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Microdosing...side effects?

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Posted 21 November 2018 - 02:51 PM



Wife and I recently began micro dosing. I started her at 0.2g then 0.3g, 0.3g. I took 0.3, 0.8 (0.5g + 0.3g with a 2 hour gap as an experiment and because nothing seemed to have happened), then 0.5g. Each of us has taken three dosages so far, with 2 days off after each dose. The experience for the first two dosages were positive for starters. However on the third dose we both felt awful. We felt tired, unproductive and stressed out. The only thing different we did was to take the dosage with a 1/4 teaspoon of raw honey. Prior we had just taken the pulverized dried mushroom mix with just water, and in my case, on an empty stomach. Obviously as of the moment I'm blaming the honey and won't be taking our next dosages with it.


For the first dosages we felt, without being overwhelmed, exited, anxious at all, some neutrality and a calm behavior that would make you want to keep going (working or doing anything that took mental or physical energy) if you had to.


I had to take some little coffee, which I usually don't do, unless I feel real messed up yawning and all. I was like that for about the 6 hours and my wife complaint too. To me I can describe it as having that awful reaction similar to when you're starting on a med like those for anxiety and depression. Tired and yawning, not good mood obviously etc.


Being that honey is used to extract the actives from fresh mushrooms, as an alternative for people looking to avoid the bad taste, I find it odd that they would cause this bad side effect without being pointed out.


Can anyone relate to my experience? I'd like to know how to avoid this.


It took me some 24 hours before honey came up clearly as the one only difference. I was already considering dropping down to 0.2g for my next dosage thinking we had over done it but it makes no sense.

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Posted 21 November 2018 - 03:32 PM

In silicon valley, its become so popular that most of the best apps out there now were created from top to bottom with the help of our little friends...Its a brave new world indeed.

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Posted 21 November 2018 - 03:56 PM

It sounds like to are getting in between a full dose and a micro dose. Not high enough to enjoy but enough to feel the effects of Body Load. Ideally most people are benefiting from "sub-perceptual doses. That is hard to nail down as far as how much to take as we all react a lil different. Just My opinion, But it sounds like you are taking to much to close together. I would suggest do less more often to see the overall benefits instead of looking for instant relief from whatever ails you. The point of microdosing is essentially re wire the neuropathways of the brain. That is not going happen overnight with a single small dose.

Maybe I am misinterpreting what you're doing, sorry if I am. But yeah, long term goals should be set. Its after a period time should you notice the positive changes. 

I say Sub Perceptual loosely as with anyone on their first week of MDing, the first few doses will make you feel a lil something. After a couple of days you will build a tolerance and at that right dosage will become "Sub-Perceptual". For example 0.2gr five days on and two off. After the two off the first day back on will feel stronger that the fifth.

I have a hard head and take very large doses for full resets, but a single 0.5gr will make me feel like I am coming to a trip that never arrives. I wouldn't want that while driving or working. It will make wish though as I would have taken a full strength dose since I am already not going to be functioning like normal for a few hours.

Right now I prefer 0.1gr as daily maintenance. During a period where I needed a lot of work mentally I was taking 0.3gr. My head is in much better state now and that is way more that I need. 

Do you mind me asking why you're Microdosing? What are your goals? What are you trying to achieve with Microdosing?

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Posted 21 November 2018 - 05:05 PM

A few thoughts . . .


There may be a qualitative issue. Do you know anything about the potency your meds? If it is fresh and you grew it and prepped it properly then likely it has the standard potency. If it is old or of uncertain origin then low potency may be an issue. I have heard that less potent (due to storage or age) mushrooms will have also a less than favorable effect.  That is bringing it up to proper dose with more grams does not yield the desired effect.


Are you taking on an empty stomach or close to it (perhaps coffee or water only)? Food will greatly change the initial perception although I cannot say how food would change long overall effect you are trying to achieve with MD.


I don't think that a bit of honey should not change things qualitatively or potency-wise.


There is not anything wrong with experimenting and even coming up with a new protocol if it works for you (incremental dosing over a few hours) but I think that ultimately you will want to take the entire micro dose at once. I would recommend that you skip days as planned and start with larger initial doses while you are trying to be sure you have mushrooms with proper potency and quality.


Re. creating apps, MD might certainly help but what @riseabovethought describes may have also involved what Fadiman et al (Psychedelic Explorers' Guide) describe as a 'problem solving dose', which seems to be around 50 mcg LSD which (I'm guessing) would be somewhere between 1 and 2 grams of mushroom product. This would be an introspective dose that would not be taken on an average 'work day' but on a 'day off' to reflect on problems and solutions and provide for time for assimilation of the experience.

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Posted 22 November 2018 - 12:25 AM

Thanks for the replies, both good info.




Well this is a gift given to me by god....I'm not a religious person. Several paths of my life have taken me here. To name a few: Anxiety, depression, ADHD (which could very well be the reason overall but hey the fantastically hard life I've endured with things that are not related to these illnesses could have well ended anyone up suffering the first two). And for spiritual transcendence as explained in the psychedelic experience. My method is to undergo micro dosing to get relief from these illnesses in preparation for the heroic dosages....while still keeping the micro dosing treatment. And more importantly help those around me suffering with the inherited condition.


I've been growing my own and harvesting the mushrooms before they start dropping spores. Most during veil detaching state. Then put in the food dehydrator at 90f. The mushrooms I consumed for these dosages were harvested 8 days ago(today). I've been following good preservation techniques.


Since I started micro dosing a week ago some important small changes were made as I've learned the process better.


