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#1 darci


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Posted 16 June 2018 - 12:59 AM

The 2018 movie with Natalie Portman.


I have to say that what she encounters down in the hole is very much of the essence of some strange energy that I almost always encounter on shrooms.  It's like their signature.  Their central thesis.  What they are made of.  It's a bizarre and enormously complex "thing" that exists within the computational structure of the universe.  It is not something you can touch or point at or weigh.  But yet it exists, and it's alive and doing things we can't begin to comprehend.


Just like humans are made of water and minerals and DNA, these things are made of dreams and communication and knowledge accumulated over timeless aeons.  They are in a sense heralds or archangels, too complex and magnificent to comprehend with our tiny minds, so like Moses at the mount, if we try to look at them they appear as a strange slice of an object whose completeness exists in dimensions we are not privy to.


Perhaps this is the shrooms themselves, or some other tripping astral traveler we encounter in the same mental rapids.  We might wave or say hi, but whatever we do always looks like pissing on their ankle from their perspective.


Whenever I contemplate what form extreme intelligence would take I can only say "unlike anything you've yet imagined."

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#2 Skywatcher


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Posted 16 June 2018 - 09:23 AM

I'll need to watch the movie, but all you describe is representive  of the Devic Kingdom.


Opening the window of perception just makes it more apparent to us that there are intelligences not confined by our idea of a "body", and an entire hierarchy, not limited by our perceived limits. 

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#3 coorsmikey



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Posted 16 June 2018 - 04:16 PM

I have to admit that before I started watching this I was hesitant. After I did watch it I was very impress and enjoyed it greatly. I think I watched because someone from here recommended it. I have found that this is a good place to find cool shit to watch.
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Posted 16 June 2018 - 04:54 PM

i've read the novels on what the movie is based, it's a trilogy and actually pretty good. Now i just seen the trailer and made more hollywood-style. Anyway worth looking imo.



spoiler alert:


the presence (according to what i read in the books) makes copies from the visitors with the awarenesses of beings it already has encountered.

So i don't know if i can say that's something i did encounter, although i don't know, as the copies that come back, neither do know they're copied... and has something given away.


What i do know is the encounter of intelligent beings beyond the veil, but that's not a surprise , is it ? :deadhorse:

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Posted 17 June 2018 - 01:16 PM

Whenever I contemplate what form extreme intelligence would take I can only say "unlike anything you've yet imagined."[/quote]

I dunno - by some measures intelligence is simply the ability to do the right thing at the right time. Where does that leave intuition?

#6 Alder Logs

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Posted 17 June 2018 - 02:18 PM

Isn't intuition the highest form of intelligence in these parts?  There are lots of ways out there where we can get the wrong idea.   How many times when that instant to think about it makes us miss the boat?   With a clean emotional state and a quiet mind, we are present and ready.

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Posted 18 June 2018 - 02:34 AM

The hole is the Self, and therefore the hole can only reveal deeper and deeper reveal-ations of the Self. There can be nothing more.

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#8 darci


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Posted 18 June 2018 - 07:29 AM

Hmm, it seems I'm leaving people in a bit of disarray.


Let me reel it in to the topic I'm trying to get at...


So this movie seemed to me to be an expression of something imagined or experienced by someone which has significant elements to that experience to what I have seen and felt on psychedelics.  It's not always there, but it's there often enough that it's familiar.


It's the presence of an entity that is truly alien to our existence as human beings.  It is not a mammal.  It might not even be an organism.  It does not have a "body."  It is immaterial, though very real and a condensation of evolved intelligence whose path stretches so immensely through time as to be incomprehensible.  Although it is more advanced than us, it nonetheless possesses "personality characteristics" that we are able to perceive.


I would list those personality characteristics like this:




































This "thing" - whatever you might call it - might be a singular entity or an example of some race, although that distinction might not ultimately be appropriate as it seems connected to all things within some in-folded dimensional level.  Whether it actually exists in another dimension is speculative;  within what kind of universal substrate it resides is guesswork to our minds.  I think that it is, I think that it's real, and I think it knows who and what we are.  It toys around and plays with us when we do things worthy of its attention, but otherwise it's just twisting away in the unspeakable nether doing things we can't understand.


In this movie I got a strong feeling of being confronted with something similar during the "alien" scene near the end.  I'm sure that whoever created this series of fictional events was drawing upon inspiration gathered from direct experience with this facet of the multitude of realms which can be seen when the mind is sufficiently perturbed.




