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Autoflowers Please...

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#1 DreamingRaven



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Posted 23 April 2018 - 06:22 PM

I've been growing autoflowering plants for about three years now, and I think I've pretty much come to the decision that all the advice I found online about them was incorrect. I find that the current strains available are fast growing, hardy, potent, and have very nice yields. I am running a 5 gallon , 5 bucket DWC with bubblers in each bucket containing a plant.

I present to you my newest foray two Narco Purps at three weeks : 041118114633.jpg 041118114645.jpg


And two Green Crack 041118114654.jpg 041118114703.jpg



overall setup :041118114511.jpg   air pulled out and through filter :041118114532.jpg




Same plants at this time, 5 week in, the smaller are the Green Crack, and the taller are the Narco Purps : 042318164203.jpg 042318164218.jpg 042318164238.jpg 042318164301.jpg 042318164315.jpg

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#2 DreamingRaven



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Posted 01 June 2018 - 12:55 PM

I have been busy as a one-legged woman in a butt kicking contest, but things have went very nicely,  At the 10 1/2 week mark, and two of them are almost ready, so we'll say 80 days for the Narco Purps from seed to harvest.(they aren't quite purple though, only very deep red hairs) And they are huge! My tent is 4'x4'x6.5' and as you can see the lights are next to the ceiling and there is no room in the tent, I had to tie down tops, and tie up limbs to keep them from invading each other's space. The smaller plants are the Green Crack, the two monsters are the Narco. I say again , autoflowers are not the wimpy, small , weak, bad tasting  plants so many people seem to think they are. I'll tell you who the seed companies I use are if anyone wants to know. Send me a private message as I'm not going to advertise for anyone LOL.


053018201713.jpg 053018201727.jpg 053018201811.jpg 053018201838.jpg 053018201924.jpg 053018202113.jpg 053018202130.jpg

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Posted 07 August 2018 - 07:23 PM

Very nice!

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