. It was teaching me things and I began to direct my character to ask it important questions which it answered with ease, but it was related to the schooling that it was giving me. So odd...


What do they do for you? Do you believe they exist? What do you think they are?

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#2 jessthebest23



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Posted 25 March 2018 - 09:35 AM

They certainly feel like an outside entity. Im not really sure if they truly are or their just something our brain conjures up. Maybe all our misdeeds we don't want to think about and face in a normal state of being stay in our unconscious only to be brought out when we take strong doses of powerful psychedelics such as lsd, psylocybin or any other entheogen. I will say, before my first transcendent experience with lsd i think one could say i was an atheist. After that experience i have become much more open to the idea of a higher power. I still don't necessarily think there is one god per se, but the experiences one can have while under the influence of psychedelics make me wonder. Either way they have definitely helped me grow a lot personally and become a much more nicer and thoughtful person.

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#3 bennylava



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Posted 27 March 2018 - 05:33 AM

My current theory is that WE are the gods. You, me, everyone. Everyone is a divine being, like unto, or maybe even much greater than the ones described by people in their religious texts. That is what we really are. This life is just some kind of experience, something perhaps to help us grow or to address faults that wouldn't ever come up in the perfect world that we likely came from, or normally inhabit when we're not having this "human" experience. So you strip all that power away, all the knowledge, access to the universal source link, and now you see what the being is really made of. Strong stuff? Or room for improvement?


To me it seems to make human beings quite heroic and noble creatures. Each one was willing to fall so far, to lose it all, in order to improve. To know fear and uncertainty. Among all the other horrors.

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#4 PsyBearknot



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Posted 27 March 2018 - 09:36 AM

Storming the gates isinusially a place for reports or experiences from a specific trip. This sounds more to me like a subject for spirit and spirituality forum where it probably will get more replies

#5 Zwapa



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Posted 15 May 2018 - 03:43 PM

It is when storming the gates, one can encounter them i would say.


So i notice a veil that is been pierced through with my mind when i'm shroomed.

I want especially note something that i encounter a lot, and maybe you guys can give me a hint or a different view on what i encounter?

When i close my eyes when shroomed, there is sometimes a presence that is pulling my awareness towards it. So hard that i have to break it and open my eyes again. By hard i mean i got the sensation of becoming lost in it, it's trying to taking me over from my conscious mind. Once i was determined to keep my eyes closed and again seeing this tentacles they came closer and where actually penetrating via my mouth, i could feel the movement of them on my lips. It scared the hell out of me.


So anyone thoughts about that?


And there are different entities living beyond to come in contact with i noticed


Other than that i would say everything is animated, got a soul. But that i feel is not to  talk about ...


Anyway these are part of my experiences so far.


Thanks for reading.

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#6 whirledpeas



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Posted 15 May 2018 - 05:23 PM

I don't feel that it is black/white thing. It could be there are entities in a parallel existence to ours that can communicate/ doors opening or whatever maybe...and  it is within us (as in our 'higher self')... and the plants have a spirit, and when we ingest them then that gives way that they can communicate with us,and/ or manifest. 


I have had something from outside myself warn me of something... very directly. And thank goodness it did. 


But i was with a loved one who was suffering terribly from anxiety and serious depression. Who i sat with as she took psilocybin, had a bizarre experience at the toilet in which she said there were 3 or 4 fluorescent blue skinny tall mushrooms standing on one side of her at the toilet (i was on the other) and she said "they are telling me to throw up and be rid of the anxiety what do i do???!"... and i (of course could not see this, and she had insisted the lights be off in the bathroom), anyway and i said "if you got four blue mushrooms telling you to throw up then maybe that's what you should do" ??   she was waving her arms a bit and shaking her head in the "no" way..... finally it all just stopped after a few minutes.   I said "what's going on? why aren't you throwing up?" and she said "They told me nothing was forced on me, If i am not ready that is okay, that i will be okay."

that was IT. She turned the lights on and went about her evening.    later on she said that she knew she was not "just seeing things".... that they were very real and very kind but indifferent to what she chose. She said just knowing that there was something out there, that accepted her like that made the difference. 

But i will say what i observed afterward.... tho she still gets anxiety from time to time it is not at all on the level of what it was... and her depression has just not returned.  I mean normal things, but not at all on the scary level it had been, that was just horrible to watch. Now she laughs and works and has plans, very brightened up, very open.


So i tend to think it was not all in her head. Nor my experience just in my head. I feel there is a whole unseen universe that is ready to reach back if we reach out to it.

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#7 elfstone



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Posted 27 May 2018 - 08:53 AM

Everything is alive and has mind. That the world is not perceived directly like this is due to the current collective malaise of mind that denies the existence of anything outside its little belief system. The Gods are alive and well in the Underworld, but being repressed they play their stories out in the collective insanity. For example, American Christians do not worship Jesus, who invoked universal love, they are really worshippers of Ares, the God of War, who’s temple is the battle field and who’s sacrament is the blood of men, women and children on the ground. Mars was not deposed by Christianity, he converted.

When we practice the Ancient Greek method of initiation, incubation, and lie down in silent darkness and attend to the sensation that presents itself, we are quickly drawn into the underworld, where we will be greeted and met by the Gods. Their icy fingers are often stretching up, trying to reach us, and may manifest as anxiety and depression, which is really a sane response to the insane world contemporary humans have created. Going down into the inner blackness will open awareness to the Reality of who we are. It is an arduous journey, but well worth it. The sacred plants can quicken the process, activate the Psyche, and facilitate more rapid growth, but incubation is the best method for sustaining it and growing into who we are meant to become. I inadvertently was led to this practice in the mid 1970’s when I purchased a Samadhi Isolation Tank, which we utilized to explore the effects of the mushroom. This practice led me to read the collected works of Carl Jung and devour everything on the study of the psyche that I could find, and eventually led me to earn a PhD in clinical psychology. The tank eventually became an annoyance and we found the couch to be at least equally and perhaps more effective in creating conditions favorable to the practice of incubation. Lying down, gently focusing awareness upon the breath and the sensations arising from the body, cultivating an alert vigilance to what emerges in the inner world is the basic practice. One write up of this is presented in the book Reality by Peter Kingsley. Highly recommended!

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#8 Alder Logs

Alder Logs

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Posted 27 May 2018 - 10:26 AM

I like Velikovsky's take on the deification of planets into the gods, how natural events became suppressed traumas and within a generations or two were no longer believed in their actual terrible scale, and so, became myth.   Even the prophets of the bible had to be 'interpreted' by their grand children.   The suppressed memory of the race mind became the drive to self destruction for the inability to face even the thought of 99% of the ancestors dying in their fathers' sight.   It is no accident that the planets became the gods of myth.   The four who wielded thunderbolts were Ares (Mars), Athena (Venus), Zeus, (Jupiter), and Kronos (Saturn).    Velikovsky had to write Mankind In Amnesia to warn how we must face our catastrophic history or self impose a catastrophe of our own making on ourselves.   Ares is Mars.   Mars took the war god identity from Athena Venus and did it in the sight of our ancestors in the midst of upheaval on every side. 

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