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Summer Solstice Blessings

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Posted 20 June 2018 - 09:02 PM



The Solstice is celebrated many ways all over the Earth. I consider it a celebration of light, and a good time to be grateful, and to let go of things that I do not wish to carry through another cycle. 


​I want to share some blessings with you all on this day.





The sun is high above us shining down upon the land and sea, making things grow and bloom. Great and powerful sun, we honor you this day and thank you for your gifts. Ra, Helios, Sol Invictus, Aten, Svarog, you are known by many names. You are the light over the crops, the heat that warms the earth, the hope that springs eternal, the bringer of life. We welcome you, and we honour you this day, celebrating your light, as we begin our journey once more into the darkness.




Great Creator, Source of All, Sacred Holy Mystery Spirit – Thank you for the Wisdom of the Seasons that teach us about change, about cycles, about letting go of the old and opening to the new.


Thank you Father Sun for the gifts of your physical light, warmth and life-empowering energy that helps the seeds of spring grow towards greatest blossoming and fulfillment of their potentials.


Thank you Father Sun for being a reminder of growing our consciousness into greater awareness of the Oneness and Unity that is the truest reality.


Thank you Father Sun for being a symbol of the Spiritual Sun that lives in all our hearts.  Thank you for helping us grow in this season of greater light into deeper wisdom of our essence which is the Light Of Oneness whose nature is infinite love and creative expression in a dance of eternal change.

With prayers for peace in our world, peace in our hearts and peace for all beings, –


May the Blessings of this Summer Solstice time and season of greatest light help you in your own blossoming of the flowers of love, wisdom, courage, beauty, generosity, compassion, health, inner peace and joy that are yours’ to be.


May it be so!


Thank You Mycotopia ! And thank you to all who see this. I am grateful to have so many friends here, and a place that is such a well of knowledge and caring people....






summer equinox stonehenge_heel_stone.jpeg summer equinox.jpg


summer solsiis.jpg summer-solstice-stonehenge-blessing2.jpg

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Alder Logs

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Posted 21 June 2018 - 09:43 PM

We have a tradition here of burning last year's Christmas tree on the summer solstice.  It's just about that time.   We use noble firs because a Douglas fir can't keep its needles on for long.    With all the needles, it is pretty good fireworks. 


Happy Solstice!!!

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Posted 22 June 2018 - 06:59 AM

thank you for the reminder about this glorious day and going into it with intention 

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