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Psychedelics and sanity

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Posted 05 April 2019 - 01:01 PM

Thanks for fixing my post above, Alder....I couldn't make it work.



I've been doing some reflection on the relative merits of misanthropy or at least riding the edge of it.  The more I understand and accept that we all have a radiating impact on everything the more challenging it becomes for me to find compassion for non-consciousness.


In a vacuum I have no issue with an individual or two, that I may find in my space, who have 'thick skulls'...poor situational awareness and borderline narcissistic tendencies.

The challenging part is that you can't throw a stick without hitting people like this. They are the overwhelming majority...the mostly unconscious....the true zombies. Living under the guise of a contrived identity (often spoon fed to them through media tentacles)  as a sub-conscious means of compensation for whatever it is that keeps them from being present.  Fear based is the nuts of it mehtinks.


This can sound high minded of me, speaking in this manner,....but I'm coming from a place of true overwhelmed-ness. I have been feeling  really depressed at times as I become more sustainable at just being present. The more clear I get, the more obvious and insidious the muck of humanity appears. I literally feel like a mushroom rising up out of the dung pile....sometimes.


I can't 'cope' with this as coping is not a practice of presence..., in fact it could be argued that coping is a potent component of the active fuckery causing the whole entanglement in the first place.


What I have been relying upon lately, for my own sanity, is the principle of inoculation. If i'm not helping raise the boats I'm not feeling well. Thank the Divine that we are connected an have the ability, rather inevitability, to affect everything from where we sit.


some things to ponder:


when that wave of 'feeling like i'm going insane' breaks on the shores of my mind, I like to reference a quote from Winston Churchill:  


"When you find yourself going through hell, keep going."


I would much rather be in community with people who have gone through 'hell' as opposed to those who have crafted a life avoiding it.  Mind you the 'gone through' part is critical....some people get stuck in 'hell' and find a way to settle. I'm happy to be supportive soil for anyone looking to come through...but I'm through swirling in the eddys of self-created schadenfreude.



Another interesting item I encountered a few years ago was the miracle of Ho'oponopono.


a basic wiki definition: Ľoponopono



and this remarkable tale....a bit lengthy.  The Doctor never even met with the patients....he just read their case files and use the organic web.


How Dr. Hew Len healed a ward of mentally ill criminals with Ho'oponopono




And one last little bit in the form of another parable. But first....I downloaded and read the PF-TEK the other day and was chuckling at how extreme the inoculation process can be. Naked in the bathroom right after a shower, for example.

If it only takes a germ or two to contaminate a whole culture it probably is wise to consider a single conscious 'germ' can have the same effect in the opposite direction....just a matter of choice and recognizing the wave of the unseen as it laps upon the shore of possibility.


Sanity is a word and a concept...don't give in to it. Reality can only be contained as means to authentically express it, even if it's just a simple breath or an interpretive dance.  For those big crazy feels a friend shared with me something her Xi Gong teacher always said: "Contain...align....then express"


speaking of the wave of the unseen...the parable (of all parables, IMO):




The Time The Place and The People

In ancient times there was a king who called a dervish to him and said:  "The dervish, through a succession of masters reaching back in unbroken succession to the earliest days of man, has always provided the light which has been the motivating cause of the very values of which my kingship is no more than a wan reflection."


The dervish answered: "It is so"

"Now", said the king,"since I am so enlightened to know the foregoing facts, eager and willing to learn the truths which you, in your superior wisdom, can make available-teach me?"


"Is that a command or a request?" asked the dervish.


"It is whatever you make of it," said the king, "for if it will work as a command, I shall learn. If it operates successfully as a request, I shall learn." And he waited for the dervish to speak.

Many minutes passed, and at length the dervish lifted his head from the attitude of contemplation and said: "You must await the moment of transmission."

This confused the king, for, after all, if he wanted to learn he felt he a right to be told, or shown, something or other.  The dervish left the court.

After that, day after day, the dervish continued to attend upon the king. Day in and day out the affairs of the state were transacted, the kingdom passed through times of joy and trial, the counsellors of the state gave their advice, the wheel of heaven revolved.

"The dervish comes here every day", thought the king, each time he caught sight of the figure in the patched cloak, "and yet he never refers to our conversation about learning. True, he takes part in many of the activities of the Court; he talks and he laughs, he eats and he, no doubt, sleeps. Is he waiting for a sign of some kind?" But, try as he might, the king was unable to plumb the depths of this mystery.

