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What just happened?

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Posted 13 April 2018 - 11:02 PM

Hey guys, i dont get a chance to get on here much but i thought id drop in and say hello and post a trip report. My girl and I are light weights and have been fooling around with threshold doses, which for us is about a 1 gram. We took a trip to the beach this week and brought some golden teachers i grew.
3g for me and 2.5g for her. When we got here i realized that maybe we should back off the dose a bit since we were not in familiar territory, no friends around and only strangers. She didnt see what the big deal was with the mushroom, it made her laugh and feel relaxed at 1g with some minor visuals and thought they were kind of trivial.

I decided to dose myself at 2g and her at 1.6g. We made tea. I soaked the mushrooms in lemon juice for 20 minutes in yeti cups then poured in boiling water. We let them steep for almost an hour until they were soft and slimy.

We drank the tea on the beach at 6pm. The mushroom came down on us like ton of bricks. It took maybe 30 minutes at most and the sky came to life. It began moving and shifting as if it were an oil slick floating on water. The sand began to flow in waves of sorts. We got cold so we came back in to get wamer clothes. The road we had to walk down had turned a strange blue and seemed to come to a point at its end where we could see the stop sign. Putting more clothes on was a chore, but we managed.

We got back to the beach and went for a short walk. The white foam from the waves crashing on the beach was almost tie died and as the water retreated it seemed to leave a shining array of colors that slipped into the sand. The sky, the beach, everything around us was all alive and flowing in a way that was so beatiful and scary at the same time. We came across a pine cone lying on the sand, it looked completely normal, it was the only thing around us that seemed normal and we stared at it for a few moments before walking back to our chairs.

We sat down and just watched the sky and the ocean flow and move in a way that only the mushroom can show you. She looked to me every few minutes and finally she said "I have to keep looking at you to make sure im ok." We sat there for what seemed an eternity, the sun had dropped over the horizon and as it did i began seeing geometric patterns that seemed to flow in ribbons between the stars. At times i saw sparkles, almost like diamonds in the sky but i couldnt tell if they were stars because they seemed to just dissappear.

We got cold and decided to come back inside. We had these folding lounge chairs that we had to bring in with us. This simple task that would take 30 seconds became almost impossible and when she saw me fumbling with the damn things she realized i was no longer a beacon of sanity, that i was in the same boat she was. This scared her a bit. Walking across the sand seemed nearly impossible. I couldnt tell where my feet were going to touch the sand was we walked.

The circus began when we got back inside. The house was small, 2 bedrooms that both connected to the living room and one small, very orange bathroom. I walked into one bedroom door to go to the bathroom, she walked into the other and said she going to change clothes. I came out to the living room, she came out a few minutes later still wearing the same clothes. "Why didnt you change?" I asked, we both busted out laughing. She went back in then came right back out "I cant go back in there, i need help, i cant get my clothes off!" It took both us to get her undressed.

We came back to the living room. I realized i had sand all over my feet so i went back through the other bedroom to the bathroom, she followed me and then yelled as i stepped into the shower with my clothes on "Youre gonna get wet!!" She screamed.
"IM JUST WASHING MY FEET" i yelled and the we burst into uncontrollable laughter.

Finally we got back to the living room together after more in and out of the bedrooms for reasons i cant recall. I layed down on our pallet and motioned for her to come relax, the room was alive just as the beach was. She sat down and said "im ready for this to end, i need this to end....what just happened?" I had to explain that this is the psychedelic experience. She had thought she was going to die and that i had grown the wrong kind of mushrooms..she sat quietly for a bit and said "I never want to go through this again"

At about 10pm or so it started easing off then seemed to stop almost as fast as it began. We talked about her fear, her thougts, and about how we felt and what we saw. We spent the next day in more reflecting about the experience. She is ready for another try but in different settings.

Ive done LSD and mushrooms many times. Ive never had a visual experience like this before..ever. It was heavy. I didnt expect to go to jupiter on 2g, nor did i expect her to at adding only 0.6g to her normal 1g dose. And i would like to add that it took her 3 times to even feel anything!! I had given her 2.75g before she felt a thing once. After that i tested her again with 1g and she had a good experience on that dose..
If we had taken the dose we had planned we wouldve been in big trouble to say least.

Thankfully it didnt scare her to death and after reflecting for a while we are both planning our next adventure but in a safer place with a sitter close by if we need help.

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Posted 15 April 2018 - 08:20 AM

Dope trip report, man.  I have only seen the ocean twice, I couldn't imagine tripping there holy shit.

I can't say much on why you went to Jupiter, but I have had mixed results from the same dose of mushroom. When I make it into a tea though.. thats when my brain smashed my brain through my skull and into another skull. 

 Thankfully for y'all though it wears off alot quicker. 

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Posted 15 April 2018 - 10:35 AM

I would highly recommend a trip on the beach if you can find a secluded spot and stay safe. It was amazing. If we hadnt gotten cold and went back inside i think it wouldve been much better and i think she wouldve been much better was still challenging for her and has much respect for the mushroom now.
I dont see how some you guys on here do these high did a number on me.

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Posted 15 April 2018 - 12:46 PM

Sounds to me like you took just enough to have a trip. I am not a fan of the 2 gram doses for just this reason. For me it can get uncomfortable but mainly because my mind is trying to maintain control over something it is not supposed to be in control of if that makes any sense. Seeing the rainbow of colors and things moving and waves, that is just over the edge from a threshold dose. (In my humble opinion anyhow)


I either like to do a small dose of a spoonful of powder in honey if I am just sitting around on the weekends and want to put a sparkle on my night or if I want to really change my mindset I find that taking 6-7 grams over a 3-4 hour period to be a beautiful thing, starting with about three grams and then adding on top of it as I get comfortable until I am full on tripping. This lets me go up gradually instead of just jumping in and lets me have the opportunity to go farther...or not as I see fit. We have had some awesome music nights going at it like that. 


Sounds like you had an awesome trip to the beach, and am sorry that you found it in the least bit negative. The ocean seems to guarantee me a good trip no matter how much I do. 



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