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Anyone got a Wheat Berry No-Soak Tek?

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Posted 20 January 2019 - 11:53 AM

I followed Damons5050 Coir Tek with some simple modifications to account for the Dehydrated Hpoo & Fluctuating Coirs block sizes that I've been using.

He calls for 4qt boiling water. I used 5.5qts of boiling water. Before adding anything to the water I removed it from the heat and instantly put 4-5 cups of my Pressed Dehydrated Hpoo from MycoSupply Into the boiling water to rehydrate to poo and shock kill any excess baddies at 212° F

I buy Coco Coir in 10lb blocks so when I cut them with my hand saw they fluctuate in size from 600g-850g. The standard block you buy I believe is 650g.

Last night it just so happened my block Iwas on the high end around 825g Once I size up my Coco Coir block and hydrate the Hpoo. I follow damons5050 follow recipe exact. My Hpoo is already hydrated in the water you use for everything thing else. So I basically use this fortified horse shit water to mix all my other ingredients.

The only other slight modification I might make is the use of verm. If my substrate appears to moist add more Vermiculite. If the substrate appears to dry, boil a quart more water and fortify with maybe a half cup of more hPoo.

I Pasturize between 160°-180° with hPoo and I don't pasturize without hPoo. I've now done this recipe both ways - with poo & without poo.

Some side notes are that I use a specific pressed dehydrated horse manure from Myco Supply. The vendor over their states that her manure should be used as a minority ingredient due to the way it is processed. She recommend around 10% of the total substrate volume should equal her hpoo. If your using leeched non-pressed Hpoo the numbers might be different (most likely greater). As stated above my coir blocks fluctuate a little because I'm cutting smaller blocks off a 10lb master block. My master block is Plantonix 10lb Coco Coir block with free shipping from a major online superstore.

Other then the few single modifications it is basically Damons5050 w/ Hpoo. I'm not scientific at all the above description is about as close as I can get to the Tek I use put to words lol. I litterally just wing most of my grows. I'm sure you could tweak the above recipe to meet your requirements. It's about as simple as they come and mycellium really seen to be tearing through it.

In regards to the bag grow I'm excited to see the difference too. They are littery the exact same substrate and spawn. I'll start a new thread for updates on that in a few days.

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