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The Crises in Science

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#1 Alder Logs

Alder Logs

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Posted 22 March 2019 - 10:35 AM

While this came up in the Feynman thread already, perhaps it needs its own space.  So, I am reposting that first Corbett Report video because today, the sequel was posted.


This Corbett Report is from four weeks ago:
The Crisis of Science:

[Direct Link]

This is a sequel that was dropped today:
Solutions: Open Science:

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#2 riseabovethought


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Posted 29 March 2019 - 02:17 PM

I am so happy to see this here, Alder.  You must have listened to this the same day as me because you read my mind and put it up here for our open minded members.  There is so much to discuss.  I dont know even where to start except it reminds me when I found out that its not just me, but no one knows wtf they are talking about or doing.  The ignorance outweighs the wisdom a thousand fold.  The studies were all biased and falsified.  Nice.  I am also reminded that we are so alone in all this. It makes me want to get out my prepper stuff again... 

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#3 PistolPete13



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Posted 30 March 2019 - 02:43 PM

This was on John Olliver a couple of years ago, you may like it.

[Direct Link]

#4 picapau



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Posted 31 March 2019 - 10:45 AM

i'm curious about the vids but cannot watch due to streaming issues on my end.  The thread title caught me though and reminds me of a quote from Jremy Narby's "Cosmic Serpent" book....paraphrasing:  (modern)Science has a blind spot where it fails to objectify it's own objectivity.


Anytime I see science related stuff I think of that quote.


There is little to no accredited subjective/experiential experimentation in the scientific community and so the vehicle of what science has become continues to take us further from ourselves and the inherent truths revealed from 'knowing thyself'.


technology outpacing our humanity... a crisis indeed.



Here is a short conversation McKenna had with Jill Purce years ago in Prague.  She talks about the threat of the arc of science before giving an example of a subjective mode of self- exploration.  There is also a piece of an interview he does with Ram Das after, which may not be as aprpo for this thread but it's the only vid available with Jill's whole conversation with Terrence.



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#5 MiltonWadams



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Posted 04 April 2019 - 11:19 PM

There is great pressure in the scientific community these days to make bold discoveries and grab the headlines. Those are the projects that get funding and secure tenure for the professor. Negative results are just as important to proper science as are positive results, but they're a lot less compelling. I mean, what do you click on, "Cold fusion claims not repeatable by experiment" or "Have we finally found the key to plentiful, cheap energy?" "Still no evidence of dark matter found" or "This is what keeps galaxies from flying apart!"

It's sad that it's taken this turn, because science is still the best method we have for deducing what is true.

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