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An angelic experience

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Posted 24 June 2018 - 08:31 AM

I just happen to have about 2-3grams of mushrooms fall into my lap. Saterdays are the perfect day well in the evening anyway no company the kids are leavin us (me and huby) aalone ;)
So we had some last night, about a half hour in I thought well Im just gonna fall asleep this time around I am soo tired oh well I layed down and huby was rubbin my legs to help keep me awake....soon I was feeling no pain :) numb neck :) just heavy and relaxed :)
Soon after that I opened my eyes then when I closed them again Ok its on now seeing fractals closed eye vissions ....within these fractals are flowers blooming :) very cool but lots to take in just watching the show and enjoying my body rub :)
Then they came to me they were angels the sparkeing light was so beautiful.
We are here to tell you a message for your mother ....she has been so helpful to others she is wearing her body out but she still has enough to help others
"take her to the rock cut that your son goes to there will be a fancy rock that she will find that is the perfect gift for her and she and your son her grandson will share these very old rocks (some of the oldest on the planet)
She will not only cherish this stone but she will enjoy this memory of the day spent with family for ever ;)
After this message a part of me was trying to leave with the angels they said "no you must stay here, you have chosen to be here. This is why we don't send messages like this often cuz people wanna come with us and this is not your time to come with us. You must stay here and help the people that are still here this is what you have chosen to do" and I let them leave knowing I have chosen to be here even tho its hard being here but this is why I have chosen to help thoes that are here cuz it is so hard here

I am used to channeling spirits when I have mushrooms they come threw easily but this is the first time I had a couple of angels to listen to ;) It was very powerful experience
My Mom has been working so hard to help my grandma my aunt my brother etc mom helps so many people including me and I dont know where she gets it all ....maybe this new stone she will find will help her find the strenght to keep helping people here :) Like I am helping people here

comming down I kept seeing enitys open eyes they were surrounding me .... the whole trip I felt so heavy like I wanted to fly and be free with the angels but its not my turn to fly felt like the mushrooms needed to ground me but its hard my body likes to feel like its flying ;)
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Posted 02 July 2018 - 11:12 AM

Love this ^
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