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Posted 09 April 2019 - 05:58 AM

The worst trips(for me) are not even that visual, usually more thought loops that I cycle through, where it seems like I fall into a sleep state and dream all the thoughts that are causing the negative feelings/emotions, so there's not usually even much to say in a trip report about it. My worst was at this graduation party, where I took like 5-6 grams, and basically thought I had died. I was an opiate/oid abuser at that time on methadone and I kept convincing myself each time I'd cycle through the "bad thoughts" that I had stopped breathing and was dead because when I'd take mushs while on methadone it would make me nod out super hard at times, I'd be thinking the psilo had boosted the opioid and that I'd stopped breathing, the thought cycles were dark and not visual, accept that it was storming at the time and the lightning seemed to blink on for 3 secs of for 3 secs like it was on a timer. The main thing I remember was laying face down in a field with rain hitting my face, feeling stuck there. Then I started to come too in my truck with my (ex)GF driving, but it seemed like I'd nod out and wake back up in the field with rain hitting me again. That was scary because I though my GF had taken mushrooms too and i kept freaking out thinking that she couldn't possibly be driving right, I tried to grab the steering wheel and got slapped in the face hard, that was when I came too enough to realiuze I was tripping, then when we got home I was coming down and some visuals were happening , I felt SO good as I came too more and more, then had the best "afterglow" feeling. That was when I realized that the after effects of shrooms were possibly more important than the visual effects, and I felt awesome for weeks after. That was one of the experiences that got me to eventually quit opioids/benzos. Plus, opioids can kill the visual aspects of psychs too, so that actually gave me a little more motivation, because I knew I liked to trip and experience visuals etc, and for me they were always diminished by the narcotics. I have't taken

opioids or benzos since Oct. 2015, and tripping is better than ever for me, though a bad trip is always a possibility, so I try not to be too sure, and when I take any significant dose, I try to prepare by eating light and healthy before hand, I try to stretch and workout at the beginning of a trip, and if anything is bothering me, I might decide against it tripping at that time.

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Posted 09 April 2019 - 12:32 PM

Even small mushroom trips always come with that initial guilt about life and everything you did not do as well as you should have part for me. Mushrooms are not a recreational experience for me, but instead are usually done for healing or fixing emotional pain, and for that... they are perfect. Mushrooms are teachers and healers to me and LSD is for fun and recreation. :)


I agree also that not all trips are for sharing, even though if you just read through a few pages of Storming the gates, people often have amazing feedback for their painful experiences. People here DO want to read about the rough side of psychedelics as well as the space trip setting. Storming the gates is for people to learn about these things before they do them at least in my mind. I refer new people to it often so they can see what they are trying to get themselves in to. 


Thanks for sharing!

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Posted 10 April 2019 - 03:31 AM

No, thank you guys for the support. You could have just laughed at me and called me an idiot, or said I deserved it (I did). But you understood and commiserated. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Not to mention your administrators guys. Instead of abusing me, scolding me for posting this in the wrong area, and deleting it, you let it ride and continue. Somehow you saw the forest....AND the trees. You have no idea how rare and stunning that is. I’ve read some of the directives given you by Zen. They are advanced. She should be proud. Hippie left a fine legacy, somehow. I confess myself VERY taken aback. I wish I could be in a world of good people, but know it isn’t so, and will never be so. Entropy is God here, and we are afterthoughts, mistakes, ghosts in the machineries of hell, ultimately to be snuffed out. But belief is everything, not reality, and man, someone here BELIEVES.

Well Done.
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