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Groovie Cubie Smoovie *ahem* Smoothie :) and my journey...

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Posted 26 January 2019 - 01:36 PM

My first trip on mushrooms was off the charts, on 2.5g dried (type unknown).  After my first cubensis grow, multiple doses of two strains, and lots of research on the forums, I don't believe the first time was cubes (probably pans).  The best experience I had was on 3.5-4g cubes and it was about half my first trip.


So I ask myself, what now? Do I try taking 3x the amount of cubes to get the effect of the pans? Do I be happy with light, happy trips until I can grow pans? Or, do I try to find a recipe to enhance the cubs as much as possible?  It's actually answer D. All of the Above! (soooorta)


Did some more reading on the forums, found a recipe using grapefruit juice, lime, and strawberries for a smoothie.  Seemed legit, but I wanted to supercharge the cubies and get as close to a pans experience as I could.  So here's my version of the recipe:



SkeleDan's Groovie Cubie Smoovie


- 1 Ruby Red Grapefruit (squeezed, discard husk)

- 1 Lime (squeezed, discard husk)

- 5g dried cubensis of your choice (+/- to your own dosing preference)


Add first three ingredients to blender, blend well (one minute), then let soak for 15-20 minutes.


- 1 cup 100% Cranberry Juice

- 6-7 fresh strawberries

- 1 serving of Ginko Biloba Extract (one capsule)

- Agave Syrup (or other sugar/substitute of your choice)


Add ice and Agave Syrup (probably 2 tablespoons-ish), until you have the desired amount.  Blend for an additional minute. Drink and enjoy!!


Now for the icing on the cake, the turbocharger on top of the supercharger... rinse your beverage container/glass with:


- One 12 oz. Red Bull (full strength, no diets/low sugar)  :biggrin: 


Drink that up and prepare for liftoff in T-minus 30-45 minutes!!




A few notes on the recipe:


- I used a Ninja blender with the single serve attachment and it was a lot of liquid.  I had to skimp a bit on the ice so it would fit.  Next time, I will use a larger blender attachment, or I may subtract a bit of cranberry juice and one or two strawberries.  I wouldn't change the amount of grapefruit or lime juice, though.  That being said, it was a LOT OF LIQUID. 


- First taste was without agave and it tasted pretty good, but VERY sour.  So I eyeballed a few squeezes into the container and shook well.  Took the edge off the sourness of the smoothie and was much more palatable.


- Fresh Ginko Biloba would most likely work better, but with a lack of viable options, I used a store bought capsule and dumped it in.  





After I gutted down all that liquid (and it WAS a lot), I would say I started feeling the initial effects within 15-20 minutes.  I was up to 50% within 45-60, I thought I was full tripping at the 50% mark, but I was mistaken.  Full blown, 100% at about the 1.5 hr mark.  


It started out light and airy, then a very nice body buzz overtook me.  It was very close to dusk and I became mesmerized by the sheer beauty of nature and the sky.  Between staring out the windows in wonder, and taking a journey or two outside (it was cold, just went about 10 feet out my door lol), I watched the day turn to night.


As it darkened, I closed the blinds and set the lighting to my liking throughout the house.  I also lit a scented, woodwick candle to tickle my senses. I was cold, so I turned the temperature up to 72F. I have found I initially become quite cold, even with appropriately clothed and the temperature in the house at 68ish.


Then it was time for music! Turned my bluetooth speaker on and I started listening to a playlist of solid jams, then moved to my phone as there was a visualizer I had not watched whilst tripping (Missio - Rad Drugz).  This definitely marked the transition from 50% to full blown experience.  I got stuck watching it and time became meaningless.  I turned my screen off, but YouTube autoplay took over from there. 


Over the next couple hours, I was launched into the cosmos with instrumentals from the heavens accompanying me on my journey.  I have never been religious, and this trip confirmed it for me.  Heaven is on Earth, and I visited it yesterday... I found absolute bliss.  Spirituality is in each and every one of us, it's in our mind, and the only way to visit is with these truly magical fruits.  


I went from being embraced by the light and warmth of my kitchen and the candle, to dancing with the walls, and watching (with my eyes clear), as the tree enshrouded road picture I have hanging on my wall changed colors and swirled in the breeze.  A fog drifted across the road and I moved on.


I became thirsty, and opted for a light beer.  I had Bud Light Lime and decided it could also join my journey.  The music was entrancing and my mind/spirit took over.  I moved to the living room and spawled out on my couch.  My physical self deferred to my mind and became still.  My eyes took in my surroundings and my mind travelled.  At some point, the responsible voice in my head reminded me that I should plug in my speaker and phone if I wished my journey to continue.  That was an adventure in itself, as I made it to my room, but again, my body gave in to my mind and the journey and I got locked there for some time. 


Reality, time, space, my identity became unimportant.  I was lost, but found.  And everything was okay.


I ended up back on the couch, with my huge comforter, and cocooned myself in.  I became one with the blanket and realized that the physical trappings that seem so important, are not.  Warmth, food, fire, drink, and good company, those were the things that are ultimately important....  I found my (peaceful) Viking self. :)


I drifted for some time, lost in the cosmos, cocooned on the couch.  I probably drifted in and out of consciousness, but I couldn't tell.  I was slowly rebirthed. After about 45 minutes of this process, I clothed myself again, and began to become the new me.  Reality, time, and identity returned.  I sought my tobacco pipe, and less wispy, trippy music.  I continued to drink a few beers and adjusted my surroundings as I came back from my adventure.  My pipe, drink, and post-trip put me in a very relaxed, but awake, state. After the exquisite smoke, I was me again, but different.


The End, until next time...




All in all, I drank my magic potion around 3:30-4:00 and was mostly back by 10:00 pm.  I will definitely be using this recipe again!  I hope you all enjoyed my journey and I highly recommend trying this recipe to amplify your own adventures!  Also, I have all supplies in transit to begin a Hawaiian pans tub grow, and look forward to that experience!  Good vibes to all...

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Posted 26 January 2019 - 05:57 PM

try looking up soy soy lecithin to your smoothie. something like the granuals, and use a teaspoon.


this ingredient helps the body absorb food.  It helps the gut be more efficient.  so this is not a boost in potancy but using the current potancy in the most effective way.  in weed edibles it increases the effecency of absorbtion to where you can cut the does of the edible by 1/2.  


both thc and the mushroom is hard for the gut to digest.  the soy lecithin assists with that.

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Posted 26 January 2019 - 06:08 PM

Damn that sounds good, thanks for sharing!
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Posted 26 January 2019 - 08:12 PM

try looking up soy soy lecithin to your smoothie. something like the granuals, and use a teaspoon.

this ingredient helps the body absorb food. It helps the gut be more efficient. so this is not a boost in potancy but using the current potancy in the most effective way. in weed edibles it increases the effecency of absorbtion to where you can cut the does of the edible by 1/2.

both thc and the mushroom is hard for the gut to digest. the soy lecithin assists with that.

Interesting... I will look into it! The only discomfort I really noticed was at the beginning, due to the sheer volume of liquid I ingested, and at the very end. It was def the least amount of discomfort I've felt from eating mushrooms.

Also, I saw several people say they threw up from making smoothies, and I didn't have the slightest feeling that I might get sick. Wonder if it was the type of mushrooms ingested?

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