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Microdosing with Sacred Truffles

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Posted 29 December 2018 - 06:14 PM

Hi folks


So I start a thread here, somewhat focussed on my experience and information, but surely I will check whether I can add to other discussions, as well.


The Magic Truffles are not very common for homegrowers, so I want to tell you that the truffles grow for at least 4 months, some even 8 months or more. Even though containing the same Holy Spirit, they are "a bit different".


To some degree they can be seen as "seeds", as they are dense pieces of mycelium and they can, as well, be used for inocculation of new substrate (anyway that is more a biological feature than usable for homegrowers).

Different to the fresh mushroom, the sclerotia (truffles) have just 50%-70% water (fresh cubensis about 90%-92%, fresh hawaians up to 94%).


What is a probem for many psychonauts, that the truffles release the substances slowly and thus usualy produce milder trips if not WELL CHEWED or mixed into juices, is good for microdosing.


Below 2g of fresh truffles, effects on the perception are very unlikely to occure, usually 5g is taken as a starting dosage, 1g fresh is, thus a compertively high amount of substance being released so slow that it still stays sub-conscious.


While this is a forum for "mushrooms-freaks" (like me :-) micordosing aims at "normal" people who have some health condition that could be improved.

Especially for people suffering from cluster headaches, migraine, other chronical headaches, or depressive phases (not depression as condition) microdosing is very promising.


It is important that those people are informed, that the information can reach them. Think about your friends, family, collegues, are there people who suffer headaches often? Talk about burn-out? Make them aware of micordosing as a way without side-effects and addiction to help with that.

In case someone would not feel betteror even worse, s/he can stop any time without any problem arising from that and ask for advice, here or elsewhere.

There is no danger, only in case that the person is taking MAO-inhibitors as prescription drugs, the dosage should be lowered and the first dose should be taken on a day without work in case it should be still too much and would have, indeed, effects on the patients perception.


Nothing on this world helps everyone in every situation, but microdosed Sacred Mushrooms can be taken by everyone, pregannt, nursing, ill, sportivem young, middle agre and old, and if the person after a few weeks thinks that the effects are not worth it, there is no obstacle to stop with it.


Studies are being made by universities in GB and NL to investigate the effects. I think 2019 will bring some scientific data.


Look at microdosed Sacred Mushrooms as a dietary supplement not as a prescription drug.


Please feel free to ask any questions and make any comments, I apreciate the discussion.


Teonanácatl be with you

Pastor David

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