At length, when the appropriate wave of the unseen lapped upon the shore of possibility, a conversation was taking place at Court. Someone was saying: "Daud of Sahil is the greatest singer in the world."

And the king, although ordinarily this sort statement did not move him, conceived a powerful desire to hear this singer.  "Have him brought before me", he commanded.

The master of ceremonies was sent to the singer's house, but Daud, monarch among singers, merely replied,"This king of yours knows little of the requirements of singing. If he wants me just to look at my face, I will come. But if he wants to hear me sing, he will have to wait,like everyone else, until I am in the right mood to do so. It is knowing when to perform and when not which has made me, as it would make any ass which knew the secret, into a great singer."

When this message was taken to the king, he alternated between wrath and desire, and called out: "is there nobody here who will force this man to sing for me? For, if he sings only when the mood takes him, I, for my part, want to hear him while I still want to hear him."

It was then the dervish stepped forward and said:  "Peacock of the age, come with me to visit this singer."

The courtiers nudged one another. Some thought that the dervish had been playing a deep game, and was now gambling upon the singer to perform. If he succeeded, the king would surely reward him. But they remained silent, for they feared a possible challenge.


Without a word the king stood up and commanded a poor garment to be brought. Putting it on, he followed the dervish into the street.

The disguised king and his guide soon found themselves at the singer's house. When they knocked. Daud called down: "I am not singing today, so go away and leave me in peace."


At this the dervish, seating himself upon the ground, began to sing. He sang Daud's favorite piece, and he sang it right through, from beginning to end.

The king, who was no great connoisseur, was very much moved by the song, and his attention was diverted to the sweetness of the dervish's voice. He did not know the dervish had sung the song slightly off-key deliberately, in order to awaken a desire to correct it in the heart of the master singer.  "Please, please, do sing it again," begged the king, "for I have never heard such a sweet melody."


But at that moment Daud himself began to sing. At the very first notes the dervish and the king were men transfixed, and their attention was riveted to the notes as they flowed faultlessly from the throat of the nightingale of Sahil.


When the song was finished, the king sent a lavish present to Daud. To the dervish he said: "Man of Wisdom! I admire your skill in provoking the Nightingale to perform, and I would like to make you an adviser at the court.


But the dervish simply said:"Majesty, you can hear the song you wish only if there is a singer, if you are present, and if there is someone to form the channel for the performance of the song. As it is with master-singers and kings, so it is with dervishes and their students. The time, the place, the people and the skills."

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Posted 05 April 2019 - 01:34 PM

That was an epic post!, very good read.
I'm glad I'm not alone at least in this space
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Posted 05 April 2019 - 02:03 PM

My recent musings on the loneliness of least in terms of human interaction, have led me to the term of 'nodal awareness'. 


Perhaps the types of people who have gone over the rainbow and have landed back on their feet are capable of inoculating others in their proximity?  In that case it makes more sense as a design of efficiency to have them spread out like nodes rather than gathered in an 'incest-ual' group somewhere.  Like a mycellial network.


Nodes...imaginal cells...whatever you call them, not alone, just spread out. It's the yearning and stress caused by the illusion of the isolation that can push us into our greater capacities.


Rumi said:  "New organs of perception arise out of necessity. Therefore, in order to increase your perception you must increase your necessity."


Thankfully for us that necessity seems to be on automatic and built in to the whole birth.


Anyway, that's enough from me for now.


feeling ya~

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Posted 05 April 2019 - 02:14 PM

Look to the natural world for inspiration--given even the tiniest imbalance that allows for the opportunity, any species will feast and fuck till the population vs resource balance is pushed to genocidally cataclysmic breaking point. Look at lemmings, they don't even need an excuse! They just go for it!
Given the degree of imbalance in our environment I'd say we are doing pretty well at foiling Mother Nature's naughty little game of engineered self destruction. For now. Lol.

Edit: sorry, I hadn't read the above epic (and beautiful) post by picapau before posting the above facetious, cynical nonsense

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Posted 05 April 2019 - 11:43 PM



There are some personality types that will just not do as well tripping. If you have control issues or bad anxiety, these things are probably best left alone. Even if you tend to overthink and obsess over things also.

Interesting. I'm one of those that tend to overthink and obsess and ruminate, and one of the things I've really learned from psychedelics is the value of living in the moment.

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Posted 15 April 2019 - 05:48 PM


This is why I love this forum. Though I cannot reach out to touch you with my physical hand, yet many of you are truly closer to me than people I have to interact with.

I'm out of likes, but I'd like every post here.
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