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Trip log

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Posted 03 January 2019 - 04:14 AM

I had two mystical experiences in two consecutive trips 4 days apart.

Since it’ll be a huge post I’ll add a little detail of the things I’ll cover.

I’m going to leave out certain details of things that I’m not yet sure about since I’m new to the experience. If there are questions of any kind I’ll try to answer them as best as I can.

In this post I'll cover the first experience and talk about the second experience on another post.


These are the things I’ll cover over all.


-Dosage and method

-Plant/nature consciousness


-Extraterrestrial consciousness (not sure of what kind yet, the teachings have to continue)

-Past lives?


-Questions along the way in hope that those with experience can help me with their opinion about things to come, expect, to try etc.


First trip


I took a dose of 3.5g of powdered (Brazilian strain) mushroom on lemon juice, after meditating for about 40 minutes, on an empty stomach at 12:30 pm. I continued to meditate laying on my bed as the journey began. Played some isochronic tones during the meditation and all the time I spent laying down with some shades on my eyes in a dark room. Next to me was lit up a nice candle with wood scent. This was the first part of the trip which didn’t seem to have been any different than previous trips although I didn’t have bodily symptoms as bad as I had in other sessions. There is not much to say about this part other than I remained in a meditative state between awake and sleep but mostly awake. Closed eyes visuals maybe? This part always feels like if dreaming awake? If anyone can relate to that. I guess it’s because one has not made a break through and it’s all due to the body load etc.

So after maybe 2 ½ hours I got bored and got up feeling as if the trip was fading away. Took a homemade vegetable and fruits juice, not high on sugar and without any added sugar. Thought I’d play a 4k video of a nature park I had reserved as part of the setting but it didn’t feel interesting. I continued to get sober and sober and getting ready to go out, drive and all that. The plan had been that by the time the trip was over It’d be close to sunset and I would go watch it by the sea with the family. I decided to go sit in the back yard, just by the door for the remaining few moments of the fading trip. Though I’d take a puff or two of cannabis smoke as to get relief from some bodily symptoms (stomach, anxiety etc). I did that and after the third puff the magic started to happen. It was a rebirth for me.


It started with me having interesting thoughts and perception. There was a higher intelligence guiding me through the experience. It was actually the beginning of transcending to another type of consciousness. I lost all bodily symptoms and a happiness of immeasurable level started filling me. I didn’t think that the human being could feel this happy. Actually the best way to put it is a happiness that came after being liberated from a prison of some sort that you knew you'll never go back to.

Before I continue let me emphasize that the cannabis smoke was the missing link for me and I highly recommend it to anyone that is having issues with breaking through due to heavy bodily symptoms or issues with set and setting maybe? It took me right there to this other consciousness plane. Only two or three puffs did it. The cannabis worked in me like a totally different agent than when used alone at any level or via any method(smoked or ingested). I felt as sober as one could ever be but I was operating at a higher consciousness. When I first noticed this phenomena, still sitting in the back yard just outside the house, I hurried and went to prep a second lemon tek of 2.0g so I’d continue going in the promising path.

During the preparation of that lemon tek I noticed that I was being very delicate with the sacrament as I now felt it had a spirit and worried about what was the best way to handle it. Should I ingest the residue? I felt like doing that but worried that I would somehow spoil the experience with renewed heavy bodily symptoms etc, so I decided to give the residual mushroom flesh back to the earth throwing it away into the bushes.


So, just after I took that second or third puff in the beginning of the experience the spirit of the cannabis arrived to my mind as a though about this beautiful woman from work that I like. It made me smile as it felt very natural. The thought was seeing her suddenly appear with a smile at me like an angel in a vast field of grass and trees in the sky. I began falling into a kind of plants consciousness. My not- too-well taken care of backyard suddenly seemed very pretty. I felt the plants communicating beautiful and comforting feelings towards me that made me politely laugh. In return I started getting fascinated by their beauty. I glanced at the whole greenish-yellowing-beigeish grass, trees etc. I felt they wanted to teach me something. I decided to go deeper into the backyard and get completely surrounded by them. Then I started to perceive a bigger entity that I felt to be mother nature. Unlike the other weeds/small plants that were closer to me, where I originally sat, this other entity was the mother of all, including us humans. I felt her crying in happiness and worry about her babies (us humans) who she thinks she’s losing due to some dark force, virus? Which I perceive to be what we call regular life consciousness. She wanted me to know that we were never expelled from the Garden of Eden, that it’s just a lie we have been told as part of an evil plan.


