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Cactus Question

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#1 mamayote



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Posted 04 April 2018 - 07:27 PM

Will a San Pedro cactus grow wider at the base, or just continue to grow taller? :confused:

I know if it is etiolated it will not grow wider in that part, but will an entire cactus grow wider?



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#2 Spooner


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Posted 04 April 2018 - 07:46 PM

Mine have not fattened up at the base but after the first 1/2 inch it has plumped out quite nicely.

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#3 DualWieldRake



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Posted 04 April 2018 - 08:47 PM

The cactus will grow wider, thin parts at the same rate as thick parts

So while it won't get straight, over time etioliation becomes slightly less noticable

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#4 mamayote



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Posted 05 April 2018 - 06:56 PM

Great!  Thats exactly what I needed to know. Thanks!

#5 pharmer



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Posted 05 April 2018 - 08:11 PM

Over a long time, say five years and good growing conditions, the entire cactus will get fatter at the base and all the way up the column.


So let's say it's 3 inches around at two years by five years it's likely to be 5 inches around


Over twenty years they'll get to 7 inches or more


Look at some pics of 20 year old hedges of Pachanoi grown in South California. Fat fat fat at the base and most of the way up the column

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#6 adrian118



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Posted 06 April 2018 - 10:39 PM

Great question! 

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