So when Dr. Ventress is found underground by Lena, she remarks that the entity near and around them has an "unfathomable mind."  When she spoke this, I felt chills throughout my body.  I have been face to face with unfathomable minds; if you are drawn into this movie at this point you are hovering right on the line between awe and terror.


She continues to say that this entity is going to essentially devour life as they know it... perhaps it's way of "studying" or taking samples as we might do when trying to gather information on an unfamiliar ecosystem.  This being, however, possesses nothing of the moral restraint we would hope for, not seemingly out of malevolence but out of a complete indifference to our physical and mental suffering.  Since it is so radically more advanced, complex, and superior of a being it sees our misery and fear during the process as transitory, or comparatively small and unimportant.  It will not cease the most expedient and effective means of investigation at its disposal, which the audience sees as the creeping infestation of mutations and the metamorphosis of all living things inside the shimmer.  This "investigation" of us is both destructive and transformative.  What we were will cease to be, but there will also be a new thing we will become a part of that is beyond our imagination... and one might wonder if in this case we have metaphorically become food to supply the needs of a much greater being.  Is this how the chicken feels with its neck on the chopping block?  Rats in a lab?


And so this being presents itself physically before Lena after consuming Dr. Ventress in a moving sculpture of liquid and light.  It then becomes a 3-dimensional fractal which is evolving right in front of her, the whole event accompanied by the sound track of the movie which is entirely appropriate for the scene we are observing.  The alien's motions are hypnotic and bizarre, juxtaposing the beautiful with the eldritch, always seeming to be busy doing something without telling you a word of what its intentions are.  The alien then samples a drop of blood, seems to analyze, process and learn from it how to take a human form to fool the simple perceptions and cognitions of other human beings so well as to be indiscernible from the real thing.  The doppelganger crosses creepily through the uncanny valley to emerge on the other side, looking at Lena's face with her own eyes.  And to watch this makes you wonder if you are indeed so simple a creature that greater life forms can view your inner workings and predict your behavior as easily as peering into a petri dish and supplying glucose to a single-celled organism.  Lena watches this alien being transform in front of her, then begin mirroring her movements as if to practice effectively taking her place, leading Lena toward the terror of becoming some combination of dead, dissolved, consumed, powerless, or obsolete.


This, of course, would be the actions of a superior intelligence, if we assume it is built of the same moral constitution of meat-eating humans when we're not describing ourselves hypocritically.  Beings whose learning of us would have us predictably mesmerized, confused, and ultimately helpless.


Even typing this gives me chills.


This is a movie that is so good at scaring you that you might not want to see it.


At least, that's how I feel about it.  Of course, not everyone lives with the same fears.


Anyway, those are my thoughts.  I'm going to get a dose of some blue sky and cute furry animals now.  And I'm going to be so, so nice to them.  :-)  

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#9 darci


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Posted 18 June 2018 - 07:56 AM

It's much better if you get to this part of the movie by watching from the beginning, but for those of you who can't be bothered to see the movie but want to know the scene I'm talking about, here it is:


( Do not click if you plan on watching the movie.  This will spoil it! )

#10 Alder Logs

Alder Logs

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Posted 18 June 2018 - 09:37 AM

I stopped reading right away.  I will get the movie and come back.

#11 Alder Logs

Alder Logs

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Posted 18 June 2018 - 08:07 PM

The DVD has been ordered.

#12 DonShadow



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Posted 18 June 2018 - 11:19 PM

Is this how the chicken feels with its neck on the chopping block?

What if we are the chicken, the blade, the chopping block, the butcher and the slaughterhouse?

#13 Oneyedraven



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Posted 29 June 2018 - 06:15 PM

Thanks for the recommendation... Netflix dvds made me wait... One of must have watched it before me lol.

I can't speak to similarity of this movie to a Psy journey (yet) still in the growing phase, but in a metaphorical sense this movie spoke to me in that change our our future world we have to be willing to 'go back' and examine the places in our life where we have chosen to go against our true self, to change the world that has been created around us due to that deviation from the true self you must be willing to 'kill' the ego of the person you have become (ie the alien) and return to your true self, by doing so you restore the/your world to it's authentic state.

(The main character kept flashing back to the infidelity
Once she "killed" the new her with the enery that was engulfing her world, she returned to her husband although
He admitted he was did not know who he had been)


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