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removing foil - adding microspore for CO2 exhausting

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Posted 06 January 2019 - 03:46 PM

Hi all. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I've been digging around here looking for as much information as I can absorb before asking any already answered questions, but some info is really deep. Anyway... I finally got around to making an order. It was through Ralph and I couldn't be more pleased. Great service and no issues. Got TAK Mountain, Cambodian and Orissa India. So far Ive been able to start 23 BRF cakes, few of which got wet in the PC out of the first twelve, but still show some nice growth and no discoloring. Being patient and watching for contaminates on the wet ones. My second go around was done more methodically with eleven(didn't mix up enought substrate otherwise i'd have twelve again) BRF jars in the bathroom after a shower in a glove box I rigged up. I sterilized the crap out everything before and during inoculating. Had a hard time getting my left hand into and out of the glove since the hole was a little tight. No biggie :)...


So now I have two questions, maybe three.


1: I'd like to remove the foil and add micro-pore tape to the holes and leave the jars in a cupboard. Planning on making an incubator today. Is it fine to take the foil off and add tape or could I possible skip returning the foil on and just directly add tape to the holes directly after inoculating? Maybe don't even sweat removing the foil and just leave it?


2: I'm going to use bird seed on my next round and already bought some from the HellMart, but wasn't able to find WBS, just some parakeet jive. It's absent sunflower seeds and my guess is it will work, but i haven't been able to find a definitive answer if it's fine. Should I return it and strictly use WBS?


Okay that's two for now. I'm sure I'll think of the third later today. Thanks for any and all feedback.




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