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Orissa India

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#1 rockybia



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Posted 04 April 2019 - 04:16 PM

Theres a legend that says, long ago, an ancient Lizard King did an OI MS to wheat berry/gypsum to cow poo/casting/verm bulk run. Two trays were placed in the mythical SGFC of splendid air flow. To the king's disappointment, this was a poor fruiting, partially full trays of small fruits, but the fastest and largest specimen was cloned to MEA, and then transferred to a new plate. The following plate, being contam free was taken to the 8 oz temple of wheat berries in the hopes that it would eventually bring forth the savior of India, the full tray of better fruiting cubes. Thats all of the legend I can remember for now, but when more comes back to me, I will continue this fictional story.

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#2 DaveyJonez



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Posted 04 April 2019 - 07:30 PM

This is my favorite type of fiction

#3 onediadem


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Posted 04 April 2019 - 09:03 PM

Mine too. Now that you have brought us far away land adventures, you absolutely must keep us updated on the journey!

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#4 rockybia



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Posted 07 May 2019 - 08:25 PM

Guys! I just remembered more of the legend! You see, the 8 oz temple of wheat berries was truly mystical place, full of coffee and gypsum. It transformed the Lizard Kings clone offering into a superbly rhizomorphic being, devouring all that crossed its path. When it reached maturity the Lizard King brought it out of the temple and sacrificed it on the alter of cow poo/castings/verm and entombed inside containers of sustenance from the far east. The prophecy states that when this is done with one that is pure, the savior of India will come. Damn, Im starting to forget again. Probably need to stop smoking out of aluminum pipes...






#5 Moonless



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Posted 13 May 2019 - 09:59 AM

Great write up. The anticipation is building, hoping the prophecy comes true.

#6 rockybia



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Posted 28 May 2019 - 09:10 PM

GUYS!!!! I had a dream last night, and in it, this 17 foot tall bird shaman told me more of the story that I couldn't remember before! The Lizard Kings clone chewed and gnawed the poo, devouring its hidden goodness and produced... another poor offering of small LBMs. BUT it was faster than before, by a couple days and because of the holiness of the tomb, it multiplied its numbers by two. The gods looked down on this and smiled, sending their light which created the beginnings of a second flush. The Lizard King waited, deep in reflection, for the arrival of the savior.

On a side note, as many have already stated, someone somewhere in the world doesn't really care for these at all. Their body and mind do not seem to agree with them. There is a powerful drag on the body and GI system. The come up is nice, I hear, but then its not so comfortable. One has said almost annoying. This person somewhere in the world imagines one more clone will be taken to be kept as a long term culture.

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