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Camping with psychedelics; advice needed.

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#41 Boebs



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Posted 13 November 2018 - 09:57 PM

Having read the responses here, I have never been so far out of reality that I would use my gun irresponsibly. I have the innate ability to split in two, two of me, one who is tripping balls and one who is watching disconnected from the first. Multiple personality or whatever, it involves a higher level of discernment. Deep in my psyche I KNOW what is right and wrong. I KNOW if someone is fucking with my mind, I KNOW if I am responsible or not. And I know when I have not been, usually alcohol related rather than psychedelic related. Just my two cents worth...I will always have a gun handy. Just sayin' Anyone who has met me has seen me with a gun, did it give you any trouble? Did you even know? I kinda doubt it, unless I told ya so.

Could not have said it better.
Rather have it and not need it ,than need and not have

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#42 Guy1298



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Posted 16 November 2018 - 07:15 AM

I'd imagine a gun would just be an easy way to play into fear. I give in on a psychedelic. That means if there's someone there to fuck with me, I'll run in fear, or be killed, before I hurt them. But, the fear might have me at times, showing me that shit might go awry with a gun and whatever. 


But, really, I've camped, tripped, and looked into a bush. Sitting there, I imagined that moving into the bush was death and rebirth, choked by the green, death of me and into something other. The bush was nothing other than my gun. Haha. Guns abound when the ground of reality is shaky in mind. Just a reason to give up and trust that everything will be all right, even if the bush is your death. Even if there is someone there to hurt and rob you. 


But, definitely prepare and be careful. Just saying. Haha. The best tests are the ones that cannot be won. Sit down where you are and rest, even if there might be whispers of hell rolling on. You've done what you could. 

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