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Basic spore printing process

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#1 TheArchangel



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Posted 30 November 2018 - 05:58 PM

Looking for advise on spore printing. There's so much stuff out there, mostly old stuff...some simple others a lil involved. I'm not planning on doing much spore printing but I'll need to take a print in a few days or I'll lose the chance this time.

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#2 Billcoz



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Posted 01 December 2018 - 12:02 AM

 I was apprehensive about taking prints too at first but I recently successfully germinated some spores from the first print I took, which was done sloppily, it's half colonized on agar right now with no contaminants.


 It's hard to take sterile spore prints, people will say they are never all that clean, the way I take a spore print is- 


 First, Clean the still air box, spray the air w/lysol, For each print, put a flat, clean piece of tin foil(it's rolled sterile), cut to about 4" x 4", in the sab, wipe a 1/2 pint wide mouth jar with alcohol, take a clean paper towel and fold it up so it's like 4-8 layers thick, one of each of those items for every print you plan to take, put them in the clean still air box.


 Take an xacto knife or pair of scissors & wipe em with alcohol, take a thumbtack(the colored ones you can hold w/your fingers) and wipe it with alcohol, then flame the tack tip, but be careful not to melt the plastic.


 When the tack is cool take it to where the growing mushroom is at and select the one you want to print(while it's still growing), and stick the tack into the top of the cap, you might wanna use two tacks at angles for stability, the multi-colored tacks are like a dollar and you can use different colors for each strain/species, color code em.


 Then grab(with gloved hand) the stipe(stem) at about 2/3 up and with the scissors, cut it off just below your fingers, keeping it upright so dust wont land/settle on it, and take it to the clean SAB.


 When your right by the sab, hold the tacks with the cap upside down and take the xacto-knife(you can flame it, I just wipe w/alcohol) and cut the stem as close to the gills WITHOUT TOUCHING as you can, careful not to let the stem fall over on the gills.


 Take the cap and flip it onto a piece of foil in the sab and cover it with an upside-down jar. Lift one side of the jar and prop it up with the folded paper towel, you want it to let a tiny bit of air in, but keep humidity from the cap in as well, that will help it to drop the spores.


 I leave them in the SAB for 1-2 days, then I take the jar off to let it dry for another day(in the sab), but then you can take another print with the same cap, pick it up by the tack & put it on a new piece of foil(or a new spot on the same piece, but wipe w/alcohol).


 Let them dry in the sab and then put them in a brand new zip-lock baggie(they're sterile) and label them, I label em with the date, the species, sub-strain, vendor or source for spores/LC, and also if it's the first print from the same cap #1, the second is #2 and so on, You can eat the cap when done printing lol.


 Think about this, a TON of people go out and take wild prints, they are definitely dirtier than indoor grown mushrooms, and they grow em out on agar and transfer the un-contammed myc to new plates, then take the clean part that grows and transfer again to new agar to "beat out" the contaminants,.


 Agar is not that complicated either, I'd say you got it.

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#3 mushit


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Posted 01 December 2018 - 12:14 PM

That is a good basic process, Billcoz.

TheArchangel, there are many printing teks in the archives.  Browse around a little and you will find lots of info.

Like this thread:

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#4 Appy



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Posted Yesterday, 07:00 AM

Great write up on prints! I hope I didn't bungle the ones I did a couple months ago (I didn't use a SAB). We'll see when I finally use them D:


take a thumbtack(the colored ones you can hold w/your fingers) and wipe it with alcohol, then flame the tack tip, but be careful not to melt the plastic.


Check it out: I found T pins very useful for this purpose... you can flame them and not worry about burning yourself or melting plastic (yuk!), and they're longer than pushpins which is helpful for stubby fingers like mine. They also fit nicely under a 1/2 pint jar (I use 1.5"). T pins are super cheap and can be found in office supply stores.







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#5 Billcoz



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Posted Today, 01:13 AM


Nice, those would work better than tacks, the tacks are really small so you gotta use two ta angles to hold big caps, the thicker the pin the better it'l hold.


 Hey, another way I've done spore prints is to put the cap gills down(of course) in a jar, I used 1/2 pint wide mouths, just be careful to not touch the top of the cap(where contams mighta landed) to any part of the inside of the jar, and wipe the jar out really good with 70% rubbing alcohol, or you could sterilize the empty jar in a pot or PC before hand to make sure but I don't think it's necessary, the cap ain't sterile.


 So put the cap in the jar, then put a lid on, the lid should be left loose to allow a little bit of air to get in for a day or two, then lift the lid up and grab the tack/pin(left in cap) and eat the cap, or dry it, or you can get a second print from it.


 You need to leave the cap really loose for another day, actually you could put a folded paper towel in between the lid and glass, to allow a gap for the spore print to dry, it's important it's dry, or it can contam, then tighten the lid.


 A great thing is that if the lid has a self-healing injection port you don't ever have to open it back up to make syringes, you can just stick the flamed needle through & shoot sterilized water in, ASPIRATE WELL TO MIX, and suck it back into the syringe.


 If it's a really dark print, you could get many syringes off one print, to do multiple syringes from one, flame and inject the first needle, shoot all the water into it, you can leave the needle from the first sryinge in the port, just un-screw the needle(while it's still in the port) and then screw on the next clean syringe of water & shoot that in, & aspirate, & suck it(yeah) up and repeat, capping each syringe when un-screwed-         

IMG_20181209_235447.jpg IMG_20181209_234201.jpg


 I didn't have any self-healing lids made, I just put the cap in the jar, then i put it in a ziplock bag left partly un-sealed for a day or two to allow some air to get in, when I go to use them I'll wipe the bag really good to disinfect/sanitize and stick the needle through and shoot the water and suck it up in the syringe.


 I have seen pics online of others doing similar(or exactly the same) things, so I don't take credit for this as a tek, I did this by accident at first, I was gonna use foil, & I had a jar to cover the cap and I dropped the cap in gills down, I picked it up a little by the tack & saw a faint print on the glass and thought about it, glass looks better than foil, so I set it back down, it does look fuckin cool through the glass bottom of the jar-IMG_20181210_004750.jpg


 It's not better than any other way of printing, it could have drawbacks, like storage, or the fact that the jar don't hold enough water to do as many syringes as you could get off the print, I guess you could add more water as you go.



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