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Mushy times. A log of trials, errors, and success! Feedback needed.

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Posted 09 March 2019 - 04:41 AM

Hello people! I'll make a little log here so as to be able to track some of the many, many things I've learned over the past 2 months.
First and foremost, thanks to all of you and all the ones before you for all the info and the evenings I've spent reading around here. Love.
I decided to start a LC to inoculate some corn (wasn't able to get my hands on rye). After 2 messed up LCs with honey, I tried maple syrup and it worked just great. 
Used a tiny heating pad, like the ones they sell for your pet lizard, and kept it going till I got mycelium.
What a lovely cloud!
Then inoculated two corn jars, about 250 grams total. Each had a sillicone glob for the needle and 5mm hole for polyfil. 
Kept it colonizing in the dark at around 24-25°C . Succeeded on second try: corn needs lenghty, medium cooking to reach the point it's tender but hasn't bursted out.
Halfway through colonization, looking good!
One evening after a couple beers, improvised some bulk substrate with coir/verm with 2 shoeboxes and 1 with coir/verm/potting soil for the sake of experimenting. Both were pasteurized in the oven at ~110°C for 2hrs. Came out a bit dry but OK.
1 coir/verm got a full jar of spawn and the remaining jar was split between the two others tubs. Made a liner with a thrash bag then got lazy and surrounded the two other ones with aluminium foil.
Bright idea: the foil reflected the heat that was coming from the mat outward and caused light refraction that reached inside (it's shiny and has so many angles, right?) since it was on the outside of the box.
Mycelium kickin'
Anyhow, I put them in fruiting conditions right away, without further thinking. "Fuck it, let's see what happens."; I read somewhere on Shroomery that skipping colonization can be faster and just fine as well. Interesting experiment. Probably better suited for more experienced mycologists though. I must say however that for around 1/3 spawn/sub, it took exactly 8 days to pinning and 14 days to 1st harvest, as modest as it may be for a first try. 
First pins and fruits, a very happy day!
48h later.
Another 24h later. The bad boy on the bottom was tasty and potent alright.
Next day, lid had been taken off. Looks dry maybe?
Massive side pinning and mold (?)
The other two subs are still pinning and fruits are coming up a bit slower and looking healthy, although the pinning is very uneven. Maybe it comes from the temperature not being so constant: they're not in a fruiting chamber or anything, just heat coming from below and the imperfect lid keeping moisture but letting some FAE.
I noticed side pinning all over the fkin tub so I ended up pulling the aluminium out, lesson learned. Put a liner.
Yesterday evening was okay although I started sighting some blue-ish.
Came back home today to find what seems to be mold (?) and some blue colors which I find alarming. Maybe I'm wrong.
The sub was dry as I had taken the lid off in case the shrooms would hit it, but they never went very high. I'm guessing they need more light to get taller, as the part of the room they're in is a bit dark.
Next time I will try to have better control on the environment regarding RH and temperature. Fruiting chamber. Poke some holes in the tub and stuff em with poly, too.
Anyhow I could go on for days. Here's what I'd like to know:
-Is blue a bad color? Or merely oxydization/bruising?
If the tub isn't done for yet and good for a 2nd flush, should I take the whole cake out and put it in a bigger tub so that the stuff growing on the sides isn't pushed against the walls?
-Seems cobweb is growing at the base of fruits. How does one deal with it and control it?
-My tubs were in a rather bright location at first, just by the window, no direct sunlight but there was a risk at times I wasn't home to watch 'em. - How much light do psilos need ?
Any comments and criticism would be great.
Cheers 'topia! 

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#2 Newmusher



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Posted 09 March 2019 - 10:35 AM

This is all in my experience or from reading here for a few years, and a few small grows...


Blue, if its truly blue, is generally just bruising from being dry/handled. Take a Qtip and GENTLY swipe suspect areas. If any color comes off its mold, if not, its bruising. People recently have been saying that sometimes the bruising comes off and others are saying that they're forgetting the GENTLY part and bringing bruised mush tissue with it... So, just for the rule of 3's... GENTLY.


If it were cobweb, you'd know. Cobweb will take over your sub in a day. Like, the entire sub. Fuzzy feet is a common thing that I cannot for the life of me remember the cause of right now... But theyre fine to eat and all that good stuff.


I've always read that the only light they truly NEED is seconds a day, if even that. They just need to know which direction to grow in.


YMMV and i hope others start chiming in. Good luck and good vibes!

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Posted 09 March 2019 - 11:47 AM

You definitely don’t have cobweb mold.

And I assume the questionable point of mold in the pic is on the bottom right hand side of the picture? The spot in the sub itself?

If so, it’s hard for me to see for sure from my couch, but you will know soon enough. If the blueish color expands very quickly (if it’s contamination it will), then I would advise to toss.

If not, it’s just bruising.

Please keep us informed. Good luck and good vibes.
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#4 kronosome



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Posted 10 March 2019 - 01:37 PM

All right, I put the tub back in place with its friends, seems the blue was bruising - the Q-tip test didn't show signs of contam, and it hasn't really expanded since I started misting again. Besides they simply seem to have "fuzzy feet" like you mentioned, so it's not lost yet.

My fruits are overall pretty small but we'll see what comes out of the soil mix (I do believe it is more nutritive).

 All of this is very exciting!

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