I was walking all around the back yard in awe, happiness, smiling and laughing with excitement about this new found reality. I’m surrounded by these beings (no hallucinations just the plants as we see them everyday but they seemed to have a personality that was communicating with me via thoughts and feelings). For a moment I had a feeling that they were celebrating my arrival and that they had been waiting for me. Throughout the experience I would stop and do a reality check to see if I was developing an egoistic attitude but it was never the case. Obviously I can express the things I felt but some things I’m not sure what they meant and belong in the list of things to investigate.


After a while I started getting more comfortable and started to think of some questions and in return I’d get an answer from them. I wondered if I was on the right track in life, how things were regarding my closed ones and about everything else and the reply was positive. It did communicate to me that I should go and let some clean air in the house to do some cleansing of the atmosphere that was a little darkened and I went and did just that.


I question why I had been granted this gift and they kind of said that I had earned it cause I had been through a real tough life.


After some couple of hours of this experience I felt it was too important to let a close one know about it. I wanted them to see me in my current condition so they learned that there was really a place to look forward to get to. I engaged in a conversation that lasted until the experience was over. The way it worked was that I could leave the backyard and go operate normally but then could come back to continue the teachings. This works for as long as the substance is still in one’s system.


Later when I had the chance to tell my wife, who was out, I cried and couldn’t speak for a minute. The only other time I had every cried in my wife’s presence was when we received the news of having lost a good friend of mine years ago.

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Posted 03 January 2019 - 06:11 AM

Second trip


I was more prepared for this trip and I wanted to repeat everything as I had done in my last experience in hopes that I could break through again. I didn’t think it was going to be the case but it happened again.


I Took the lemon tek at 10:00am, meditated before and after taking the dose (4.12g and that was all I had left until god knows when).


Same deal after some time meditating I got bored and went sit in the back yard, took a couple of cannabis puffs, focused on the plants and made my way to this other consciousness plane. This time I did some different things as I had more experience. Once I was in this state I tried focusing on the plants over and over and I would perceive lots of different things about them. The more I looked the more things I’d discover about them. I would perceive like a different dimension? but mildly, I guess that on a higher dose, whatever it is, it would be more clear to me. I felt that this intelligence wanted me to switch my focus between plant consciousness and inner consciousness. I tried this method throughout the experience and it worked well. The benefit was that I would not stop learning something due to getting bored or tired etc. I believe I was dealing with some low dose issues and had to concentrate more etc or that it was maybe due to inexperience that I was able to perceive new things for very short moments then after thinking about it would realize what it meant. I felt that I had difficulty carrying certain tasks of the class and though it might be due to not having ate in about 12 hours. So I went and took a vegetable juice and took some cannabis puffs. In the lack of more sacrament I had to try and keep my ride up with the use of cannabis and it did just that. I was later amazed when I did a research and I learned that Terrence mckenna used to advocate about the use of cannabis during mushroom trips and how they would help him stay in the mushroom high or take him out of a bad moments. I was able to extend the trip for about 2 more hours only taking some cannabis puffs here and there.


For this trip I was having a kind of stomach tension and small discomfort that didn’t go away but it didn’t really spoil anything, I was just aware of it.


So, whenever I closed my eyes to get inner teachings I would get into this aztecs world. These have always been my visual for the most part. I would see these figures like from an aztec temple and very vivid encryptions. They wanted me to learn something about these encryptions. Then I’d go deeper into what I perceived to be my body to a microscopic level. I wasn’t sure what the purpose was but I thought it wanted me to heal things inside me. At the same time it also was kind of like checking “the tools”, my inner tools needed for something. Like if the beginning of the teachings is to go all over your body checking for things needed for a given purpose. I thought that this purpose was for transcendence, preparation to go to deeper journeys, establish galactic communications etc.


Some parts of my inside flesh had like small hairs like those on a beard from one or two days from shaved. Other areas seemed a little dark. I would stop on this dark area and concentrate on them until they became pinkish like everything else around. The several times I switched to the inner teaching I’d always find myself being taking to these tools that needed to be checked.


Extra terrestrial contact?


