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Everclear 75%

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Posted 17 June 2018 - 11:31 PM

I put 8 grams in 120 mls Everclear 75% one week ago (Sunday).


Saturday (yesterday) I strained the solids and put the jar by the window, where it evap'd down to 100mls.


Me, an old friend, and a first-timer (my old lady) took 15mls, 15mls, and 10mls, respectively.


I could feel the dose in five minutes.  Within 20 minutes we were all feeling funny as hell by the fire-pit.


After one hour, we all dosed 10 mls more, and ... twenty minutes later we were all tripping fucking balls.


I poured the rest of the extract into a cup with some juice and passed it around - I can't speak in science for the remaining doses, but I think the girls did well in splitting it up.  Maybe.  I was tripping at the time, so who knows?


After the second dose I felt the usual need to squat on the can and purge - that was just me though.  The girls had no stomach effects whatsoever.  After a few hours, I checked a substrate and came back with these BEAUTIFUL freakin' clusters, each about 11 grams wet.  Me and the old lady (her first night out) snarfed some and spread a blanket on the driveway until 3am as if we were young and idiotic.  Hilarious.  No Moon - great stars.


I'm scoring some 95% ethanol next week - we'll see if that's any different.  I could be wrong, or off, or .. wrong, but damn - I expect weaponized shrooms from the extract, and I did have a moment of distress. 


That said, I ate 5 grams (wet) today ... twice ... what a great afternoon of quasii-microdosing!  No ill effects whatsoever, which bolsters my theory:  I need to eat mushrooms every six hours every day, all the time.


Love you kids,





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