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Dear Journal -OldAndMiserable's Daze of Microdosing

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Posted Yesterday, 11:19 PM

coorsmikey - I could have done the steaks two different ways, but there were a few factors working against me: 1) It was the first time I had ever used a charcoal grill, so I was unsure about setting up the heat zones, as mentioned by jkdeth. 2) It was getting late, and my wife had her parents coming over for a Skype call with her sister who's in China. 3) The weather had turned, and it started raining, so I was kinda rushing to get it all done and inside before it got bad out there. Next time I do steak, I will make sure to do mine my way :P


jkdeth - I like the idea of the foil! I'll be sure to fiddle with the bbq before doing up more steaks, to get the heat zones just right :) 


Billcoz - now I want perogies and asparagus... :P 



Does anyone have any good recipes I can use for the morels I found? I saw a lot of people say butter and garlic...

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Posted Today, 12:49 AM

Sear them on high heat in oil first. When they brown a bit and start to soften, and butter, minced garlic and onion if you choose. I'd keep the seasoning simple till you get a feel for the flavor.
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Posted Today, 06:02 AM

Ah heck, Just throw her steak on and when its about done, throw yours on. :chucks:  :ph34r:

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Posted Today, 08:42 AM

Morels taste great by themselves, but the butter and garlic is certainly a consistent favorite. I missed peak season here, since I was not able to walk much, but I'm only about an hour away from the 9500' line, where the season is just now starting, so hopefully I'll be able to get up there during the week and load up! I only have one day that I need to be at a customer site this week, so maybe I'll get to make up for lost time! 


I'm glad to hear your dose worked out well for you, and really glad you're sharing the whole journey with us! 

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