At one point while focusing inside me with eyes closed I had a feeling that entities of outer space were in a group enjoying my awakening and they seemed to have invited me to something and I agreed very quickly, this happened in like a second or two. It’s as if they had made contact and wanted to ask for my permission to continue contact with me and it felt like during my dreams or on future trips or something like that. It was too quick to make some sense of it all. Later on I had different contact of the same kind that lasted longer but these didn't "speak" if you can say it like that, instead they just wanted to be nice to me and playful. These happened individually, not in a group like the first one. The communication was a visual of their faces that would transform from neutral to smiley faces like clowns behave when they’re trying to amuse kids during a party.


I was trying to direct the experience to different areas of interest just to see what would come up. But carefully not doing so in a way that could interfere with the teaching that the higher intelligence had for me.


Past lifes?

A visual of some indian chief kept popping up and it felt like if I was him in a past life. He came up several times during the trip and the name was not clear but I think I’ll get it at one point. I believe is three words that include the letter u, something odd yeah but well. I tried then to focus on past lives and other different persons came up but I don’t remember much about any of them. Maybe at this point this indian chief is what they wanted me to know about. He was about 50 years old with no white hair yet.



I lost my mother when I was 12 and have always been wishing to explore my subconscious mind in search of experience with her when I was a baby. Of those 12 years I was only able to live with her for about 3 years, consciously, from when I was late 9 to late 12 years old…..long story. I remember years ago via meditation, and sleep trance exploration having been able to unlock a memory that must have been from when I was not older than 3 years, I actually think I was 1 year old, at the most. I was only able to stay in the trance for about 5 seconds or so and then lost it. So I tried to see if I could direct the experience towards unlocking some of those memories. Instead I felt I went to what might have been the first steps of my creation at the time of conception. This was quick too and not too detailing so I’ll leave it like that. Only way I can put it is as if a ball of flesh/blood got suddenly hit by a light. I was not able to get to the time frame I wanted after a couple of tries.


I felt that the intelligence wanted me to go over different stages of my life, mostly when I was a kid between the age of 5 and 8. Some happy memories, some sad memories. When a bad memory would pop up I would then feel like if I had been healed from it. These all happened quietly and without much emotions of any kind, more like acknowledging these things. I liked the idea and pushed it a little bit and tried to get a little involved reviving some good memories here and there.

That’ all I remember for now and have been writing this for some hours, so I’ll leave it here and if something more comes up I’ll post it here.


I want to say that my experience has been surprisingly cause I never expected things to happen this way or that they were possible. All along I’ve been following the recommendations I’ve been coming across about laying down with shades on in a dark place, play some great music etc. If it wasn’t for the fortunate chain of events that began when I sat down in my back and took a couple of cannabis puffs I’d be still planning my next ceremony at some point looking for something that I can’t seem to reach at the moment. I didn’t know anything about plant consciousness and that it was possible to achieve a mystical experience without first going over ego death etc. I guess that what I experienced is what they describe as happy games in the psychedelics experience? If yes then they don’t give details about what happy games are and I was thinking well it’s just you feeling high and having hallucinations and all that. I have yet to see any hallucinations other than things appearing bloated and rounded during the first 2-3 hours. I can see more vivid colors yes but nothing really weird.

I have some questions and need some guidance if any experience individuals would jump on this topic….enjoy.

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Posted 04 January 2019 - 03:11 AM

I kind of feel like you got a LOT of lessons, and maybe it is because you were ready for them. That is what my teacher told me when these things happened to me. I have a lot of input but not much time to write at the moment. My one caution to you is NOT to expect this beautiful bliss every time you go, because you got the golden ticket here. It is not often given in such a way. I strongly suggest you approach your next few journeys in a ceremonial and grateful manner, grateful for the lesson and grateful for the interaction. 


I had a series of experiences similar to this, and it happened after I started growing the sacrament that I was using. I never thought of these things as recreational drugs, and I always knew they were meant to be teachers. As soon as I lost my reverence and started taking these things lightly and coming to expect them, it was as if the door was closed in my face and it took a few years before I was invited back in, despite my trying over and over again. I had the strongest impression that I had been given the lesson, so why was I coming back again and again. That beautiful dance was not to be found with any dose that I did and some darkness seemed to come into it. I left them alone for a couple of years, except for a couple of very low dose experiences, like 1-2 grams just to put a twinkle in my nights. 


I'm by far not the most experienced, nor enlightened in any way, but I also had some native American themed experiences that I have talked about before a few times. I had the impression that this Native Shaman kind of guy approved of my search, and then later I felt as if I had failed in my endeavors somehow. I'm still learning and still seeking, and that process never ends in my opinion. Be wary of that feeling of enlightenment and just be open and take in any teachings you can. The mushrooms are indeed teachers and sacraments. That is why I made another attempt to grow some more myself (which has failed, or mostly so anyhow) because I wanted to reclaim that feeling that my own grown mushrooms gave to me. 


