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Mazatec Traditional Velada Ceremony

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Posted 03 April 2019 - 01:15 AM

Don, I don't think you are particularly sick. Just self aware. The majority of westerners are sick and think its normal.
Being aware is kind a torturing me. I know I need to heal but can't find my way.

Agreed. I've been thinking lately in particular about what it is to be an adult in our culture for some reason, and what it means to transition from child to adult. I'm convinced that's one of many problems that we have in our culture, we just sort of fall into it without ever really resetting our baseline of expectations in a discrete and meaningful way.

I've been reading what Don and Elfstone have to say and I'm fascinated by the ideas they're presenting. It's something I think I could benefit from, because I need to pull back the veil and be able to look at myself honestly and introspectively.

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Posted 07 April 2019 - 06:22 PM

An update regarding the zapotecorum and caerulescens - although the substrate colonization phase is easy and swift using liquid culture techniques, the main problem that pops up is using pasteurized casing.  These species take about 3 months to fully colonize the casing.  The casing has been uncontaminated, but the peat moss itself starts to sprout after about 2 months greening up beautifully under the 420nm lighting.  The caerulscens is now fruiting up through that casing, while the zapotecorum is just sitting there.  I have decided to utilize a modified pftek method, using the mycobags, and will case with a straight up sterilized vermiculate/sand mix.  The bag was made using 6 cups Espoma vermiculate, 3 cups of water, and slightly less than ½ cup of white sand and a tbs of gypsum.  After mixing the vermiculate/sand/gypsum/water together, I then added 1 cup of brown rice flour, 1 cup of millet flour and 1 cup of whole oats flour.  This fit nicely in the bottom of a mycobag which was clamped and sterilized for 1 hour at 15 psi.  I then inoculated it with 600ml of a thick zapotecorum liquid culture, which was poured directly into the bag in front of the HEPA filter air stream.  Once fully colonized, I will case with a vermiculite:water(2:1) casing with 5%  white sand added in to the mix.  (Casing mix: 2 cups of sand, 1 cup water and 5% white sand (about 1½ Tbs. sand).


My theory is that the mycelium rapidly utilizes the nutrients and exhausts the substrate and then fruits more quickly.  With a sterilized casing contamination will not become a problem long term.  The last time I used this approach I was successful getting the zapotecorum to fruit at about 2 months out from the initial spore inoculation on a petri dish.  We will keep you all posted! 

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Posted 09 April 2019 - 09:03 AM

Good work Senor elfstone, I appreciate you taking the time to update us with your work with the Caerulescens and Zapotecorum, intrigued to hear how things advance. I like your substrate/casing nutrient theory, definitely something worth testing I think, I recall someone else making a similar observation about P. hoogshagenii 'Semperviva'. A 2 month spore  - spore turn around for Zapotecorum doesn't sound bad at all, I thought much more time was needed than this, good to know. All the best with your mycological adventures!  :smile:

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Posted 28 April 2019 - 08:36 AM

I should correct the casing formula above: 2 cups of Espoma vermiculite, 1 cup of water, 1 shotglass (2 tbs.) of white sand, and a pinch of gypsum.

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Posted 28 April 2019 - 09:56 AM

I do admire your scientific rigor, Elfstone!

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Posted Yesterday, 09:40 AM

I’ve been reading up on the Mazatec veladas that elfstone and DonShadow have been writing about. I felt drawn to trying this myself so had begun preparations about a week in advance. I possessed nothing for an altar, nor had I any funds to make any such investment, so I simply printed a photograph of Ramana Maharshi and an artist’s rendition of Dakshinamurthy. Over the past months I have had a connection and understanding of their teachings that come from within.

Preparing my body and mind - I have been following a Sattvic diet for about two months. I was planning to go through the experience on Friday so had only eaten oatmeal early in the morning and an apple. By late evening it became evident that I would not be able to take the mushrooms because of other circumstances. So I ate a little that night and only had a pancake on Saturday morning.
On Saturday evening I prepared a tea with 5 grams of cubensis. I consumed some cocoa and drank the tea at 9:00pm.

It took about 30 minutes to really feel the effects come on. The come-up was surprisingly gentle compared to how I normally feel with that dosage. I lit two candles and sat down. I decided that since there are often noises from outside my apartment, I should put on my headphones. I turned on Native American drumming and chanting, which turned out to be fantastic.

As the mushrooms took effect, I kept my awareness focused on the flames. It was a beautiful dance they made that I was happy to focus on. I ended up having a release of emotions that must have been pent up inside, and it felt to be a very healthy release.
The next thing I remember was that I was pulled out of my trip by my wife, I had awoken her by making some kind of vibration noises repeatedly and she asked me to quiet down. In my mind the vibration was the basis of everything. At that point I thought the trip was coming to an end so I managed to stand up and head to the bathroom.

I must have spent the next hour or more in the bathroom, just sitting in one spot. For a few minutes, I witnessed what seemed like my past lives. This has happened in different ways in previous trips. It was as if I was looking back at my actual memories, just as familiar as my memories of this life. I didn’t think anything fantastic about these visions/memories, they were simply a matter of fact to acknowledge.

I looked around me and could see the energy in everything. It seemed as if the energy in inanimate objects was the same energy as in living things.

I spent a lot of time noticing how things happen (actions happen) even if I don’t do anything to make them happen. I could sit and focus my awareness on something without making any physical efforts, but doing so does not make everything just freeze in place...actions carry on just as they always do. I also found that by focusing I could cause physical actions to occur even though I wouldn’t physically move to make it happen.

I saw how I could recognize the common patterns in all energies and actions and that by recognizing it, I could pull away from it and refocus on something altogether different and seemed to have power over everything because of it. I was in total detachment of everything as well. I was happy to patiently wait for anything to occur, there was no rush. I was detached from my body and other worldly concerns and could then focus/send out positive energy into other things. I could visualize how sending out that positive energy with a purpose would actually benefit other people around me, even if they didn’t recognize it because it was indirect. That ability also helped me to improve myself as well. After all, what else is there to do?!

I feel like I learned a lot on this trip and that some things I’ve learned before have been reinforced. I have no idea if this is how a Velada is supposed to turn out. I really enjoyed the altar and candles at the beginning of the experience. As with all mushroom trips where I take 5g or more, I have absolutely no control during the peak. Maybe it takes far more practice in controlling a focused awareness to do so throughout a strong trip?

One recommendation to anyone wanting to do this - have a trip sitter. When my wife found me during the peak, I was lying on the floor. I have no idea how I got there but I feel lucky that I didn’t knock over the candles.

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