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Odd effect with Cubensis

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Posted 23 March 2019 - 12:48 PM

I got a sack of small skinny cubensis a while back. I grinded it into powder and mixed with roughly the same size amount of honey. When I got done stirring the stuff together I licked the spoon, and got a surprisingly strong little buzz off of that small amount. Hmmmm, I thought, these must be potent little fuckers!


Last night I decided to do a small amount at bedtime, just to color up my dreamscape and improve my attitude about having to work all weekend. I tend to do mushrooms at bedtime, that way I don't have that tense come up nor the mindfuck that usually accompanies them if I do them in my waking hours. I usually tend to do what would be a gram or two and have an interesting night in my dreams.


I took about a rounded teaspoonful of the honey mixture last night, figuring on a light dose since it was a worknight. I had also had a few beers, and my bladder would not let me relax into it like I wanted to. Very quickly I found myself in fractalville and having powerful CEV's. Got up to use the restroom and found I was tripping like I had taken 3-4 grams! Trouble with my equilibrium, trouble seeing the boundary between ME and everything else, and felt like I was all intertwined with the energetic particles I was wading through. The nightlight in the bathroom and the pattern on the walls was unbelievable for the small amount I had taken. The walls and surroundings did not seem solid at all, but something I was immersed in. I was sort of shocked to find myself that way, and had me wondering if I got something besides cubensis. For the amount I did, never have I had Cubensis do anything like this without quite a dose in me. 


I ingested them about 1:30 am, and at 5:30 am was still tripping fairly hard. My dreamscape was nonexistent, and I was immersed in DMT like awareness. No thought was complete, but would trail off into the aztec background as soon as it was begun. I kept trying to guide myself back to some normal dreamland, but to no avail, it was all symbols and DMT like loops and swirls and geometric patterns. Tried OMMMMM but didn't get two seconds of it together before I was washed away again. I decided to just let it happen as it wanted to, as I was obviously not in control anymore. It felt like the universe was tuning me up one particle at a time, and that some mechanical crablike thing was taking pieces of me and examining them, changing them, and putting them back at one point, mumbling all the while. 


Anyhow I was amazed to find myself having this experience with such a small amount of mushrooms. They looked like dried cubensis, but now I am wondering if they were not something from the woodlover families. Woke up feeling weird and tingly, but refreshed. Coffee tastes amazing! Wow man, just wow...

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Posted 23 March 2019 - 01:26 PM

The first thought that come to my mind is that they are some kind of wood lover.  I've had some cubes before that I thought were quite a bit stronger then average, but never on the scale that you describe. 


Sounds like it was a good ride though :)


Nice write up, BTW.





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Posted 23 March 2019 - 07:14 PM

Sounds like a woodlover to me also.

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Posted 24 March 2019 - 01:52 AM

They looked like skinny cubies, as if from a third flush or so. Fairly certain they were some sort of cubies, they were said to be Amazonians. I have had lots of different cubensis strains, NEVER seen any this potent, even the ones a friend grew with lots of tryptophan in the substrate were not like this. I would bet they were misidentified as well, because never had this WOW effect from cubensis. When I powdered them and mixed them with honey, I licked the spoon clean, and got a fairly strong DMT like effect from just licking the spoon! I was amazed at the experience from a spoonful about half the size as a spoonful of kratom. Very little substance for such an effect. Glad I did not take a bigass heaping one like I usually do! This was supposed to be a lightweight twinkle on my night not a 5-+ hour full on trip. I am amazed how much the effect of different mushrooms varies and even if you take the same kind, the effect is always different. 


Lots of things went through my mind, right now I am blessed to have some tremendously good kratom with very recreational properties and I indulged heavily because I have a lot of shoulder pain and I am on mandatory overtime this weekend and needed to kill that pain. I also started a prescription arthritis med called Meloxicam which has not been working very well and I am going to kick to the curb. That is just two variables that could have possibly been part of it. I have also been binging on some awesome dark chocolate LIndor Truffles that have become my new favorite thing for the last two days as I got a whole bag of them Friday afternoon, and I have read that chocolate is a potentiator. 


So many variables with mushrooms and the experience seems to change every damn time I do them. Kinda strange, as they had deserted me for a long time and quit giving me the beautiful effect I had been enjoying. Maybe they love me again! :)


EDIT: Today was an amazing day, my shoulder pain was almost non existent. I busted out more work today than I normally do in two days, and admittedly I was cherry picking jobs, but the boss is gonna be very happy. The music moved my soul and I had a damn good day today despite my ride last night. Glad I did that, I needed it. 

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