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Posted 10 March 2019 - 08:15 PM

Seems like a couple of years since I had a post in here. Last night about 5:30 pm after a nice dinner, the wife and I ate some acid and settled in for the evening. I took two hits she just took one. Never quite sure what I am getting in to with this stuff, as I have two levels of it and it is all together and not sure if I am getting the regular dosed stuff or the grab your ass and hold on for the ride stuff. 


We put in Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland to come up to. WOW man that was crazy. Wasn't quite where I wanted to be yet when it was over, so continued with the Johnny Depp theme with Dark Shadows. (Killer movie BTW) When that was over I was tripping mildly, thinking I was in the peak of it, but maybe due to the food we ate or whatever, the peak was still two hours out. We played music until my fingers were shredded and then continued with the theme and watched Sleepy Hollow. Wow all trippy good movies to zone out to.


We had the lasers going at 4 am still, and were getting off pretty good. We partied up until 7-8 this morning, so a good 12-14 hour trip. Visuals were light but the level of love laughter and light was very high. Wife said she had a "just right" experience with just the one. I really really needed this. Trying to get back in touch with the light in me again after one really rough year. Much love...

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