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Billcoz's PF Tek experiment(maybe)

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#1 Billcoz



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Posted 09 January 2019 - 03:14 AM

 Hey guys, to my surprise, I'm getting low on stash after the NY and x-mas(gifts), and I'm having some FAE probs(and also some success) with my bulk grows. I want to get my dry stash #s up quickly, so I'm gonna do a batch of pf jars.


 I'm gonna use 1/2 pt reg mouth jars. The lids have three 1/4" holes around the edge filled with red rtv silicone to make self-healing injection ports, and also a 1/4" gas exchange hole in the center, covered with a piece of tyvec from an envelope for filters, glued in place with rtv.


 My question about this is, since they have the filters, do they need the verm layer? It seems obvious but I just have never seen pics of jars without the verm layer on top-

IMG_20190108_083913.jpg IMG_20190109_025540.jpg IMG_20190109_025628.jpg (I just included pics to make the post more exciting)


 Also, I am wondering, would adding other ingredients(ones I have on hand) like gypsum, potato flakes, honey/karo/brown sgr/coconut sgr, coffee grounds or expired instant coffe(in the water), etc, help make bigger fruits? Thanks.





#2 Billcoz



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Posted 09 January 2019 - 03:39 AM

I forgot to mention that I have read about Hippie3's "supertek" recipe, but I don't have most of that stuff and I'm just gonna use what I already have on hand. I'd like to get anyone here on topia's opinion on those ingredients I listed I'll list em again.


I know most of this could go in the mix and wouldn't hurt, but I would need to know how much of each would be appropriate.


-coffee - grounds, instant(expired '16), in the water, or added dry?


-instant potatoes




-brown sugar


-coconut sugar




-anything else you can think of


I'd be willing to take suggestions from you guys for an experiment.

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#3 Billcoz



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Posted 09 January 2019 - 07:34 PM

 Hey guys, as I said I would, I made up two batches of pf/brf jars. One batch is three "standard" formula, 1/2pt, reg mouths. The other batch is four 1/2pts(1 wide mth), with no verm layer, but under filtered lids with self-healing ports in the standard pf spots, filter in the center.


That batch is the experiment, with all the ingredients listed in the first post; except the 'tater flakes, I forgot to add those. To half of the regular amount of water for a half batch(1 cup), I added  two drops of honey, a teaspoon of gypsum, and a teaspoon of instant coffee. I shook it in a bottle to mix the gypsum & coffee, and it was almost pure foam, even after letting it settle for a half hour. 


I mixed that to 2 cups verm, then added the other half of the water and it was very wet compared to normal, but the foam made it airy and fluffy, but still too wet. So I added the BRF, and it was clumpy, so I added a half cup more of verm, and it seemed pretty close to the consistency I normally get with the standard recipe, but it seems to still have the airyness from the foam, and a slight coffee odor and darker color.


I am gonna use the brf/water/myc syringes that I made 2 1/2 months ago. At least one still has live myc(I think they all do) cuz I made a tiny brf jar(1/4pt) and hit it up with the syringe, and four days later there is quarter sized myc at each innoc point. That way I know they will start fast from myc, rather than spores(BTW, It's B+ again) and possibly beat contams that might like the nutes(if they get in).


So I will be updating here of course(I make way too many long ass posts lol), to track and document results, on the best forum I've found. The others don't respond at all to me lol.


I can't wait to see if it does better than the standard pf recipe. I am thinking using grain soak-water would add some nutes, man I would love to hear any crazy ideas you guys have, please post em here. I might try em.

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Posted 10 January 2019 - 12:36 AM

Man you need one of these....


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#5 Billcoz



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Posted 12 January 2019 - 05:50 AM

coorsMikey, yeah man,  I hate getting one of the burrs jabbed underneath my fingernail when trying to clean up the jagged drill-holes. 


After PCing these brf & experimental brf jars, they have shrunk quite a bit. I did not add a dry verm barrier, I used P.O. tyvec, and RTV ports.


Question, the tyvec from the envelopes seems less "breathable" than other tyvec(paint-suit, house-wrap, kite material), polyfil, or micropore tape, but it will allow enough gas exchange, right? 


I willnadd some pics later when my phone is charged so you guys can see how much the cakes shrank in the jars, all of em shrank, not just the experimental jars.


I nocced em up with one of my trusty brf/water/B+ myc LI syringes. I nocced up a 1/4 pint brf jar on 1/05, and it's about 45-50% colonized, so I'm very impressed with live my for colonization speed, compared to spores.


I do have one question about the terminology we use. We say, "ms", for spores in water/syringes, but is there such a thing as"monospore", or something else? "Singlespore"? That would be hard to pull off without serious lab equipment. Is it just referring to live myc vs. spores? Thanks, i'll add some pics later.

#6 Billcoz



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Posted 14 January 2019 - 02:18 AM

Anyone ever see this? I imagine it is a gimmick. I guess it contains vitamin/mineral "solution concentrate", calcium sufate 101 01 41 4, which I think is just gypsum, and indole-3-butyric acid, which is a plant rooting hormone.


I guess it is for spraying sub or cakes instead of the btween flush dunk, and prolly adds something, but i'd rather just mix the stuff myself, or not bother. 


What do you guys think?-Myco-Blast Spray.jpg

#7 Billcoz



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Posted Yesterday, 08:10 PM

Update-Well the experimental brf jars(all started 1/11, nocced with brf/water/live B+ myc syringe)) are about the same as the plain brf-IMG_20190115_180618.jpg IMG_20190115_180638.jpg IMG_20190115_180655.jpg -This one(the only wide mouth) either didn't germ yet because it has not enough GE(doubt it, but  has 4 layers micropore on one 1/4" hole), or it's possible I forgot to noc it up, I had taken 5 grms and was trying to beat the start of the trip, while working on the jars, so I mighta missed that one.


Here's a 1/4 pt I nocced up on the 5th-IMG_20190115_180515.jpg

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