First dose was a mistake as I weigh the mushrooms fresh and took 0.2g of fresh. So didn't take it as a beginning and tried again the next day after I had learned I had done it wrong.


FIRST DOSE (0.3g dried....from stem) Notes from my journal: Taken on an empty stomach...after one hour I felt some light wellness (no high what so ever just some calmness). I got energized and kept going. Worked 12 hours for the first time. No appetite. About 16 hours later I was feeling some light restlessness. I've been dealing with some issues with sleep that may be due to my departing from pamelor which I've been taking for two years to treat nerve pain. Must have taken it twice in the past 3 weeks so. I then decided to eat a marijuana edible to see if it would help me sleep and I started feeling the comfort of marijuana edible. Got into a trance that had some new conscious experience and my pineal gland was acting more vividly. Got up after 3 hours of sleep with a good mood and relaxed...nothing big.


1 day off, no dosage.


SECOND DOSE (0.5g + 0.3g 2 hours gap) Had not been able to sleep in over 24 hours and felt like a zombie. Took 0.5g hoping it'd do something to change the way I felt and help me get some sleep.... after two hours...nothing. Took 0.3g and it made me wanna lay down. Went and fell on a more interesting sleep trance which started with a sleep paralysis that changed rapidly to a conscious light exploration and improved pineal gland activity comparable to the difference between standard tv and 1080p quality. I didn't sleep much and for a long time after coming off that trance I was feeling well (As the day progressed I enjoyed some neutrality that made me very productive and focused.) over all. Calm, positive etc. 


2 days off


Third Dose (0.5g) Details are on my first post.


Ok so the idea is to get a dose that doesn't make you feel anything but that you know something is there. That's what they say in the site....Sounds like my experience but now looks like I'm back to the drawing board? I like the 5 on 2 off idea that I've been hearing about lately, thanks for recommending that. Might be what I need and for now I'm choosing to get on that for my next dose, at 0.2g.

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Posted 29 December 2018 - 05:26 PM

Hi Archangel!

The thread is not brand new, but I am and I want to step in with some thoughts.

First, to coorsmikey's post I agree completely.


I definately think that you have been taking too much and have quite some mental problems, if I am allowed to be direct as well, as you listed some.


I have experience with Sacred Truffles, as I spread them openly as they are completely legal in the Netherlands. Besides truffles are "dense mycelium" and as such have not just less water but as well release the substances slower.


Microdosing shall be without any effect on your perception and it is not working immediately.


I recommend 1g fresh truffle-piece daily, that would equal some 0.1g dried Cubensis.


Even if that is a different topic, think about homeopathy: potencing by dividing. We must understand the concept that there are substances that the body needs in just very little amounts, but it needs them to work properly. I.e. vitamine B12.


The micodosing is not to influence the perception and open doors to different consciousness, but to steadily fill up the gaps in some basic brain network.


The right dosage is the one you do not feel immediately nor some hour afterwards. Eat it with your breakfast and give it some time. Microdosing is not for a few days but for a few weeks at least. First effects some experience after 3 to 5 days, but those are just the first. The change goes on sub-consciously over enough time.


I do not think micordosing can help as only treatment with severe mental problems. I would rather see that microdosing could support through the week high dosing on the weekends. Depending on your living situation, partner and experience seeking additional help from a professional therapist might be a good idea.


Please let me add that indeed anyone could be suffering, and many are, that is nothing to be ashamed of, but definately microdosing is for increasing the well-being, the energy level, decrease nervousness and help with chronic headaches but not to heal ADHS within days.


Curing ADHS, depression, anxiety, I believe Sacred Mushrooms can help with, but the dosage must be higher and the healing set and setting correctly chosen. I believe that might be something for another thread.


Nevertheless, microdosing will help you, improve your condition and support healing, if you grow cubensis, keep to one strain, mix the flushes and pulverize the dried mushrooms so that you will get a powder with quite constant potency.


If you are not afraid taking 2g or more of Sacred Mushrooms, take an amount you consider to be strong, compare the experience to your expectation of the strengh and thus evaluate your powder. Take about 1/50 to 1/20 of the strong dose as microdose and take it every morning, daily, for at least a few weeks.


Do not leave days out. I have read about people telling that "tolerance" is build up. The tolerance is build up to protect your consciousness in case that the mushrooms would be your only food to eat.

Maria Sabina told about her youth, when she was hungry and ate the Sacred Mushrooms for food.

The tolerance is build up if you take BIG amounts (compared to microdosing) that alter your perception. So the next big amount does not alter your perception anymore or at least so much.


But microdosing does not alter your perception and if you ingest your small amount daily, you can still take once a week a big one without any need to take more than if you would not take microdoses daily. The tolerance is not built up as your perception is not affected.


I remember that I was easely tripping on 0.5g dried of my own cubensis. (I have once grown the panaeolus tropicalis, where 0.5g dried were a full-effect dosage, much too much for many people..,-) If you think 2g of your cubensis is strong, take less than 0.1g.


And do not take it without eating other stuff as well to make reception slow and your stomach concerned with other stuff to digest as well.


Thank you for your attention!

Teonanácatl be with you

Pastor David

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Posted 05 July 2019 - 03:44 PM

Nice topic. Thank you. I picked up several things here.

So I am growing my 1st batch now with the goal to md for increased focus on projects and better social skills.

Does anyone have any input on this? I keep finding mixed information about how MD affects you. Some say it’s great for focus like Adderall and others say it’s not comparable.


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