Another thing in my opinion only, is that I never had quite the same experience unless I ingested the flesh of the mushrooms. I found that grinding them into a fine powder with a coffee grinder bought just for that purpose eliminated any adverse gut problems or other things associated with trying to eat the fibrous stems. Just drinking tea or juice extracted stuff never gave me the full spectrum experience that I got when I ingested the powdered mushrooms. I like them mixed in honey, and find them much easier to ingest that way. 


You had an awesome experience and that makes me want to make another run at growing some. I have a good bag of mycellium, but it has been stalled for a while now. I think I will try to introduce it to some popcorn and see if I can revive it. It still smells fresh and mushroomy despite it sitting for a couple months. Thank you for sharing your experience, and I am looking forward to re-reading this as I had a few points to make that I did not have the time to visit properly. Well done man well done!

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Posted 04 January 2019 - 11:27 PM

True, I don't see them as recreational drugs neither. I'm interested in spiritual, mystical, healing, problems solving experiences etc. I've hated when on my first tries with lower dosing I'd just get this feeling of being a little high. I do feel that using them regularly via microdosing and problem solving sessions are beneficial and every couple of months jump on a higher dose for consciousness expansion.

Have you every tried meditation? That may be the key to be able to break through more often. Unfortunately I won't be able to find out what's next until I get more sacrament that hopefully will be in a couple of weeks.

I've got some little experience with meditation from the past...nothing big bud I did notice the benefits of the sessions when I first tried it several years ago. Now I've gotten back to it as a way of preparing myself for these psychedelic experience. Something new I've added is the use of isochronic tones and they help really well. I got this pack

I'd like to read your posts about your experience if you can give me a hint.

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Posted 05 January 2019 - 04:29 AM

Meditation changed my entire life. It enhances the teacher qualities of this stuff because when you meditate you can not shut your mind off at first if ever. You have to guide and channel your though processes, which inevitably leads you to examine and contemplate what is wrong with your life. This is what seeking within leads to, and like any process we work on mentally, our thought process leads is to the right way to fix these things that we are stuck on. It's a crucible that can only lead to change if you pursue it. That is the magic of the sacrament. It leads to that change. I would have to spend some time digging up old posts, or if you got nothing better to do you could skim through my posts in Storming the gates that would bring up lots of crazy content. Tomorrow morning I will try to link you to some things when I get up. 


EDIT: I love binaural beats. Much interesting things to be experienced with them. 

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Posted 06 January 2019 - 12:45 AM

I've used binaural beats before, suppossedly isochronic tones are a step up, but I guess it depends on the individual. I'm not sure which works best for me only that recently I've switched to isochronic and like them. I'll check some of your posts. Hope you can get back on this again.

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Posted 11 February 2019 - 10:06 PM


I'm looking for you opinions about something that's been happening to me.

First a little history. A couple of weeks ago at the end of one of my trips It ended with the impression that the next step in my teachings was to go up high and out of my body. I didn't think much of it but then a week later on the following trip after about 7 hours into the experience I had the same feeling but with more force. I was, like previously, out in the backyard and decided to go in the house and lie down. When I did that and began to get deeper into the experience my body started to do abnormal involuntary movements starting on my feet and going up all the way to my head and sometimes I'd even curve up like if I was about to get up. All this happened without my conscious intervention, there was an intelligence guiding me. It felt relaxing and the way I perceived it was that my unconscious was getting me ready to leave my body. It would always start at my feet and if the high was deep enough it'd then progress upwards, but sometimes I guess there wasn't enough fuel? to be able to progress and it'd stay around my feet or legs doing some type of muscles rapid vibrating. This reaction is not uncomfortable but some times I've had my big toe curving up so hard that I've had to press it back down. Taking it from the psychedellic experience book I think is what they referred to as the consciousness traveling around your body on its way to under go ego death and one having some resistance? I believe I'd have gone farther had I been more dozed up, I'm pretty sure.

Next trip, a week later, I didn't have such an extensive and joyful trip as the prior but when I was in position I started having the same bodily reaction but not as deep...just slightly below.

The interesting thing now is that when I'm not under the influence and I do a little meditation my feet start to want to go through out that process but obviously it doesn't progress much.

Can anyone relate to this and share some thoughts? :)

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